Wednesday, 14 July 2010

End Of Term Frolicks....

Well as the end of term is looming, the Poppins house is a home filled with school disco's, school plays, fancy dress parties, and all manner of events. Sheesh my head is spinning with all these things to remember. And then the teachers gift's, of which I have had 7 little handmade pretties to make. Yes four at the pre school for Master P and three at Miss. Poppins' school. Along with the customary chocolate for them all, I made a little initialed keyring for them, which I hope they like. Here are one or two that I made

They have a little scoop of lavender in also, to calm and relax. I am a volunteer worker at my local village youth group and the noise of all the lovely, yet noisy children chit chattering when we have debates etc, wowser. If you are a teacher, do you get earache by any chance....

I think an apple and a little handmade card was what I gave my teachers when I was at school. Those were the days. I have really enjoyed making something for the teachers, with a little help from Miss. Poppins. I personally think nothing is as special as a handmade gift. Talking of hand making I have enjoyed making one or two pretties for my Folksy shop, I am aiming to list many new items in July for the July Jesters, though shall see how I go. I have lovely special orders that are keeping me busy so find it hard to list many new pretties. I also have the possibility of one or two exciting ventures ahead which may mean a little more crafting independence for me, which I am looking forward to. I really enjoy my crafting little business/hobby though feel I need to spread my wings a little further and find some new and exciting interests, and with Master P....excuse me whilst I grab the tissues.... soon to be at reception....sob, sob.... possibly need a plan of career action.

Here are one or two pretties I have been making.

I have also been asked to make some pretty, in a boyish way, accessories for a customers boys bedroom. I have to say, boys items I really have to think hard to make something a little different for them. The lovely lady wants a cushion, a hanging item, some bunting and little PJ case, eeek I have never made a PJ case before, please those of you who have, tell me they are easy ;0)  I am on the hunt for some quirky, old fashioned style boys fabrics too so if anyone can point me in the right direction, would very much appreciate it.

I have been a very lucky girl and had some lovely pretties sent my way, and none were as pretty and practical as these oh so sweet Clothes Plasters found at Jennie Maizels beautiful website.They are super embroidered iron-fabric patches packaged in a delightful little tin. And Jennie very kindly sent me a pretty pink tin for Miss. Poppins and the blue for Master P with both having 10 high quality patches to jazz up plain clothes, bags and even shoes.

For Miss. Poppins there is a fairy, love heart, dove, cupcake, toadstool, cat, star, pink flamingo and babushka doll and a cup of tea. For Master P a robot, a rocket, a drum, a shark, an aeroplane, a tractor, a dinosaur, a boat, a pirate and a cactus. Of course being a fan of fire engines he did ask where the fire engine was! Maybe one for the drawing board Jennie ;0) We have had super fun playing with them and have some lovely jazzed up clothes, which I look forward to sharing with you. I think make super little gifts for children,   and they certainly get the thumbs up from my two. They can also be purchased at one of my favourite retailers here thank you very much Jennie.

So Mr. Poppins and I are off to watch Master P in his pre school performance, of which I shall of course be videoing him on my little Flip Mino Camcorder which was a lovely gift from the peeps at John Lewis when I went to their preview launch and you can read about here and you guessed it, I may need to even pack the tissues....


  1. Oh I remember seeing Evie in her very first performance, She was a tiny little angel in the reception class christmas performance, (she'd missed the nursery performance due to chicken pox)anyway she performed beautifully and even managed to stick her tongue out at me when she thought no one was looking!
    I couldn't take proper pictures because I had to keep stopping to wipe tears away or because I was laughing at her.
    Hope you have a lovely time watching Master P.
    Em xx

  2. What a busy bee you have been. I love those little keyrings, they will make a welcome change from the usual gifts, I'm sure.
    Kandi x

  3. you have been making some lovely lovely things Mary xx

  4. Oh my goodness, a post full of your gorgeous creations. You're so clever Mary and I'm sure the teachers will LOVE the keyrings, what a great idea. I'm sure they will love them.
    Enjoy watching Master P, I just love watching the little ones perform and I too always become wuite emotional.
    Jane. xx

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely comments about our Clothes Plasters Mary! Have returned the compliment at
    Will continue to follow and to marvel at your beautiful creations! X Jennie

  6. Well, it has just started pouring down with rain here, and a little thunderstorm to boot, so it was lovely to see all your lovely bright summery makes for the Teachers!!

    Dont forget my Give Away!!! There is sooo much you can do with them!!

    Hope you didnt have to use too many tissues:)

    I am thinking of a new challenge too. I might, I might not. Its always such a scary commitment isnt it!

    But he who dares not only wins, but has a very happy life:)
    Michelle x

  7. My children's teachers probably hate me. I think I gave them a mug once.

  8. :-( It is hard when they move up to 'big' school isn't it, why can't we keep them small for longer! Wow you have been making some fab things. Love the teachers pressies - I still don't quite get why we all have to buy them pressies , what other job do you get that happening (bah humbug) ?

  9. lovely key rings - I agree, something hand made is a really special gift. we have been silk painting and made teachers gifts and cards. maybe plain fabrics but some applique shapes of things that interest them for the boys you are creating for?

  10. Lovely makes Mary and what a clever idea those 'clothes plasters' are. I hope the performance went well.

  11. For boys fabric? The best I've ever seen is by Cath Kidston.
    Patterns for jammies?
    Look for Handmade Home by Amanda Soule or Bend the Rules Sewing by
    Amy Karol for ideas.


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