Monday, 11 October 2010

More Tea Vicar....

I would be proud to serve my vicar his tea from this delightful tea set, actually could be a coffee set as the cups really are quite small, and I couldn't resist it when I spied it in a charity shop, and at £2.99 for six cups and saucers I thought a beautiful bargain....

What we have here is in my opinion a stunning J&G Meakin set in their simplistic yet beautiful Sunflower Sol design. It is a pattern that was produced with no embellishments due to war time restrictions in Britain at the time. It really is a very dainty set.

I think the set shall look pretty on the painted dresser....

Who says now the nights are drawing in, the days are colder, we have to dig out our autumn colours, I like spring colours all year round and it certainly cheers me up to see pretty colours around my home.

It is in excellent condition, and how can one not smile when ones eyes are drawn to the cheery sun, peering up at them on the derriere of each saucer :0)

Have you found any vintage loveliness on your travels....



  1. beautiful colour. You are a clever lady finding such a bargain :) x

  2. that is gorgeous .. it really is..what a lovely find..
    your'e right about brighter colours during winter..much more cheery!!!

  3. so very lovely and cheerful - what a happy find !
    Have a great week,
    Denise x

  4. They're gorgeous, a lovely colour, and you were so lucky to find 6 !!
    You have a good charity shop!

    Sharon xx

  5. very nice, I'm sure Thrifty will like this haul of utility china!

    I was wondering if you would do me a huge favour and help me advertise my charity raffle on your blog? If so, I will match how ever many tickets you buy and give you one extra free. :-)


    Sian x

  6. Very lovely and perfect pick me ups with the sunny look. What a bargain.

  7. I love these, I have any never seen any of the Sunflower design, I guess they must be quite rare.
    Ann x

  8. Oh pretty cups and saucers! Love the creamy yellow. I found a few saucers and a few cups not a set sadly. But very pretty. Actually Mary right up your street as they were pretty and delicately pink with a gold trim. But oh dear I did not buy them. For one I just at the moment at least have nowhere to store such pretties and two I was in a bit of a rush and was catching a bus. I was worried I might break them in my hurry. I do regret it now and still think of the pretties! Maybe next time.

    MBB x

  9. They are fab Mary, really lovely

  10. They are really lovely and cheerful. I managed to bag the rose coloured set from my CS a few weeks ago.
    Jille x

  11. What a treasure you have found! I cannot imagine finding those Meakin cups and saucers at any charity shop in New York. I still have a few pieces (including my favorite cereal bowl) left over from a set of Meaking ironstone I bought "way back" in 1969...guess they will be antiques soon enough.


  12. Fantastic finds and what a great price! Hope you find a quiet moment to enjoy a lovely cuppa, Tamara x

  13. Oh I am so jealous! It really is the most gorgeous set ever!

  14. I have sound some treasure lately Mary and really must blog about them - funnily enough I got a coffee cup set too :-)

  15. What a wonderful find and such a bargainous price. Double whammy!
    They look oh-so-pretty sitting on the shelf. And the backstamp is kinda cute too!
    Z xx

  16. I love them and what a bargain!

  17. That is one gorgeous teaset!

    Victoria xx


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