Friday, 9 July 2010

Biggin' Up John Lewis, And Rightly So....

Hi my name is Mary and I am a shopaholic....

Yes this statement is true, I cannot go anywhere without popping into a department store. My dear faithful husband is forever hearing the words " I shan't be long" when I pop into a shop. Two hours later I skulk out with hidden bags in bags in bags ;0)  I am a retail PR dream and I think the lovely peeps at John Lewis had an idea too, as a couple or so weeks ago I received an invitation from them to go to a special Christmas Press launch preview event to view their new, exciting and upcoming Fashion  Homeware  Toys Gifts  and Children's Clothes ranges. Well as you can imagine, like the man from Del Monte, I said yes. How lovely too, that children were invited, so thought as Miss. Poppins would be at school I would take my Master P with me as my date and we got busy choosing what to wear. Yes a gal and a three year old fashion savvy boy needs to plan ;0) 

So yesterday, we made our way to London, and was looking forward to a very enjoyable afternoon. A short walk with Master P from Euston and a little before we got to our lovely venue here I could see that snow was ahead, surely not. It was infact the technical crew at the event who had a 'to get you in the Christmas mood' snow machine greeting us as we walked up the pretty steps into the beautiful grade 1 listed venue. I was feeling the Christmas spirit as I made my way through the grand entrance. I met some very lovely PR ladies and gentleman, and in my opinion John Lewis are certainly on the ball when it comes to choosing PR agencies, thought a very slick crew,  and who I have to say were thoroughly gorgeous, professional and a pleasure to chat with. I was asked who I was, which, as my name being Mary and my badge having Mary Poppins on it, had one two peeps wondering whether I would indeed be holding that infamous carpet bag ;0)

I was then handed something very gadgety looking, and it was explained that I was free to video anything from the day, and yes also to take said  Flip Mimo Camcorder  home as a gift. It really is one of the coolest gadgets, and I know shall be a family favourite, you can record up to 2 hours and the family and I have had fun recording each other since it came home with me. Thank you sincerely from John Lewis, I like to think I am a giver in life, not so much of a taker, but I have to say, I happily took that little number off your hands ;0)

Master P was happy to be taken upstairs by one of the gorgeous PR ladies, for some supervised play with some other lovely children, and I was then given a guided tour by a charming, chatty lady, round a lovely array of magical, beautiful John Lewis sets, all their own little stage. A wondrous mix of all that John Lewis has to bring to our homes and wardrobes this coming season. I fell in love with John Lewis's Mr. Bright chair who took centre stage in one of the set displays.

It was obvious the set designers and display team had gone to alot of time and effort putting these wonderful themed rooms together, I especially likes the wallpapered walls in this retro styled living room, all accessorised with John Lewis delights.  
And an on trend working area.
Seemed to be forever falling in love with chairs, and Princess Alice was a beauty.

It was then onto the Christmas rooms, which were amazing. We had a bevy of Frosty Morns and diamonds, Nordic with a splash of vintage, Geometry with 1950s glamour and as ever and popular, the Classic Christmas themes showcased for us. My photographs have not come out to my expectations, it was quite dark in the rooms but you are in for some real surprises and fun, pretty Christmas treats this Christmas.

Of course there is always someone who wants to get in on the act ;0)

Then it was fashion, one of my favourites.

I wanted to dive in and try everything on.

And then I saw THE DRESS, I even checked the size, my size ;0) I wanted to rip it off the mannequin and get it on, alas that would have not be very polite of me so I had to make do with a little feel and waved her goodbye. I want this sequined number, and shall be head footing it to JL as soon as I know they are available. If anyone can give me the heads up ;0)

Then it was upstairs to view the pretty and sweet children's range, how could one not drool over this pretty display.

And as for the children's clothes, *sigh* John Lewis really have come up trumps with their own label brands in the all clothing departements, I have to say.  

And I adored the Boys jim jams.

Master P of course was more into one of these than the jammy's.

It was then that word had got about that a crafty peep was in the building and I got whisked over to the haberdashery display, and had a lovely chat with a very pretty John Lewis lady, who I shall call Ms. Haberdashery. Do you remember when when we hankered after the John Lewis red sewing machine, and moi couldn't get her hands on one until about 4 months after their launch, well word has it it is back, albeit in a very limited edition quantity, if you see one, grab it ;0) I have now upgraded the model but these really are quite lovely machines, to play with and look at, maybe for a beginner, perhaps an older child who is a very keen crafter and can be supervised. But hey, if you can't get the red, look what you could get.

Prefer a lovely green would you.

And lots of lovely colours to wet your appetite here I think I would definately consider getting the Fushia for Miss. Poppins, well alright for me, as a little extra machine should my other one be on a little holiday ;0) Ms. Haberdashery informed me of all the new and exciting items that would be coming and there were some very pretty items on display I would have loved come home with me.

Then it was onto the Christmas gift display.

