Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Orla Kiely For Tesco Charity Bag Giveaway....

Some of you may know that Tesco are working in collaboration with Orla Kiely and a little like the Cath Kidston range of charity bags that were on offer last year at Tesco, it is now Orla Kiely who is the cutting edge desiner of the new style charity bags

These range of bags I gather have been quite hard to come by, my local store was delivered 90 and have all but pretty much sold it seems. I got there just in time to grab a couple and would like to offer one to someone who would appreciate it, who perhaps may have tried to get hold of one and for whatever reason couldn't. Or just because you like it. All I would like to know if you would like to go in the hat, is what you would use the bag for. As for me, it shall probably be used as a shopping bag, until I can think of something a little more imaginative ;0)

So, one gorgeous Orla Kiely bag up for grabs, leave your comment if you would like to be in with a chance to win it, and a winner shall be picked at random in a week (29th) Overseas welcome and good luck :0)

Thank you, a giveaway winner has been chosen, thanks to all who entered


  1. I'd give it to my Sister, as I've not been able to buy her a gift this year, and she loves Orla's bags but does not have one!
    Thank you for the chance Mary!xx

  2. Ooo how pretty. I'd use it to take mine and Twiglets library books back and forth :)
    Thanks Mary
    Twiggy x

  3. Oooh, I've been itching to get one of these since I heard about them, but with this awful weather I haven't even been able to get to Tesco's let alone get to one and find them gone, lol.
    I'm torn between using it as a knitting bag - it would sit by me and I could look at it's loveliness all evening! Or, use it as a general tote cum shopping bag.
    Merry Christmas Mary x

  4. Another great print from Orla -- I'm a huge fan and I would love to win this! It's a wonderfully useful shape/size too.

  5. What a gorgeous bag! I think I would use it as a knitting bag, as I am in need of a bag to keep all my needles, wool etc. in one handy portable place. Hope you all are doing well and staying warm. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. I would use this on a dreary day and we get enough of those, its perfect would brighten my day and hold my shopping.

    Thanks so much

  7. oo what a fab design you can really tell its one of her prints cant you.
    i would use it as a day to day bag, as i do think its a little bit stylish and still having a toddler in nappies you always need a rather roomy bag to take out with you so that would be perfect for me!!

  8. Could I go in the hat please? it looks a strong bag so I'd use it to carry the heavy shopping, bottles etc.

  9. Ive been trying to get hold of one with no luck :( I would use it all the time for everything. Please put me in the hat. Happy Christmas xx

  10. I too would use this bag for EVERYTHING, I dont know how I totally missed these bags (and I shop in Tesco on a weekly basis) maybe our store didn't have them in.

    Dear Santa,

    For Christmas I would like one of those pretty Orla Kiely Charity bags. I have been really good this year (honestly I have).

    Thanks muchly

    And now I've had a quiet word with the big man hopefully my Christmas wish will come true :D


  11. I would love to enter into your draw please as our store didn't have any. I would use mine for my sewing group to put all my bits and pieces in that I need ;-)

  12. I've been hunting for one of these for ages! Perfect for carrying my crochet bits and pieces to our group meetings!
    Happy Christmas

  13. These bags are like gold dust, have visited 3 Tesco's with no luck. I would use mine to carry all my bits and bobs to school - I volunteer at the local primary school 3 times a week, and it would be wonderful to have something stylish to carry everything in - instead of the usual carrier bag. Have a lovely Christmas, Amanda.....x

  14. What a lovely bag! Mine would be a bag to take to work as my handbag is small. I always take an extra bag for sandwiches, fruit and a can of soda.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH Beautiful and yet GREEN. I would love the opportunity to be in the draw please. Merry Christmas Mary Poppins!! x

  16. Gorgeous! I'd use it to return my kids overdue library books. Wendy (librarian) x

  17. That is so lovely, I am so jealous you got one, o would love to win it, whoever it goes to will be very lucky
    Janice x

  18. I would love to win one to hold all my things in my camper van. It would look lovely and retro!

    Merry Christmas. Cath

  19. Oh my, the bag is gorgeous, not seen them before! Thanks so much for the chance to win, I think it would have to be used for shopping too! Happy christmas! xxxx

  20. Lovely lovely bag and I don't stand much chance of getting one over here in NZ!
    Merry Christmas :-)

  21. I'm eyeing Orla's book Pattern (maybe a post-Christmas present to myself). So happy to see your lovely giveaway for her bag. Oh I wish we had such nice supermarket bags in Australia!
    Season's Greetings Mary!

  22. It's completely gorgeous. How kind of you to pick up a spare for a giveaway.
    I would use it on the stairs at home to put all the bits and pieces inside that make their way downstairs during the day and need to go back upstairs at the end of the day.
    Merry Christmas.

  23. What a lovely bag! I Have so many please don't enter me as everyone else have such lovely reasons for wanting it!! I just wanted to drop by to say!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you a fantastic New Year!!

  24. Ohhh I'd love to be put in the hat please! I've been in a few Tesco's now all with no luck! I'd use it for shopping and for when we go away in the Summer it would be great for a beach bag!

  25. I really need a new bag for my crochet so it looks pretty in the conservatory instead of its usual jumble!!

  26. there is something so pleasing about pears. I love their shape. some are smooth. . .some lumpy and bumpy.
    What great fabric! A great shopping bag.

  27. Oh, Wow!

    Just saw this, & I hope i'm not too late.

    I've been trying to get a few of these since I heard about it.

    I'd love to have your give away, especially as I would use it to carry my craft work & netbook in it, when I go to my weekly knit & crochet club! Of course, i'd also be using it to carry my shopping in!

    M x


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