Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Winner, A Swap, And Of Course Some Pretties....

Thank you much to everyone who popped their name down for the super giveaway. I have to be honest and say I used Random Number Generator and when I tapped you all in, number 3 came up. So the lucky winner is  JulieB At The Sardine Tin well done JulieB, spend your money wisely now, and of course please do let me know what you buy, lucky you ;0) And thanks of course to CSN Stores  for their amazing giveaway prize. I wish you could have all won.

I thought I would share some pretties. Sharing in my opinion is such a wonderful gift to have, and I am proud of the fact that I like to think of myself as a sharing person. I always, well not always but mostly ;0) shared my sweeties with friends at school, share my funny, alright maybe not so funny, jokes, share my pretty fabric, share my very precious swiss chocolate with the children, and share my love. Isn't it one of the first things we try to teach our young children, how to share. Emotionally is questionable, maybe with those closest to me I am not very good at sharing my inner thoughts.
Right here are some of the favourite pretties I have made. I am really enjoying making P.E./Drawstring bags, must remember to make one for Master P for when he starts reception.

The lovely red gingham lining.

Of course there had to be cowboys in there somewhere.

I got Master P to try it out, being a professional model, he of course was astounded that I only wanted to photograph his back, and kept trying to get his pretty face in shot ;0)

Personalising Tshirts always makes me smile.

With Father's Day in mind, and with my love of hearts and making for ickles, I came up with these.

My love of all things hearty helped me produce these sweet Lavender Heart Brooches.

They have lavender in them too, so not only look pretty but smell divine too.

I love playing with fabric, buttons, and ribbon and came up with some lovely combinations, here they are waiting to be stuffed, sewn and turned into a lovely brooch.


I enjoyed making a sweet cushion or two, I love this seaside themed one.

And am loving working with Cath Kidston's London Scene fabric.

And the back.

I made a lovely extra large tote bag for a special order, in one of my most favourite fabrics.

And a lovely Union Jack fabric heart, which is delicately scented with vanilla, it was made in the same style as the pretty UJ bunting I had made, and which has now happily gone to a lovely bloggers new home.

I have also received a lovely swap. I took part in the super Apron Swap hosted by the lovely Sarah at Red Gingham My swap partner was the lovely Michaiah and here is the delightful pinny she sent me.

Isn't it gorgeous with all the pretty trailing ribbons, and I loved the detailed edging. I especially love that Michaiah has sent me something she knew I would love, love, love, as it is so pink, pink, pink :0)

And the lovely back.

Thank you so much Michaiah, I love it and is very much a save for best apron, as in, only to be worn when I am NOT cooking, maybe a little gentle feather dusting of the house ;0) I Love it. The apron I handmade and sent to Michaiah was very, very similar in design, I have to say I shall be making more as presents as they really can be whipped up quite quickly, I however didn't have all the detailed edging and ribbon beauty that Michaiah did on hers, so I would imagine hers took alot longer. Here is the one I sent.

And the back.

I gather it has gone down well, you can read Michaiah thoughts on it here I really enjoyed doing this swap, thank you Sarah for organising it. I also have another little swap to share, a really sweet ribbon/trimming/button swap. So shall post about that one on my next post. I have to say I am a little nervous about swaps these days, as two of mine sent, are yet to get to their destinations.Poor Jozen  and Jennifer must have given up, but I am persevering with my post office and it seems were sent surface mail, so shall have gone by boat, which I gather take upwards of two months. Please don't give up that they wont get there, Jozen and Jennifer, I have faith. I have lovingly made you pretties and I want them to get to their rightful owners.

So some lovely pretties there to share with you. Before I go I wanted to share also a little present I got from the lovely peeps at  Dorset Cereals Look what arrived for us, nom nom. Chocolate and Cranberry varieties too, my favourite. These cereals are lush.


Keep smiling lovelies, I know sometimes it is hard, but life is so precious, lets do our best to enjoy it. I tend to over think/analyse/wear my heart on sleeve and think I need to snap out of it sometimes, deep thinking can sometimes eat away and  is not always a super thing to have on ones resume, unless of course one is a world professor in mathematics, I guess then, a little deep thinking would come in quite handy.



  1. Gorgeous as always Mary. I sent you an e-mail the other day, but I think you may not have gotten it. When we got back from our trip my package was waiting, and I love everything. Thanks so much, I can't wait to find perfect spots for my new pretties. Love the Union Jack heart, very clever.

