Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Am I Having A Mid Life Crisis....

I really am too old to be doing things like this....
I feel like a teenager all over again....
Is this proof that I am yearning for my youth....

I cut him out, pinned him up and have been drooling ever since....

The husband just rolls his lovely blue eyes....

Maybe it is just a phase, I shall grow out of it....



  1. oo he was on the jonathan ross show not so long ago.. very well spoken.. very pretty to look at.!!
    you have a very understanding husband!!!

  2. I would like to say, WOW!!! put him in my stocking anyday (sorry hubby!) Kxx

  3. no joke but I have actually met him!!!!!! He is even MORE amazingly good looking in the flesh if thats possible! I went to a party he was at in London, and was chatting with my sister because they know each other! I almost fainted on the floor when he came over and said hi!

  4. Lol Aww Mary,

    I dont think you ever grow out of appreciating beauty! Whether its a bit of fabric or a drool worthy guy. Its what makes the world go round. My DH just laughs as I have little crushes (on T.V) all the time. A bit of daydreaming wont hurt! lol.

    Although you might have trouble fitting him in your stocking! he he he.

    MBB x

  5. Mmm, I wouldn't say no to him on my fridge - or the photo he he !!

  6. Now that made me giggle. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  7. Oh good - not just me then.... G just raises his eyebrows at me when I have a little lust moment.....but heaven forbid I catch him doing the same - there would be trouble then!


  8. ooh I hope I don't ever grow out of admiring a lovely male body :-)

  9. Goodness me, there is nothing wrong with appreciating great beauty. Well that's what I tell Mr Twigs about David Tennant, Richard Armitage, etc etc etc :)
    Twiggy x

  10. One word: Yummy....!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Here's hoping that you never grow out of this phase! Growing older disgracefully is definately the way forward!
    Jille x

  12. PMSL.

    Where to look????

    Well....clearly.....his giant....hand.



  13. Ooh yummy, now he's lovely.xx

  14. Let's never grow out of that phase! Ha,ha


  15. oooh he's delicious! Has he got a name or is he just Mr X. He certainly fills out those trunks doesn't he?


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