Thursday, 22 July 2010

I Am In Love With....

Thank you for all the Fluff help, it is yet to be tasted but looks very pretty in my kitchen cupboard, I love to peer at the pretty jars through the glass as I walk past I have to say :0)

How about a little love talk.

I am in love with my Family, special friends, beautiful pretties and this wonderful Heart Artwork I commissioned from the lovely Karen Newhouse I really love her pretty Artwork and thought I would treat myself to a little pretty with some pennies I make from making and selling my own pretties I really think it is so sweet and shall take pride of place in my ooops our bedroom when we have it all decorated and looking pretty. My new love inspired Artwork is the special inspiration that shall give you an idea of the decorating colours, etc that I shall be using. Karen had a keen grasp of what I would fancy colour wise for all the pretty hearts, and although commissions for me can be a little daunting, you never quite know if buyers and sellers minds are working as one, when I unwrapped the pretty packaging, I knew ours had been, and it was indeed perfect, exactly what I wanted.

Thank you Karen for knowing me so well :0)



  1. thats funny, i've just made some smaller versions of that.

  2. How very lovely! So simple but gorgeously effective.

  3. Karen has just made me one of those pics for my brother and his fiancée, who are getting married at the end of August, and I love it! If it wasn't personalised I'd pinch it for myself...

  4. Oooh thats very pretty...its so hard to think of it as an 'our' bedroom when us women folk know how to make it lovely and the men (in my case) make the mess!!

  5. Mary...I am SO SO happy that our minds were working as one for your pretty Hearts Artwork picture *squee*!! It really warms me to know I understood exactly what you wanted. I'm the same as you with commissions, they can be a little daunting, hoping I've really understood what's wanted. I sort of hold my breath until I hear back! It was my pleasure, and I'm sure it will look fabulous in your bedroom xXx

  6. very cute. is that fabric hearts or paper? i'm a quilter and sewer, i think this would be great for sewing!

  7. I love visiting your blog as it always holds something pretty for me to look at. I hope you're having a great week. Em x


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