Saturday, 24 July 2010

I am A Girl Who Loves To Shop....

Hello, hope you are having a lovely weekend. We have had some alright a little sunshine here and have had a lovely family play. I have also bought one or two pretties, *sigh* I really am a shopaholic ;0)  I have also a little extra shopping to do as the very kind people over at CSN stores, which is an amazing online store where you can find everything from cookware to ceiling lights to furniture, have kindly given me the wonderful opportunity to go on a little shopping spree.

Not long ago the excellent CSN Stores offered a super and very generous giveaway here on my blog and I know the lucky winner was very happy with the pretties she chose. Well I recieved a lovely email offering me the chance to review one of their products on my blog and I am giddy with excitement. CSN have so many lovely pretties for me to choose from, here are one or two of my favourites thus far.

Hmmm reckon there may be a dash of pink in there ;0) Look forward to sharing with you what I chose :0)



  1. How lovely - hope you choose something you can use a lot! in our house things have to earn their space... I like the pink, it's all very Mary Poppins.

  2. Ooo I love the pink coffee set. Enjoy whatever you choose xx

  3. It has got to be that candyfloss maker :-)

  4. Yes to ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!
    In this house, anything pink is very well received! Plus, if it is totally lovely but utterly useless 'GOOD', all the better as far as I am condcerned. hee hee xxx

  5. Oh I adore the pink coffee set! Tis very beautiful x


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