Thursday, 30 September 2010

What Do You Put In Your Ikea Trolly....

I don't know about you but whenever I am in Ikea, I always like to have a little nose in people's trolleys. I like to see what people take off the shelves and eventually take home with them. As we are cracking on with some decorating, I always like to give them a visit, just to see what is on offer and what may be in keeping with the look I am wanting in my home. I don't know if you are anything like me, but I always come away with the most random of things that were not at all on my Ikea shopping list! We wanted to go also because we need some wardrobes that are a suitable size to go in the children's attic bedrooms, no small task to find ones short enough. Yes, we could pay someone to come and fit some bespoke wardrobes, but would rather save our pennies to use elsewhere in the home.

So, here are one or two things I popped in my trolly....

One of the best child's items I have bought for my 4 year old Master Poppins, he loves, loves, loves this fabric breakfast set. He is a child who gets bored easily, and this lovely set keeps him entertained, and he dons his apron and gets really into some good old fashioned role play. We shall be going back for the ice cream and vegetable set too.

Of course we couldnt treat darling son without darling daughter....Miss. Poppins loves animals, and so has fallen in love with Poppy, as she has called her.

So, with the children happy it was time to think about mummy, well of course I popped a little fabric in the trolly. I really fancied this pretty one, but they didnt have it in, so in went one or two different ones.

Having the double sink we have, there is no where to drain dishes, so I thought one of these would look quite pretty with my CK crush mugs sweetly stacked on it.

I adored these sweet little stools for the children's bedrooms. And for less than £3.00 each, a real bargain.

Then of course I couldnt leave without a candle or two, and they are so pretty in these little pink glass tumblers.

And as for the wardrobes, well yes we found the perfect ones....


We shall go back and get them ( and 101 other things I dont really need but ends up in the trolly anyway ) Are you a random Ikea shopper, I would love to know what sort of things you pop in your trolly....



  1. I was in Ikea on Tuesday evening. I bought lots of candles including their new Christmas ones, and a lantern. Then I bought food from their food hall. Dare I say I bought some reindeer meat?
    Jille x

  2. That candle in the glass tumbler made me gasp, it's beautiful. I might have to pop in for some of those they are beautiful!! Every time I go to IKEA no matter what else I buy I always buy a bag of mini DIAM bars and a bag of foam cars to eat :)
    Kandi x

  3. oohh that fabric breakfast set looks such fun! I have been pondering on making a felt set but that looks much better. I have that drainer, it still looks fab years later and works really well. Wish I lived closer to Ikea, I love that place.

  4. The fabric 'food' looks great! so much better than the plastic stuff! I always end up buying random stuff in Ikea! I especially love the mushroom sweets and the horseradish sauce from the sweden shop!!!

  5. I love Ikea, and was there on Saturday buying fabric, pretty giftcards, amd cushion inners. Would have been a lot more if it hadn't been the end of the month!!
    Love the breakfast, and fabric! Sure you had fun!!

    Sharon xx

    Ps I want the 2 new Provence Rose crush mugs!!!

  6. they have some lovely kid bits. I bought the kids plastic wine glasses to use as shot glasses ;)

  7. I HATE Ikea with a passion. If I have to endure it, I try and go at 11pm when I can get round the shop as quickly as possible without all the dilly dolly daydreamers stopping and admiring some random piece of useless tat! :-)

  8. I *really* want that fabric breakfast that wrong? :P

    I'm a sucker for their lamps and candles. I need to go IKEA now and get the kitchen set, the pink glass candle, and a random lamp because I won't be able to stop thinking about them until I do!

  9. I'm quite a blokey girl so not your average girl. :-) It's not the people, it's the way they design the shop so that you pick up random things - i don't like to be manipulated (the more people there the more the shop grinds to a halt). I've also had issues - being charged 5x for a sofa and then having to wait 10 days for a refund (lovely having 2k taken out of your account!), generally poor service and unfriendly staff. Not impressed!

  10. There's no Ikea in New Zealand so I'm making the most of my time while I'm home! I dropped my partner off at the airport yesterday and went to Ikea on the way home to take my mind off it! Fabric, vases and a cute farmer rug!

  11. The trouble with Ikea is that there is always something "useful", "cheap" or "ooh that's pretty" so you always come out with more than you planned on buying!


  12. You have chosen some lovely things on your shopping trip. If I was going there today, I would be looking at pictures for the wall. I love the latest fashion in wall adornments.
    Blessings, Star

  13. I think your torturing me, as Crafty Mermaid has said there is no IKEA in NZ and I would love to go to one. I even watched a programme on how they run there factories, how sad am I. I will have to look at your lovely things and hope and wish that one day IKEA will discover NZ on the map.

  14. I looove the fabric food, it's so pretty :) xx

  15. Urgh ive never even been to an ikea and the husband will have no defense after im hyped up and wanting to go after reading this!

  16. Ikea is such a temptation to me, I come out with loads of things I had no intention of buying or no actual need for!

    I love the playfood, it looks really good!

  17. Ah I love Ikea! Actually last time I went I'd just got my own place so had a good excuse! Was terribly fussy about the kind of bed I wanted and eventually found the Aspelund one. I adore it, like to pretend its Laura Ashley, haha!


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