Saturday, 21 August 2010

My Lovely New Pretty....

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last post and for the birthday wishes.

You may remember my post here where I had a very kind offer to choose a gift from  CSN Stores to have a little play with it, and see what I thought. Well of course the simple task of what item to choose, got me all giddy and I took a little while deciding. As we are doing up the kitchen diner I thought something pretty for that would be a good choice. Also as I am hoping to deck the kitchen out in lots of pretty candy and cream coloured accessories, I thought this would be perfect. We were given some Le Creuset cookware for a wedding present 10 years ago and it has been wonderful, and has years and years left in it, so I knew I was choosing something not only practical, but in a pretty Almond colour too.

I think the cast iron is an extremely high quality material and very durable, so hopefully I have something that should last and last and last. The size of the Le Creuset Cast Iron Round Casserole dish is 16cms, so a real cutie and a perfect little size. I was very excited when I first opened the lovely orange box.

The quality of Le Creuset really jumps out at you. Isn't she a sweetie.

She is a dream to cook with, we have made many dishes, including, vegetable ratatouille, carrot soup, aubergine bake and even homemade rice pudding. and after all that cooking,  and washing up, do you think i put her away in a drawer. Gosh no, she stays out on display, looking lovely :0)

Thank you to CSN Stores for a super item, excellent customer care service and quick dispatch of an excellent item that hopefully shall be in my possession for years to come. Please feel free to check out what other super cookware and many other items CSN has to offer.

Right, off to cook something in my lovely new casserole dish for lunch.



  1. Gosh, that's lovely. I really must invest in some decent pans and pots and things like that. We only ever get a cheap set of saucepans and they never last very long. I am loving these ones.

    I hope you had a good birthday. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    Best wishes xx

  2. Belated birthday wishes sweetie. I'm sure you had a lovely day and will have made new memories to carry with you! And I hope to see some photos of what was in your unopened pressies!!!
    When I became a student I bought 2 heavy-ish enamel pans from Habitat in Brighton and I still use them! They have been brilliant. The lidded pan now has a small chip in the enamel, but the casserole one is still perfect, if a little stained!
    The Flickr pictures are looking lovely BTW.
    Have a great W/E,
    Z xx

  3. Oh lucky you...I love Le Creuset, I collect the black range. They really are the best, last years and years! Also very pleased to have found your is lovely and I shall be having a good old read now :-)

  4. Great choice and it's a lovely colour.

    I love Le Creuset cookware and have a mish mash of colours that were hand-me-downs and ebay purchases.

    Hopefully one day (probably when I have no children living at home) I will buy a new matching set but I love the ones I have for now!


  5. I love my le crueset pans ... they've lasted almost 10yrs so far and are still as good as new. I'm expecting them to keep going for as long as I have need for saucepans!!

  6. My mom had an ironcast pan (not Le Creuset though0. After she bought it she wondered why, because it was too heavy for her to lift.
    Now I have it, but I am not using it. There is a recipe my mom used to make, that I might try it for.
    Have a nice Snday.

  7. Oh so pretty!! I can never lift them once they are full of yummy casserole though :( But for someone with stronger wrists/hubby who cooks - just perfect xxx

  8. Those pans are gorgeous, I am also loving the new mauve range they have.

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