I needed a sit down by now and was served some very delicate and prettily displayed food, the children who were by now in the same room as us were having a ball and being entertained. It was also super meeting some new and lovely bloggers and we had a lovely chit chat. Soon it was time to head back home and grabbed child. I also wanted to grab some Nutella alas it was well and truly stuck down on the display, I am nutella obsessed, and as soon as I spied it there, looking at me, I had to pop over and say hello and dip my finger in ;0) Well the display nearly came tumbling over, I was a little red faced and had to explain to a charming PR lady my obsession with Nutella, who was obviously meant to find out about my obsession. So with the Nutella left on the shelf, undipped, Master P and I said our goodbyes and headed back downstairs to get our jackets.

I thanked the cheery JL and PR agency gurus for a superb afternoon and also for the flip video, where upon I was handed over a stunning and very trendy shopper that looked like it may have one or two treats in, goodness me, and I never even bought a bottle of wine ;0) Thank you very much, and even Master P was handed over an  Eric Carle bag with a special treat in it for him. 

Would like to see what was in my treat bag from JL would you, would you.

Well I was good girl and waited the journey home, to see what treats I had been so very generously and kindly given in the lovely bag 

Here they are looking pretty.

If that wasn't enough, look at the trendy cushion too.

So, both child and I had been very spoilt and I went to bed with two press packs and a wish list as long as my arm for my next visit to John Lewis, of which I have two lovely big stores me. Here are one or two pretties that took my eye.


Thank you John Lewis, you have proved to me you have an eye for style, current trends, and a true retail leader, who certainly shall have me making my way to one of your department stores this coming season in search of pretties.



  1. WOW!!! Can't really add much to that! xxxx

  2. It certainly was a fantastic day, it was lovely to finally meet you Mary

  3. mmmm when my red sewing machine breaks i think i'll be getting the purple!!!

  4. I didnt really get chance to talk but I did get to see your 3 year old playing the drums for us!!
    It was a great day wasnt it! :D x

  5. It was a lovely day wasnt it and it was lovely to meet you x x

  6. Sounded like an absolutely fabulous day. I have fallen in love with the Princess Alice chair x

  7. I was going to go ...but too busy. I dodnt realise you were there:(

  8. Sounds like you had a fantastic day. Good old Jonny Loulous!
    I'm not sure about the 'on trend' workspace, OK for a bloke I guess, but flying ducks on a desk? Eh?
    Oooo, Christmas; yours is the 2nd blog I've read recently to mention it. It is TOO hot for me to get excited, but I am, believe me! Playing catch-up here...those butterfly cushions are BEAUTIFULLY made. So pleased the T-shirts went down well. And as for the last's to the right decision, whatever it may be!
    Z xx

  9. Your lucky lady you!!!! What a great day out you had.

    Victoria xx

  10. You took better pictures than me. Bah.

  11. In the words of Kylie, Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! :o)

    I am in love with the cute pink dotty sewing machine, so much nicer than my boring white one.

    Great piccies, thanks for sharing them. xx

  12. OMG oh me oh my what a lovely blog you've delivered today :)
    Look at all of those pretties.
    My wee Mr Philiospher has one of those bikes - we gave it to him last Christmas! And as for the childrens department *sigh* sooooo pretty!

  13. OMG oh me oh my what a lovely blog you've delivered today :)
    Look at all of those pretties.
    My wee Mr Philosopher has one of those bikes - we gave it to him last Christmas! And as for the children s department *sigh* sooooo pretty!

  14. I blame you totally ;0) you see, you put a link to the John Lewis website, i felt it rude not to click on it after all the effort that you had gone to putting it there! Before I knew it I'd bought some things!
    Jille x
    Ps don't tell my husband!

  15. Wow it sounds like a lovely dream! You lucky things you :-)

  16. I use to work at John Lewis but most of my wages ended up back in their tills! Such a lovely shop and such a good place to work too!

  17. Wow what a lot of loveliness, love the jolly sewing machines!

  18. Wow what a fab day, we do PR Blogger days for beauty blogger where I work. It's always great to meet new people and see new products. Fab Goodie bags!!
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  19. I adore John Lewis, so can't tell you how jealous I am! What a fabbo day! x

  20. Oh you lucky girl!!!
    Christmas TWICE in one year???!! That my friend is my kind of Heaven.

    I neeeeed many of these things now you've put the seed in to my mind. Father Christmas is ALWAYS watching you know. I am sure to be on his 'nice' list this year! X

  21. Looks like it was a lovely day :) Some great display ideas there - I love the cardboard box shelves in particular. Wonder if those would work in a real home? Probably too flimsy to work in anything other than a temporary shop display :)

  22. Just found your blog - it's lovely and I'll definitely be visiting again! Great review & beautiful photos - can't wait for Christmas now, I love John Lewis! Helen

  23. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, the pair of you. Lucky, lucky you! xx

  24. John Lewis! my fav shop you lucky duck!


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