Wednesday, 3 November 2010

GIVEAWAY: A Pair Of Guest Invitation Tickets To....

How would you like to go the Spirit Of Christmas Fair at Olympia, London. Well I have two free guest invitation tickets on offer which have kindly come my way via and were for me to use. Alas, working out my logistics, and some soul searching cannot make it. It is also the birthday weekend of Miss. Poppins and she is having a party. Ideally I would have loved to have made a weekend of it in London. *sigh* It is so up my pretty street and I would loved to have gone.

So after a little chat with, I suggested that I offer them up here, to one of you, my lovely readers. Ideally you would have a blog or if you don't would be willing to do a little guest post on my blog, as I want to know what it was like and if you enjoyed it. Also what lovely pretties had at their stand (D9). So, if you want to go in the hat, I shall be drawing a winner at around 4.30 pm, and you would need to be available to email me your address details so I can get your tickets in the post and hopefully you get them asap. The tickets are valid from 3rd - 7th november, 2010. Appreciate it is short notice but if you think you could make it this week or indeed at the weekend, then all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and I shall be back around 4.30  with a winners name.

Good luck, the event looks like a real goodun'....



  1. Please add my name to your everso Fab "Giveaway"
    How very exciting!!!

    Good Luck everyone....
    Julia Beagan

  2. Sorry Mary I would love to go but not sure I can this week :-( It looks fab. I can see why you are gutted you can't go but I am sure you will have a fab time with little Poppins. x

  3. What a great give-away! I'd love to take part, but it is a bit far away!


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