Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Stuck For Idea's On A Present....

With my daughters birthday coming up on bonfire night, I have to start thinking about what to get her as a little present, and I have to say, I am really stuck. Yes I have asked her what she would like and her response is, I would like....a surprise. Sheesh no help there then. So I popped online at Tesco for some inspiration on children's gifts  Luckily there is a half price sale on many of their toys and I found one or too that may be suitable. Miss Poppins, even at 8, is still a fan of disney princess  and barbie dolls but if she is happy then I am, I think I played with dolls until....;0)

 She doesn't own a mobile telephone, a DS wotsit, or any other gadgetry things and doesn't really show much interest in them anyway. She loves to draw, paint, create, write ( she is a brilliant, poetic writer, being a fluent reader when she was 5, her love of words is astonishing ) even at this tender age I do think writing is something that may develop and who knows I could have an aspiring author on my hands. One gift that I truly think would be perfect for her and I had I not be sent it by the team over at  The Great Toy Guide for her and I to review, I would certainly would have had it on my birthday list for her.

It truly is a wonderful crafty item for any creative child, and soooooooooooo pretty to look at too. Please feel free to keep a look out on the Great Toy Guide for our review, which shall be posted shortly.
So, off to search for some more inspirations I can see me at this rate leaving it all very last minute but if you have any suggestions on what present an 8 nearly 9 year old  could receive that would make her eyes shine and her face light up. A bit like shen her little brother got his tardis, boy, he could barely take it in, that he had his very own tardis to play with, he was ecstatic. And I so would love to see her face light up with joy the same way when she unwraps her gift from us.



  1. oh I love the knitting set , the case is reminiscent of Emma Bridgewater!

  2. I remember when I got my first knitting set and I really loved it. I think it looked a little like the one in your picture only not so fancy. I'm sure it would be a super gift for her.
    Blessings, Star

  3. How about a class of some sort? In Brighton they run classes making pottery etc for parents and children. Or a cookery class for parents and kids? Bit different and fun.

  4. Hello you ;o) How about a pretty vintage typewriter?
    Can you still get ribbon for typewriters? Even better - can you get coloured ink ribbon???

  5. That is so cute, very lucky that you get to have a look through all the little girly stuff!
    I also need to say sorry, i've been having trouble with my pc, and have only just sent you an email...i had to nag the poor husband to use his outlook!
    Thank you again-you are too sweet!

  6. What about getting a book make up of her own writing,My James loves writing and is hoping to become a teacher we are busing looking at uni's now.Lesley.

  7. hhhmm my middle one is 8 as she is quite hard to buy for too. I did buy her a cd player for one birthday as she loves singing, it is pink and round and has a radio too. She is always having little parties in her room with her sister and brother.


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