Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Here Comes The Bride....

It is coming up to my 11th wedding anniversary, an easy date for me to remember as is the day after Miss. Poppins' birthday and also the day of my lovely sister in laws birthday. I always remember the lovely lady in question getting her special birthday mention in the wedding speeches and we all sang happy birthday. Our wedding was on such a lovely autumnal day back in November, 1999. I am a sentimental gal and always like to reminisce on our wedding and the memories that I have of our special day. My wedding dress hangs in one of my mum's bedrooms, looking pretty and as we are having a little holiday here, think it is time for a little try on, don't you.

It is actually quite a simple dress, I knew I wanted lots and lots of tulle...

 I really wanted the Cinderella thing with a big hoop and skirt though being quite petite I wanted the top half to be quite simple.

I thought the trellis design was very sweet. It had to be adjusted and with some of the left over trellis material I asked for three little rosebuds to be sewn on the back....this is me actually wearing it nearly 11 years to the day, yay it still fits ;0)

I also loved the v shaped waist, and I felt like a princess in it.

Being a girl who likes to show a little flesh, ( even on my wedding day ) I adored the back of the dress and the fact that although not an overtly revealing dress in anyway, my back was exposed, I love, love, love the back of my wedding dress.

Also kept at my mums are the beautiful, delicate iced flowers we had for our three tiered wedding cake. My mum keeps them in her special cabinet in the front room, and even after nearly 11 years are as stunning as they were on our wedding day. Yes, a little imperfection here and there, but so pretty to look at. 

I am so glad we had a colour theme of golds, ivories and a little green here and there in the greenery for our wedding. Wonderful classic, undating colours, and I can look at my wedding photographs and truly, for me, they look as though they could have been taken yesterday. I would say a small fortune was spent on the photography, but creating special, wonderful memories was very important to me, and what wonderful memories we have. The photography in my opinion is beautiful and was worth every penny, and I shall be forever grateful. Such lovely natural photography....

Our very lovely and special car....

Takes the song 'You lift me up' to a new level....

It wasn't only my new husband giving me sloppy kisses....

A very much loved member of the family, and still with us :0)

So, nearly 11 years later, am I as happy as I was on that beautiful day?

Well, I am older, a little more tired, in need of a boob job ( though shall never have one ). We went on to have three very special babies. Our first, Miss. Poppins, who was born at term, perfectly well and healthy. Then came our beautiful baby Joshua, who being so premature God decided was so special he took him into his care. The following year we had our miracle baby, Master P. Our very special 29 weeker, born so very small at 3lbs 1 oz, though thrived and is a prefectly healthy happy 4 year old.

Yes we have had stress, sometimes I think more than our fair share. Yes I have had times when I have thought  maybe my marriage isn't perfect, ( whose is )  But I am a romantic, I can't help it, a dreamer, a passionate person who loves to love and feel loved. So looking deep into my soul, yes I am as happy, maybe more. We have both changed, of course, and having a family brings new challenges and stresses, but I love my husband all the more having gone through these stresses, I have got to know him more over our nearly 11 years of marriage, he is, as I often call him, my rock.

So, plod on we do, and we shall spend our anniversary thinking of all the good times, the happy memories we have made together, and maybe, just maybe we may have a night out, just the two of us.

Do you have the perfect marriage, please tell me they don't exist :0)

Right, off to see what I should be buying my dear husband, 11 years, hmmmm probably coal or something useful like that ;0)



  1. What a wonderful post Mary, you look stunning and no different to today (wink). I love my dress it is in my loft and I must do something with it. I love your photo's it looks like such a happy day.
    MadDad said the toast at his brothers wedding and it is very apt. May your marriage be modern enough to survive the times, but old fashioned enough to last forever.

  2. Congratulations - love the photos.
    We celebrate twenty years and my fortieth next year so lots of celebrating.
    We havent had the perfect marriage, we've had some really rubbish times but as my Nan used to say - What doesnt kill you makes you stronger - and I think we are stronger than ever XXX still want to throttle him regularly .............

    Sara XX

  3. What an utterly lovely post! I could feel myself welling up a bit when I read it. (Im a bit of a softy!) Congratulations on your anniversary. Your wedding dress is gorgeous and you looked stunning in it. Looks like you had such a lovely day.

