Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Cupcake Entertainment....

We have 37 days of summer holiday's left, that is quite alot of cupcake baking entertainment to be had ;0)

What is your summer holiday family entertainment?



  1. Im going to hide in the cupboard for most of it..... lol

  2. So far - so good.

    As this is the first proper week - lots of time is spent just chilling (well the boys are) - I'm just doing my normal stuff.

  3. well so far we've been to the beach, charity shop game hunting in 2 new towns we have never visited, birthday party, chinese meal and a friend's daughter is over today (all Day), making a 1 year olds birthday cake, airplane model building, new camera playing, puzzles and kiddy bingo lol xxx

  4. So far ive spend most of the holidays on the sofa hugging the children and watching movies xx

  5. How gorgeous you are a real mnum! Takes me back years when I had 3 to entertain and we did lots of baking summer and winter hols!
    Please can I ask would you mind if I used the 'feelin stitchy'pic on your sidebar it is gorgeous! And also how did you alter the wording for the number of comments under each blog?
    Heather x

  6. oh goodness that is a long time !!!!

  7. Baking, reading, building with bricks, connecta straws, lego, cardboard boxes, bits of polysterene !! Gardening, cleaning (amazing how you can convince a 5 year old it's fun:)
    Lazing around, watching DVDs and enjoying each others company.
    By the way great cupcakes !!
    Twiggy x

  8. Went into town today, and little dear suggested going to the library, what a great way to pass 1 1/2 hours.

    Many an hour may be spent there.

    Vanessa x

  9. Mainly the garden, due to budgetary constraints, plus sometimes the charity shop. The glamour!

  10. Now I just KNOW that you DID put one of those YUMMY CAKES in a box and posted it to ME. DIDN'T YOU ??
    Hope your all well and are enjoying the holiday's.


  11. Yummy! They look very good!!

  12. Ahh really miss mine being ittle we had such fun baking and making.
    I had a lovely spa day with my daughter yesterday a nice together day. Enjoy yourself
    Cate x

  13. We made scones... which alas the children didn't like so I had to get the strawberry jam and cream from the fridge and polish them off! it would have been a shame to waste them...! lol

    to be honest... DVD's.... and xbox! I do love to scare myself silly being Lara Croft!

    I am planning a trip into town tomorrow on the bus... to visit the Library and mooch around town!


  14. ooo have you got any cupcakes left? they look delish!


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