Monday, 22 November 2010

Nearly Christmas And Pretty Lights....

Whilst I have been busy making pretties for Christmas fairs I have coming up, here is a teeny tiny peek....

And inbetween doing those, some customer orders.... again a little peeky

Well, whilst making up these little delights, I have had not one chance to sit down and think about Christmas, I really haven't. I shall probably be the one looking very stressed on Christmas Eve with about 101 Christmas presents yet to get. I have no idea of our plans, of what to buy people or anything really. It has really creeped up on me, I am normally so organised *sigh*

  My husband's lovely Mother is in hospital with pneumonia, and to be honest all I want for Christmas is everyone in our family to be healthy and happy, so really, getting stressed that I have not yet made plans/bought not one jot, really shouldn't stress me. Christmas, I keep trying to remind myself isnt about gifts, material treasures ( though we all like pretty parcels ) but about people, bringing families together, spending quality time together whilst munching on quality street. So, I know I shall be way behind with my organisation of Christmas, but hey, you know what, if we wake up on Christmas morn, with only a couple of tangerines in Christmas stockings, and only a Christmas pudding to eat, well so be it, life is what you make it, and we shall certainly do our best to have fun.

I really do enjoy my little role reviewing  items here on my blog, and it was so very lovely to try out these Christmas lights and has really helped me get in the mood for Christmas. They were sent by Dobbies a beautiful gardening blog, with stunning photography and wonderful articles. These are the stunning lights that came my way for me to try out.

They are a pack of 10 solar powered path lights, with energy efficient LED bulbs to last longer. Suitable for outdoor use only and really are the prettiest things. Lovely that no electricity is required, just the daylight that powers these, and then twinkle at night time, leading one up the path. They have two settings, twinkling and static, of course, we have ours on twinkling. As we have no grass at the front of our house, and didn't want to put them in the back where no one could see, thought we would be a little imaginative and placed each star within the pretty hedge that lines our path. 
The little solar plate was popped in a place that would receive the most sunlight....

Of course none of this is seen at night, just the pretty twinkling stars, though I think they look sweet too even in the daylight....

And then when night comes, I have a twinkly Christmas star lit hedge, delightful!

 These lights get the thumbs up from me, and I think work wonderfully as either lights in the ground, or indeed, as we have done, trailed them along the hedge. So, I may not have the presents, I may not have the desire in me, or indeed have the organisational skills quite yet, to organise Christmas, but these lights are certainly helping get me in the Christmas mood.



  1. I just wanted to say get well soon for your MIL. Happy and Healthy is all I could and do ask for too. My brothers MIL is back in hospital again (she had just come out after 9 weeks in) and they are in Florida at the moment

  2. I'm the same as you this year. I am way behind with the gift buying but like you say, the main thing is being together en famille and being healthy. What I most enjoy is the children's service at the local church. It's great to watch all the little ones getting dressed in their Christmas outfits and singing their songs. Just magic.
    Love your lights. Where do we buy them from?
    Blessings, Star

  3. Hope your MIL is well soon, it is indeed a worry. I haven't even thought about Christmas for the family yet! seems to be ever getting closer.

    Cute lights.

  4. Beautiful cushions! I hope your family is all reunited for christmas day, I think it's important to share it with your loved ones too rather than rely on materialistic things!

  5. Sending love and prayers to you and your mil for a speedy recovery.
    I love everything you have made,just gorgeous!
    The lights are dreamy i may have to get some..i have a baby update on my blog,
    Love Kristina xxx

  6. Love the spaceman fabric and the heart shaped wreaths x

  7. Get well soon MIL. Its horrible when people are ill.
    You make the most beautiful things, they are so lovely!

  8. Wishing your MIL a speedy recovery,

    Victoria xxx

  9. I hope your Mother-in-law will be okay and home in time for Christmas. All of the things you've made for your craft fair are stunning. You've inspired me to buy a little sewing machine and my FIL is going to teach me how to sew so thank you for that. You've put me to shame though, I thought I'd been busy with my cards for my first craft fair.
    I know what you mean about Christmas I'm normally organised and don't seem to be this year. I've not even made my own cards yet!!! We'll get there in the end. Hope you'll get your presents etc sorted out soon. Jenny x


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