Friday, 2 July 2010

Busy Daydreaming, And Pretties....

Hello my lovely friends.

"The days are flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying by" I am saying this statement more and more, and seem to be forever chasing my tail and playing catch up with the things I need to do. Yes I am a day dreamer and perhaps I could be busy doing, rather than dreaming, but I so love to dream, to wish upon a star and flit off to a land of make believe and floral pretties and handsome men on white horses....I have always been a daydreamer, and perhaps is why I have a love of  the theatre and acting, all things creative, it is what makes me, me. A lovely lady mentioned to me that have a very nice descriptive flair when talking about my pretties, and I think I may have to agree. I like to capture an image, evoke a special thought. Yes of course, I am a seller too, I have a sales background, and I know it helps to paint a little story, but to be descriptive it is a natural thought process of mine.

I am very in awe of those of you who have children of different ages, in perhaps different schools, with different hobbies, play dates, school trips, etc etc to remember, I am barely coping with two different school plays and two different end of term school parties, having a 3 year old and an 8 year old, with their different schedules, the phrase *what day is it on* is forever heard in the Poppins' house! I have decided I would quite like to use some chalkboard paint in the kitchen/diner to write all the things to do on, let me know if have used it and if you have any photographs :0)

Talking of kitchen/diners we have some more plans to knock a wall down, we seem to be very good at knocking walls down in this house, yet not so good at building them back up again. I dream of of my built back up walls with their pretty wallpaper on, of which i have bought and had waiting in their wrappers, for what seems yonks, "nearly there" says Mr. Poppins, whatever says I.

Well, it has been hot here too, and the heat can make me a little, hmmmm, lazy I have to say, especially on the making front, but I am being very motivated and joining in with the lovely sellers at Folksy and now that I have listed over 30 items in June, am now having a go at listing some more for July. It really is benificial to me, as I like to think new ideas and everyone on there is so supportive. I have had some lovely buyers too, one I have become very fond of, actually I think there may be one or two more that have ;0) And the lovely lady has even showcased one of my butterfly cushions she bought. You can read about it on the Folksy Blog

Here are some of my favourite handmade pretties that have been keeping me busy.

Shouldn't we all maybe....

I thouroughly enjoyed making this....

Am so in love mother of pearl buttons....

How sweet that the lovely buyer wanted not 1, but 2 :0)

Of couurse only the bestest vintage buttons....

You can have a look here if you want to, as I have relisted two others.

I love these colours in one of my lavender brooches....

A real favourite make of mine....

When it sold I had to make one more for keepsies....



The back.... 

Perfect bunting for the hot weather....

Sweet Tshirt....

Age Tshirt....

And moi modelling a pretty ickle make, a vanilla scented cupcake brooch.

I have also had a very lovely email from a very lovely lady. One or two of you may know I made some sweet personalised Tshirts for a TV personality, I am sure the lady in question won't mind me saying. It was the super stylish Kirstie Allsopp, and was a gift from me to her adorable boys. And I can say adorable, as they are, and Kirstie kindly sent me a sweet photograph of them wearing the Tshirts, seemingly they love them and brought a smile to my face. I even used my favourite cowboy wrapping paper to wrap them ;0)

So the busyness of life is always there and I plod on, maybe I haven't quite yet followed my dream but I am for sure enjoying the ride, and she is there always yearning me on :0)
Hmmmm, how come when Master P and I go shopping, Miss. P is not a shopping lover, unlike her mother. I get the 1 pound sunglasses

And he gets the £21.00 shoes, I am not taking him again ;0)



  1. Your handmade lovelies are really gorgeous - and I love your signature labels too! xxx

  2. Your flutterby cushions are so beautiful!
    Kandi x

  3. I love everything you make and always am very tempted.

    I know what you mean about having time for children's activities, plays etc. I have felt like I have lived at school this week with one thing and another.

    Going to have a nice glass of wine (or two) tonight to celebrate getting through the week.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    Kerry xxxx

  4. You have been a busy Mrs Poppins! Such lovely makes as I would expect.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  5. Well I can always rely on you to show me some very pretty, pretties cant I? Your makes are stunning as always hunni.
    And a big hug for master P he is soooo cute.

  6. Wow what a busy time you have been having! If all the things you showed here is you being lazy making things you must be full on when you aren't with tonnes of stuff coming off that sewing machine :-) I have painted a wall with blackboard paint - I will try and blog about it in the next week or so for you :-) It works pretty well.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your life at the moment, and it sounds a good one :-) Your items are just lovely, Di x

  8. Lovely stuff Mary and little man is adorable and guess what I will see you on Thursday!!

  9. Gosh Mary, pictures in glossy magazines! makes for famous personality - what a glamorous life you are leading... your makes, as always, as so beautifully finished and professional, I love to see them. Betty xxx

  10. i am so lazy in this weather!!!!

    lovely to see Mst P!!!

  11. Oh how I do love your blog... sweeps me away to daydreaming of pretties and lovelies, your son is just adorable :o) I've used B&Q chalkboard paint in sams room just painted a square on the wall and made a border - he was in his writing on the wall phase then, well writing on everything and anything actually so gave him his own space to do it, anyway easy to is does exactly what it says on the tin would def recommend having a go - otherwise I couldnt live without my very boring wipe board but you've inspired me to maybe use the rest of the pot to make a pretty chalkboard instead :o) have a fab day sweetie xxxb


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