Friday, 17 September 2010

Birthday Party Season....

Well they are barely back at school, and already, we have a pile of birthday party invitations. Party season has well and truly begun in the Poppins household I can tell you. We have a busy couple of months ahead of us, infact I think I may plan ahead and get a party drawer, a drawer packed full of little cards and presents so I am not always running to the toy shops 10 minutes before the party starts.

Not too long until my very special daughter turns 9. Nearly 9 years old! My 51b 110zs baby, and already, she wants to talk party plans. My goodness can a girl not wait. So with forward planning and all that, Miss. Poppins and I have decided for a simple, at home party with her closest friends, and maybe, maybe, if her poor old mum is up to it, a sleepover. The party food has already been decided upon, and yes you guessed it, it is the one and only perfect party sleepover food, a....

Pizza Delivery Service  I shall be calling before the day to see if I can get a special birthday menu or indeed any special discount :0) Am I the only one who cannot just have one piece of pizza, so think we better order plenty.

Every year I say I am going to bake a cake, every year I go out and buy a cake ;0) I have to say, I have been very happy with many shop bought cakes, mind you I am of course a lover of all things cake related.

As for party bags, well I do normally make/sew my own and pop some pretties in. Is 9 too old for a party bag....I don't think so. I am an adult and I still offer out my hand to receive my party bag at the end of grown up parties, of course all I get is a handshake, and maybe a kiss on the cheek. I don't think any of us grow old of party bags :0)

Apparently I am to be in charge of the music. I have no idea what party music 9 year old girls are into these days, I better do my homework methinks on that one ( or you can tell me) . So, if you have some of your own party planning to be getting on with, good luck, have fun, and please save me a piece of cake won't you....



  1. oh the fun of kiddies parties, not sure why i get so stressed about my kiddies ones as I love it on the day :-) I have a party pressy draw with cards and little pressies I see - so much easier than panic buying and less stressful :-)

  2. Oooh a party drawer - what a great idea.

  3. My daughter and I had great fun putting together party bags for her 21st Birthday, the guests male and female thought it was great and still talk about it :)
    Cate x

  4. Certainly is that time of year. How lovely to have party I don't think you can ever grow out of them.

  5. Hello Mary,

    Thank you for your kind comment. My mom would definitely want me to use the bag. I think I will try to keep that in mind and use it on special occasions, so it will not wear too much. BTW It is not old, she bought a couple of years ago.

    Thank you for helping with this!


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