Sunday, 19 September 2010

Please Share Your Favourite Handbag....

I thought I would like to share with you my favourite handbag....

Would you have any ideas about what you think my favorite handbag looks like? Can you/should you judge a person by their handbag?

Well here she is, and I ADORE her. She looks beautiful when used for special occasion's as she does too when worn with my jeans and boots. Lots of people have commented on how pretty she is, and is my No1 handbag.

Is she what you had in mind my favorite may look like....

Did I tell you I ADORE her ;0)

What, you think she is a bit old fashioned, perfect, I shall take that as a compliment :0)

I really feel like the queen when I am shopping, with her hanging off my dainty wrist....and the pretty kiss lock is so sweet.

She is an original, maybe 1970s in origin, in perfect working order, tapestry bag and I love her. Was purchased at a little antique centre and was priced at £10.00. With my bargain hunt and haggling skills, a deal on £5.00 was agreed. A little Mary Poppinsy aswell don't you think ;0)

I would so love to see your favourite handbag, and the reason why you love it so much, so please feel free to share any posts you do using the Mr. linky widget. I would love to pop round to your blogs and have a looksy at your favourite handbag.



  1. I love handbags. A favourite is one of my mom's, I have always loved it. She passed away this year and I find it hard to use it.
    Your's is beautiful! Have a nice Sunday.

  2. I love handbags. A favorite is one of my mom's, I have always loved it. She passed away this year and I find it hard to use it.
    Your's is beautiful! Have a nice Sunday.

  3. I loved your post, and had to write one of my own! Thanks for sharing and inspiring!

  4. Beautiful - the new CK catalogue came yesterday and she has some copies - not nearly as nice though - mmmm and way more money too!

  5. I love your handbag too. I've always loved tapestry bags. Now I must confess I don't have a favourite handbag at the moment. In fact, I hardly have a handbag because the strap on my daily bag broke recently and I couldn't get it mended. Despite the fact that it is real leather and I took it to a leather shop for mending, it wasn't possible. I was soooo sad. Now I am using a different bag but it is a summer bag in a light colour. So I must look for a new one! Trouble is I can't afford it but if I could, I will tell you what I would buy.... It would be one of those with the little dog hanging off it - in pink!
    Blessings, Star

  6. Well my bag has to be big enough to carry, dog poo bags, about 50 Match Attax cards, half finished bottles of water and bang on the minute 'CONKERS' by the dozen!

    Love your choice of bag though...x

  7. Love your bag, mine has to be my Lulu Guinness "sweetie shop" handbag, I was in hospital for 3 weeks and hubby bought me it to cheer me up, and it certainly did!! Lucey xxx

  8. What a fab idea for a post!
    I love your bag, she is indeed beautiful and classical.
    I have one similar but mine is from the 40's and not in such lovely condition as yours.
    I will try and post a favourite sometime soon....hard decision though....Hmmmm??!

  9. That bag is very CK at the moment. My fave bag is a Ck one, all flowery and lovely and for going out i like my sparkly bow clutch xx

  10. I have a similar bag to yours...
    Although mine is in very bad shape... and its just for display purposes only!
    By the way... You look so beautiful wearing the wedding outfit!
    On one of your other lovely posts...
    It really suits you!!!


  11. A very pretty bag Mary, very like the one CK has in this years winter book, nice that you have something original though!x


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