  2. What lovely things you have made - I love the P.E. bags you have made and that CK London Scene cushion is gorgeous.

  3. Hi Mary, I do hope that tomorrow isn't too sad and painful for you. May you receive a little ray of sunshine for sports day. :-) I may try to make a PE bag if you don't mind (for a present, not to sell of course). We have had 4 party invites home this week so will need to get my making hat on. On the subject of business I think that I need to keep business for work and crafting for fun. I am simply not the selling type. As soon as I try to make things to sell it's as if all the fun goes out of what I'm doing...Good luck with it though, I truly hope hope that it goes well for

  4. Fab post and i know what you mean about over thinking - it is annoying isn't it. Why can't we just turn our brain off when we need time out from our over thinking :-) Sounds like the weekend will be fun and full of lovely family memories - just what you need on Joshuas anniversary. Love all the makes - gorgeous!

  5. Thanks for your comments lovlies. Phew Jennifer I am so glad it has got to you, must have been on my old email addy, thank you so much for letting me know. X

    My Grannies Attic thank you so much for your lovely, lovely comments. X

    Crafty Helen, you sell away girl. I am not that self obsessed/precious over my pretties that I am standing guard over them, urr I can't see any patents round here can you ;0) Please sell what you fancy, there are about 4 million P.E. bags being sold, and if the money you make helps to go towards clothing feeding your family, I want you to sell. You go for it. Right shall step off my soap box. I know exactly what you mean abot the business almost taking the love/fun out of it. Hugs XX

  6. Scented sweetpeas, thank you so much for your caring words, means alot, I am glad in a way that it is a busy weekend in a way as I know he shall be us enjoying the fun :0) Hugs X

  7. oh what wonderful, fabulous creations.....

    sewing is great fun and your stitching is perfection!

    well done..i also love your fabric blending and colour combinations!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. What a lovely and thoughtful post Mary - full of your gorgeous makes and a little bit of your life - hope tomorrow and the weekend go well, will be thinking of you all.

    Not sure where I am at the moment, but hopefully will get there soon ;-)

  9. Hi Mary, a lovely post as always. I just adore those I love daddy tshirts, what man wouldn't melt when he saw his little girl/boy wearing one of those on Father's Day!

    Hugs for Saturday. The kidlets have a busy day entertaining. Will you be joining them for a spot of the old Morris Dancing then :o) xx

  10. Thinking of you on Joshua's angelversary xxx

  11. Me again - please don't think that I was being petty about the PE bags. I am SO hung up about the who's copied who thing that's going on at the moment that I am terrified of treading on anyone's toes. xx

  12. Dear Mary, thank you for the nice words you have written about the apron I made for you!
    Love your post!

  13. Hi Hun x
    Gorgeous makes as loving the PE bag...but saying that i love all your
    Congrats to the winner xx

    Hope you all have a lovely weekend...and ill be thinking of you hun xx

    Good Luck with selling your personalised T-shirts on the mums in business website...but im sure they will sell like hot the new fathers day cute!

    Loved reading your post...TFS Hugs Clare Weekend Crafter xxx

  14. your pretties are gorgeous as always!!!

    be thinking of you on sunday (())

    and hope D enjoys her dancing xx

  15. I just wanted to let you know that I will be thinking of you and yours tomorrow.

  16. Thoughts will be with you tomorrow Mary. You have made some fantastic things as always - hope the work keeps flowing. Betty x

  17. Thank you so much for picking me in the competition Mary :) Will definitely let you know what I buy (am currently thinking lighting for when the garden is done).

    Thinking of you today. x

  18. very nice crafty bits.
    hope your ok


  19. Aahhh sweet pea, I'm thinking of you today & sending love. ♥
    Loving your pretties, I so love the diddy t-shirts they are adorable & as I said on Twitter was it (can't remember now) I love those vanilla hearts, so adorable!

  20. Thinking of you, your family and little Joshua today. Hope you enjoy your celebration tea.
    lots of love xxx

  21. Hello Mary - just wanted to drop in and let you know my thoughts and prayers were with you over the weekend. I'm sure you got some extra big hugs from your little Peas (Master & Miss). Love Lucy xox

  22. Hugs for you all and well done for being a Mum in business! I am too much of a coward. I loved the black/white and red gingham bag.

  23. Hey you've changed your blog background today!

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    También me he comprado unos neceseres en tonos rosas y una bolsa de flores muy "shabby".

    Por cierto, me ha encantado tu entrada de hoy, me gustan mucho las camisetas y las bolsitas.


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