Monday, 20 December 2010

Had A Sneaky Play....

Is it wrong that I want my son's christmas present. I couldn't resist a little play, it is super fun!!

It spins, has flashing lights, does acrobatics, and goes like a rocket. We have been very late getting some presents for the children, and thankfully one or two have arrived before the big day. Though am very tempted to wrap this one up all for myself ;0) Do you play with your children's presents before you wrap them?

Or am I just a big kid....



  1. Sometimes you just need to check they work don't you?
    I had to check Dylans Michael jackson wii game worked.
    It does and I managed some pretty good moves!!!
    Have a great xmas and enjoy the car.xx

  2. I don't so much as play with them but I do de box and de crappify them of all packaging... I am looking forward to getting Daniels dog out of the box... its one of those Alive pets that barks and its eyes and ears move...

    I bought Jamie a sewing box with contents and an art set plus sketch pads and reference books... she's taken a shine to art and sewing... also she has stated that she would like to learn piano... however we wasted a lot of money on violin lessons so this time I am buying a barely used yamaha keyboard from a friend... but I might not be able to pick it up till the new year but its her 13th birthday in it could be for then...
    My biggest job is to get Daniel better for Christmas... fingers crossed I don't come dawn with whatever it is over Christmas! lol
    Have a wizzy flashy christmas and I am sure he'd share the car with you... maybe!
    x Alex

  3. Hey that looks great fun!!! I would play with my kids presents if they would blumin' well arrive. They way they are going anyway they are getting coal.


  4. They are good fun Mary, we played with one in Costco.....then my parents bought some for the grand kids!
    hope he enjoys his on christmas day....plenty of batteries needed!xxx

  5. What a hoot! I am sure if I had children I would be test driving their gifts, well you have to make sure they are fully operable and totally safe right?

  6. That looks so much fun to play with!!!! I would be tempted! My sons pressies however are rather boring as they all have the same theme, Manchester United and football!! not quite the same! Have a fun time x

  7. Ummm I hav been known to 'try' my childrens chocolate before Christmas - Does that count?



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