Wednesday, 25 August 2010

New Beginings....

Hello, hope you are all enjoying the sun, well if you are, lucky you, because I haven't seen any for a looong time ;0) Actually I am in sunnyish Wales and the sun I think, could be joining me for the day, she is there, just wish she would shine a little brighter, I am always in a better mood when the sun is out :0)

Well, the time is getting nearer for my baby, my little boy, my 3lb at birth bundle of joy to be starting big school. All the stress I spoke about here about me being a little late getting his forms in, and then the possibility of us having to appeal for a place at his school. A, within catchment and B, that his big sister already goes to, was, I have say, a little stressy. As it happened, I believe our local MP got involved as there were others in a similar situation and a further 5 places were allocated, normally there are only 20 places available at our village school. Your comments and support on that post were invaluable and got me through a very tricky time.
Thank you.

Here is my little man, a couple of days old, after being born 11 weeks early and having a little extra oxygen....

So we had his school place, and time ticked on as it invariably does and now here we are only a couple of weeks away from him starting, and guess what, I DON'T WANT HIM TO :0(
Well, yes of course he should, and shall be going. But he still has little naps ( with mummy sometimes) with my floral scarf as his little comforter, he also has a heart condition ( Pulmonary Stenosis) and although he had a successful cardiac ballooning at three months old, and you would never know there was /is anything wrong with him, he is as fit and healthy as the other boys his age, though is always there on my mind. Think it is a mummy thing, shall never stop worrying.

But go forth he must, I know he shall be alright, especially with his lovely, beautiful, special and proud sister looking after him, she shall keep her beady eye on her special little brother....

But believe me, all the tissues in the world won't fix my tears on his big day. I have been putting off the inevitable, venturing into the shops for the big boy uniform. I think I managed a little pair of shorts for my little bundle of joy, but that made me blub, so I quickly paid for them and ran home ;0) So, talking of lovely bundles of joy, imagine my delight and surprise when this lovely hamper of bundles of uniform arrived from the people over at Tesco I have to say as a mummy I sometimes struggle on ocassion to find suitable, appropiate clothes in Miss.P's age range. ( Anyone else think the young girls clothes range in many stores are sometimes not appropiate )  I don't want my 8 year old to dress like a four year old, though neither do I want her to look like a teenager quite yet. For me, the young girl's clothing range at Tesco have come up trumps this summer, and I have found some lovely, pretty numbers that both Miss. P and I both love. Anyway back to the lovely hamper I received....

Not only uniform for Master P, but also for his big sister too, who loves her trendy uniform from Tesco. The uniforms are lovely, many from their Signature range, which is very stylish. Miss.Poppins especially likes her cardigan and skirt.

Thank you very much  to the lovely people at Tesco, if they hadn't sent me some lovely uniforms  maybe, just maybe, the little man in my life would have gone to school in only those little shorts I bought him ;0) Anyone else have these *my baby to ickle to start big school feelings* Master P is only a week or so over the age of four. Though I shall do my best to be the proud Mummy that he deserves and when I dress him ( see, I even dress him still ) in his smart new Tesco uniform, I shall shed a tear of happiness too of how very far he has come.

Well, I have been very kindly given the opportunity from Tesco to offer one of you, one of my lovely friends the chance to receive a lovely uniform hamper filled with delights for your child/children too. I would so dearly have loved Tesco to send each and everyone of you with school age children one, and had to think hard about who I think would like to receive this wonderful  uniform hamper.

Yes, I thought, she would love one....

My lovely friend Lesley who I met through blogging when we both started up about 2 years ago. We realised we lived not too far from each other, and have had some lovely meet ups, our children have a lovely friendship, even sleepovers have taken place, and these lovely friendships, perhaps, would not have been formed, had we both not entered the world, that is blogging. So Lesley, I would love you to receive some  uniform treats for your children, and enjoy. Thank you for a being a good friend.

So, I have the uniform, all I need now is the courage to drop him off and wave goodbye....



  1. oohh yes I really know how you feel. My eldest was only just 4 too when he started and I really did feel he was too young :-( Little sweetpea starts pre-school in September - only for 3 hours but that is still making me sad (even if she is trying to wrestle me and lick my face as I type!).

  2. Oh I am with you Mary with the my little baby is too young to be at school pangs.

    Boo was four at the begining of July so not far into four. And she seems so young still. We were brave and brought both our beautiful girls their school uniform at the weekend. Boo has sort of tried hers on but in bits. Not ready for that final all in her uniform look yet! Although next Friday is getting closer. I am sure it will be ok. Just a big adjustment for us both.

    Lucky you with you Tesco's hamper. It is hard finding clothes that seem appropriate for younger girls. Lala is six and half but tall for her age so we have to look at things in the seven and eight range. And sometimes she can seem older even though she is just wearing jeans and a T.shirt. It is hard between them look cool and funky but not too old.

    Good luck with the school off Mary. And remember I will be there in the same boat too.