    Madhouse, I love the phrase that your dad used at your brothers wedding. How lovely.

  4. I love your gorgeous dress, I can't fit mine after 26 years of marriage. Marriage is hard at times, but the rewards are worth it, he (the husband) still makes me laugh and like Sara I could throttle him as well. I know he thinks the same about me, which is a bit strange as I know I'm perfect. Congratulations and thank-you for sharing your beautiful day.

  5. Oh what a lovely lovely post.
    Its so nice to hear of couples who find true happiness together when so many don't.
    Your dress is absolutely gorgeous and I can't believe those flowers are 11 years old,
    Happy Anniversary to you both.
    Em xxx

  6. Wow I want that dress, it is stunning, fab you still fit into it too (I still fit into mine too - must try it on again and prance around the house :-)).

    Perfect marraiges, hhmm I think if someone says everything is perfect about their partner they are a liar I am afraid. We all have our ups and downs but as long as you get through them and learn and are still best mates that is the best thing in the world :-)

    Happy Anniversary.


  7. What a really heartwarming post, I really enjoyed reading it, I am sure that everyoe who reads it will fel the same.
    No marriage is perfect, I have been married 13 years on Halloween and one thing I know, we are still best friends. Your post has really made me think,
    Your dress is lovely and the photos are great,
    Happy Anniversary to you both
    Andrea x

  8. What lovely photos and memories you have there. I think its lovely that your dress is out on display at your mums mine is stuffed away in a box. Not sure it would fit as well as yours does though :/
    Kandi x

  9. I really enjoyed your your reading post ... your dress is beautiful and it still fits!!!! I think every marriage has its ups and , but you know its a good one when you can share whatever is thrown at you and come out stronger at the other side... like you obviously have.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.
    Love Kathy xxx

  10. *wipes tear* awww that's so beautiful!
    The dress is incredible by the way, absolutely stunning!
    Congratulations, and *chinks glass* here's to another 11!

  11. Congratulations :D oooooh I hope when I finally do get married, that I will still be able to fit into my dress after 11 years! I can't fit into outfits I had when me and Mr S met just 5 years ago! I love your wedding photo's :D they made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! And it is so wonderful to hear about real love and romance :) good luck with your shopping! :D xxx

  12. Lovely post, very pretty dress. Happy Anniversary xx

  13. Hi Mary,

    What a lovley honest post! You looked gorgeous on your special day. I was smiling the whole way through as we got married almost at the same time. Our anniversary is in December a week before christmas! And it will be our 11th anniversary this year too!

    We had snow on the ground and a small and lovely wedding. And a bigish party after. And then we were whisked off (at slow pace because of snow) to a fairytale hotel with U2 playing beautifully in the background on our journey there.

    And like you we have had our times of rough seas and have been all adrift. We have had losses and heartache brought to us by nature and more sadly other people. But we have endured. As I wrote in my sister's engagement card a few years ago -

    "In love you both might not be on the same sentence or indeed paragraph, but just be sure that you are always both at least on the same page."

    What a lovely post thank you for reminding me of my lovely memories.

    MBB x

  14. Congratulations!! Thats a lovely post, i love love, and romance and i am such a dreamer!!
    ...wipe away a tear as im a weepy person..!!
    love it!!!

  15. What a beautiful princess dress - you looked beautiful!

    I am so glad you have a lovely family - your special boy will never be forgotten, my firstborn son was also taken from me - we learn to live with it though don't we! {{Hug}}!

    I love your doggie picture is just the best! lol!

  16. Happy Anniversary. I don't think anyone has the 'perfect' marriage. I regularly want to throttle Mr Earplugs but I wouldn't be without him.
    I often think of Tiddler as being a miracle baby. Wasn't sure I could face trying for a baby again but I'm so glad we did.

  17. Lovely post Mary with gorgeous pictures and plenty of dreamy romance. Congratulations!

  18. Congratulations! I love the dress! Thank you for sharing.

  19. Nearly Happy Anniversary - and Happy Birthday to D as well! can you beleive we have 9 year olds!! hope you had a nice half term week - roll on Christmas now ;-)
    love the tulle on your dress!


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