Sunday, 31 October 2010

Dotcomgiftshop Christmas Pretties Review....

I love to shop, we all know that, and one my favourite online places to browse/shop for many wonderful and inspiring gift ideas is the home of I adore their sweet pretties, many of which have a cute, vintage, lovable appeal and are right up my street. So, when the online store asked me to review some of their items, of course I wanted to offer my services.

So, the first item to review was a Yuletide Images Set Of 6 Paper Boxes

These really are superb, and excellent value for money, at only £2.95 ( they were originally £5.95) for all that the set comprises. A set of 6 brown cardboard paper boxes, which I have to say are excellent quality, all 6 a different useable size, and these boxes come with ribbon, 6 brown paper tags and many, many yuletide decoupage images to play with, approximately 50. I think these boxes have so many uses, one of which  is that they can be decorated with the enclosed yuletide decoupage images, ribbon and tags, a present could be popped inside one of the boxes and then can be presented as a Christmas gift. I shall be doing this with one or two of the boxes. I shall also be using the yuletide images as little labels, to pop inside Christmas cards, to decorate the table on Christmas morning, and for many other decorating ideas. The bigger boxes I may keep some of my ribbons and things in, and put on a pretty bookshelf for display. So many uses so many ideas. I shall certainly be popping to dotcomgiftshop for another pack, which again is superb value at only £2.95.

Then it was onto the Set Of 12 3D Christmas Postage Stamp Stickers

 A pack of 12 traditional Christmas 3d stickers that are just perfect for prettying up ones presents and cards at Christmas. These really are the sweetest images, in pretty colours which come presented on a very vintage Christmas style backing and perfect if you are, like me, handmaking your own Christmas cards. I also love that they have a zig zag edge effect like a stamp, ( which isn't so clear in the photograph ) and is a very appealing aspect. A charming and a lovely 'get you in the mood for Christmas' decoration idea that would add that extra touch to all your Christmas gifts and cards.

And last but not least I got to have a little play with this delightful Set Of 6 Vintage Christmas Ribbons

These are the cutest vintage style Christmas ribbons and perfect for all manner of Christmas decorating  ideas. Each ribbon measures approximately 150cm long and there are 6 wonderful designs in the pack, each with a charming vintage feel to it. Being someone who loves to handmake home accessories, I shall certainly be using these ribbons to embellish my Christmas hearts, garlands, stars, and many other handmade Christmas items. I shall also be using them to tie my children's Christmas sacks, there are so many ideas and wonderful ways in which these delightful ribbons could be used. A charming Christmas decorating idea.

So if you have never visited before or haven't visited for a while, I would recommend you pop over, you shall be greeted with some wonderful gift ideas for all members of the family, and after all, don't we all love to shop, especially in the comfort of our own homes :0)



  1. Loving those ribbons. Gorgeous! I'm having a handmade Christmas decoration swap if you fancy joining in?? x

  2. What lovely items. I have to take a look at the site.
    This week I found out that Marks & Spencers ship abroad for a reasonable fee. There once was a M&S in Amsterdam, it closed down a long time ago. I loved to visit it whenever I was there.

  3. Ooh I'm jealous of those goodies! Must check out dotcomgiftshop :)

    Sorry I didn't get back to you before about the quilt, I've only just worked out how many squares it will take! I think it will work out at 450 squares, which according to my calculations if all of them are bought from ebay (they are pretty much the same price from all the sellers) it will work out about £157. Er, and that's excluding the backing and binding. Which is a lot more than I hoped but I think it's an investment because she can keep it forever.... that's what I'll tell Andy anyway ;)

    Love Mel xxx

  4. Aren't those ribbons the best, they are so lovely, i wouldnt want them to go on any parcels that leave the house though!!

  5. I recently used them and they were fab. I've had the Vintage style paper chains and best still a feather Christmas tree, heavily discounted to £8.95. Highly recommended.

  6. They do have some lovely things don't they. Liking those ribbons the best. x

  7. ooh, feeling all christmassy now, I really like the ribbons. I shop at dotcomgiftshop quite a lot, their delivery is pretty quick...


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