    MBB x

  3. i sent my little man off to school last year in shorts! with long grey knee length socks! he looked so sweet and far better than he does in his long trousers which he has for when it gets colder!
    i'm just glad tiny (age 3) is staying on at nursery for her preschool year, makes her 'baby' years last abit longer and i'm not sure if they do uniform in age 2-3 size! (she lives up to her nickname!)
    good luck to both him and you. x

  4. Hi Mary you took me right back in a flash, my daughter now 21 banged on the classroom window crying for me to take her home it still makes me blub just thinking about it, over the years she has bravely endured heart ops but is now a beautiful and confident young women. My tiny baby boy born against all odds is now 18 kind and caring, not that i'm biased.:)
    My only advise, even if it hurts, remember each detail, take pics but above all else SMILE
    The irony is I now work at the same school Thinking of you all
    Cate xx

  5. Oh bless you I was welling up reading that, it is such a sad time I was devastated to let my youngest one go to school as I felt I had lost my last baby. He is now 11 and it feels like only yesterday I was crying all the way home from his school and I have wished I could go back to that day so many times. Cherish that they are still little and give a little smile through your tears. (((hug)))
    Kandi x

  6. Daniel will start school next Thursday and I will miss him but I aim to keep busy... Daniel is 4 years 7 months and I think that those 7 months make all the difference... I do worry about him doing things for himself though, I still dress him and put his shoes on and sort out his trousers after he's been to the loo... and I still get the customary "I had a poo" yelled from the bathroom... but I assume he'll just have to get on with it as I don't think the teacher has enough hands to help all of them...

    I am sure they will all be fine embarking on their scholastic adventure... and as far as school uniform goes I have 2 pairs of trousers, a school jumper, a school coat and shoes... just need the polo shirts and I am done! lol

    x Alex

  7. Oh gosh that brought back all those feelings I had myself not long ago - as you know my Jacob is august (tomorrow eek!) and felt far to young at just turned 4 but has done so well and I know master p will be fine just his mummy will need the tissues ;-) thank you so much for suggesting me your a very kind lady ((hugs)) xx

  8. I had a similar wobble last year - but it does get easier. Littlest is so much more grown up now, and though some of the 'cute' has gone, she is growing into a fine little companion.

  9. My little Twiglet started FULL TIME school from day one - see I still haven't got over it ;) last September - he was only 4 and 3 months.I'll always remember his sad little face at the window as he and his little new girlyfriend held hands and waved to us - gulp!! The house was sooo empty when I got home as he is my unique , special onesie. I blubbed my eyes out however, he had the most fabulous time !!
    good luck
    twiggy x

  10. Oh dearest Mary! I quite agree with you, four is just too young for some children to start school. We start them on their fifth birthday in NZ and that's just perfect. They are all ready by then and we Mum's aren't so emotional. I hope you have a full day planned for that first day with lots of support and tissues.

    What a lovely company to send you all those clothes! That was so kind of them. At least the wee lad will look extra smart when he starts. I can only imagine him starting in a pair of shorts!!

    I wish you lots of luck in keeping in control and hugs to you

  11. Your post brought back very similar feelings I had when my little boy started school ... he too was only days past his 4th birthday. Luckily where we are, the youngest children only do half days until Christmas, so he came home and had his afternoon naps all cuddled up with his blankie! He survived it all and is now 18 and off to uni!!! That's harder than school
    Above all else, don't let him see you're upset. Make it happy for him and take lots of big boy photos!
    Love Kathy xxx

  12. Hi Mary,

    so happy that your son is finally able to attend the same school as his big sister, that really must be a load off your mind.

    The school uniforms from Tesco look great, I especially like the cargi and skirt :)

    Our school uniforms are ugly... grey pants/shorts with a dark yellow top (I hate yellow) with a royal blue polar fleece jumper with yellow stripe down the arm.

    Wishing all the strength for the first day, I am sure he will love it and all your worries will wash away :) Tamara

  13. I remember it well, my little boy also decided to make his arrival in this world a little to early, spent the first 4 years of his life in and out of hospital, developing pneumonia every time he had a cold, regular visits to the dietician, 'failure to thrive' written in his red book, he was so tiny. He was the smallest in the year when he started school, broke my heart when he came from school and said he couldn't keep up with the other childen when running in the play ground.
    He is now 8 and is a happy healthy little boy who loves school and some days when he is bouncing on the furniture and causing havoc at home I am quite glad to see him go.
    jacey x

  14. aww good luck with the first day of school for your little man :-)
    My little preemie started in reception last yr (can't beleive she is yr 1 next in just a weeks time!)

    I totally agree re young girls clothes... I have such a nightmare with Rianna. At 5 she is already longing for make up and perfume and all things sparkly... I am finding it so hard to get things she likes that are also age appropriate (especially when my ex seems to think it is fit to dress her like a street walker!). We have got some fab tesco stuff this yr too, but I have searched very long and hard through the other high street stores to piece together only a few outfits from the many trashy & inappropriate things they seem to want children to wear these days!

    (and don't get me started on the kid's conversations I overheard in the playground the day before non-school-uniform day! they grow up far to fast... *sigh*).

    have a fab weekend :-)

    Rose X

  15. Lovely blog and lovely makes and am glad your 3lb baby is now living life to the full :)

  16. Lucky you with the Tescos hamper. I tried to buy my uniforms from Tesco but the web site insists that my address doesn't exist! You are so lucky, you seem to be inundated with freebies at the moment, well done you. As for little people and school, I blubbed all the way home after dropping my youngest there last September...xx

  17. Your post has made me think of my little girl (she's only 12 months but time flies). She will be just 4 and a couple of weeks when she starts school and I worry now how she ( I ) will cope. She's the baby of 5 and I don't think it gets any easier I still cry like a baby on their first day.
    How lovely to get a hamper and the skirt/ cardigan looked lovely - I didnt realise they did a signature range so off to have a look.

    Good luck on your little man's first day x

  18. Me again... just to let you know theres an award for you over at mine... if you'd like it!?

    hugs Alex


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