Monday, 25 October 2010

Close The Door, Go Explore....

Sometimes it is nice to remember there is a real world out there, away from the www, life is sometimes too short to be staring at a computer screen and it is then when I want to get out, feel the sun/cold upon my face see real people, see a little of real life. Here is some of my Real life this last week in one or two photographs.... 

Big Ben looked lovely with the sun shining on it's cheery face....

I would love my front door painted this pretty colour....

How lucky I was to be able to share my country walk with one of these magnificent creatures....

It made my heart sing to hear the laughter of my children at the puppet show....

Fairground rides with beeping horns to be enjoyed by little boys, was fun to watch....

Visiting swish fashion houses, making me think, I would like to work here....

Upside down aeroplanes indoors, not a sight I get to see everyday.... 

So, although the www has it's place, for me, it is good for the soul to spend time in the real world.
Go on, close the door, just take yourself, your loved ones, and go explore....


  1. Too true Mary.....I likey the pink door.....but I feel that would be a step too far even for me, imagine Ollys face!xx

  2. I'm going out into the cold autumn sunshine-to escape the builders!
    I don't think hubby would apreciate a pink front door though!

  3. Oh WoW!!!!
    The PinK Front door is fab!!!
    How brave to go full on PinK...
    I would love to.
    Wonder what the neighbours would say???
    But then who cares....
    It's LUSH...♥♦♥♦♥

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time and got to see lots. Lovely photographs too and plenty of lovely memories to share.

    All things nice...

  5. Its a lovely day here today and Jamie has gone out with a new friend to do a little shopping in town... and Daniel and I are going on a welly walk with the dog after lunch... thank you for reminding me to take my camera! lol

    super photos and lovely post!

    x Alex

  6. Lovely colour for a front door!
    Glad to see, you had a enjoyable two weeks!


  7. Well said, its lovely weather at the moment, i cant believe you have all of that on your lovely!! Im GREEN!!!


  8. Well said, (well written?). There is so much to enjoy without it costing vast amounts. I got such a burst of delight seeing deer just hanging out in the fields on my recent train journeys. So beautiful. And London is always good to capture great sights-famous or otherwise. Great post, thank you!
    Z xx


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