Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Home Sweet Home....

Wowser, where is the time going, Christmas songs already being played, slow down, slow down, I can't keep up. Do you ever feel like life is rushing you along faster than you would like it to. I want to enjoy my life and in the present, the here and now, live each day to the fullest. I can't think of Christmas quite yet, can you. Being a keen crafter, people are already in the swing of making their Christmas pretties, forward planning, I get that, but, I can't bring myself quite yet to cut into my pretty Christmas fabric ;0)

So, how have you been, hope you have enjoyed your summer, I spent most of it in Wales, where both the husband and I grew up. I long to go back, though with Mr. P being the bread winner, I am a Cheshire girl for the foreseeable future. I do love where I live, it is pretty, lots of drool worthy thatched cottages to gaze at ( not mine *sigh* )  and fields and the country smell, the children are at a lovely little village school, but wonder if one day we shall go back home.

I long for the sea views, we went to a glorious wedding whilst at home, the groom is an olde school pal of my husbands, and the views in the garden of the brides home where the wedding took place, were spectacular.

Some guests even arrived by chopper!

Our beautiful table.

And the wonderful and pretty marquee.

Our names were written on pebbles from the beach further down the garden. We all threw them back in the sea after the wedding breakfast, to be washed upon the shore again, to remind the happy couple of wonderful memories. 

We were all to bring pretty flowers from the garden, to dress the tables, which I thought was a lovely and special idea, my mum did a little posy from the flowers in her garden, thanks mum :0) As well as a monetary gift, the couple are saving up for a digger, yes a digger. I wanted to handmake a little something and as I had my chine with me whipped up this little number for them. Word has it they *love* it.

So it was a lovely reminder seeing old and new friends, of how much I love Wales, especially the welsh fudge ;0)

This fudge was from a favourite shop of mine in Betws-Y-Coed

Lots of pretties on offer.

I um med and oohed over these two, can you guess which one I came home with ( and for those of you who know me well, it wasn't both ;0)

There are also the lovely views at Swallow Falls

So after a lovely summer, it was time to come to our home, and get the little people ready for school.

All went well, not a tear shed from Master P or Mummy ( doesn't mean I didn't cry buckets the night before though) and he is there full time, so hopefully shall love it, and I shall love the little extra time to myself make pretties. Here's a couple of items that have found new lovely homes.

Special order Rosali pram sheet for an ickle baby, was a simple yet very lovely item to handmake, is is edged in pretty pink bias, and would be lovely for a little dolls bed when the baby has grown out of her pram.

Pretty drawstring bags, I loved making this special order, for the daughter of an old Drama college friend, who I met when I was 17, something quite special about making for her own children. 

So back home, back to it, back to my old tricks. One of them being on the lookout in people's skips, well Ms. Allsopp does it too.
I think in Kirsties programme last Christmas she found a lovely mirror, well I didn't find a mirror, but I did find these....

Four unwanted and vintage style solid wood chairs, seemingly they came from a vintage pub, and as soon as I saw them I popped to the door of the owner and was told to help myself :0) I popped round later with a little handmade pretty as a thank you. They really are kinda special, I don't whether to tart up or leave alone.

Decisions, decisions...



  1. You look lovely in your outfit. Not too short at all especially as you have lovely legs!

    I do like the 'love' cushion you made and the little button is sooo sweet. xx

  2. Hi Mary good to see Mr P's first school piccy :)
    I think you hit the nail on the head re finding other people's trash and your own treasure - I can never decide whether to leave the stuff "au natural" or pretty the stuff up" Look forward to seeing what you decide - can't believe someone would actually chuck them out in the first place!

  3. love the chairs! my hubby would not be pleased if i brought something like that home. a) because we don't have much room and b) he can't stand 'old' things!!! silly man!

  4. I dont know where to satrt with the loveliness of it all. The names on pebbles and throwing them in the sea almost bought a tear to my eye ! What a fab wedding and you look great, good to put a face to a name as well
    Best wishes
    Sue x

  5. Mary you looked stunning, I knew you would and the little poppins looked like they were having a fab time in the pool. I am missing Mini so much and have to say Master Poppins looked edible.

    I love the idea of the pebbles so much.

  6. You look FAB!! And the chairs are great! Cant wait to see what you are going to do with them!! x

  7. You have the legs for that outfit!! For sure you look fantastic, no wonder you feel so good wearing it!
    The wedding looked gorgeous!
    Master P looks so grown up, It must be heartbreaking to let them go to school!! James is already looking at schools and baby isn't due litt January!! I keep sayig she isn't going, she is staying home with Mummy!!!

  8. I'd love for you to pop over to take part in a giveaway I'm having!

  9. swit swoo.. missus.. you look fab in your've got good legs you need to show them off!.. the wedding looked fab. .what a fab place..
    master poppins looks adorable in his school uniform. .our oldest started last week..its a funny ol time isnt it!

  10. I think your outfit looks fab, love all the eco ideas for that wedding, a really lovely touch. Happy sewing :-)


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