Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Well what lovely weather we have been having, I really am a sun lover, it always lifts my mood and everything seems, well more cheery uppy. We have had one or two celebrations here, one of which was my lovely husbands 40th, I always remind him he has a younger model now, to be fair I think he looks quite good for his age, in my opinion he has a kind of Hugh Grant/Jonathon Ross thing going on. Possibly to do with the hair thing, would love to know what your other halves look like. 

So, what perfect timing to be sent some very lovely and special bunting from the kind peeps at dotcomgiftshop I think they know I am a secret bunting lover, as I always have at least 2 buntings up at any one time. Anyway they sent me this gorgeous vintage paisley paper bunting.

It really is the sweetest bunting and perfect for any occasion I thought, I couldn't wait to get it up outside on these sunny days, I had a coffee date with a friend and we both admired how pretty it looked in my garden.

I have one or two pretties in the same vintage paisley design too.

There are 16 generously sized flags in total and the bunting is lovely and long so super to pretty up ones garden for a little tea party. And of course anything with pink in it, and flowers, well is a winner for me and super value too I thought.

Well lucky olde me got sent one more too, and this in my eyes is a really pretty bunting. I recognised it as I unwrapped it, as I have the same one but in a different colourway. The one I was sent was this very pretty white paper lace bunting.

I also have it in this colourway, and is one of my favourite party buntings, and have used it many times. What I especially like about the white lace bunting its it's simplicity and classical look, I think it would be perfect for a Wedding or Christening.

And also with the lovely lace affect, which has cut out butterflies and flowers, one can not fail to fall in love with it's pretty detailed flags. I shall be using this to good effect for my 3 gorgeous Niece's naming ceremony.


They live in Cyprus with my sister and her partner, and they are in this country for the summer. Although they have been Christened in Cyprus, we are having a very special naming ceremony here, so I think this bunting is perfect for their special day. It has been nearly a year since I last saw them, though have had a little pop over to see them in their first week over here, and they are the sweetest little girls who can speak two languages fluently and are very, very lovely indeedy :0)

So, any of you love bunting like me, I hope you have yours up, celebration or no celebration, bunting really is a very welcoming, happy decoration I find. I always smile when I see any in friend's homes, of which there are quite some, due to my present giving opportunities ;0)



  1. I LoVe bunting, i make lots for different occasions and i put some up in the garden the other day. I love the white one you have, very weddingy x

  2. I have to say I had not really thought about bunnting before till I saw you designs, and to decorate them in the garden looks allot better than lights. I like your lace bunnting those are nice. Oh as to a discription of what my partners hair is like, I am afraid he is quite bald now. But I still love him. Enjoy the sun. Julie.C

  3. Delicious indeed !
    The bunting I mean not the husband (although he sounds pretty good too !!)

  4. Ooh your bunting is beautiful...so lovely and summery!
    Em xx

  5. I love a bit of bunting - got some lovely Laura Ashley stuff in the girls' bedroom, although I must find a better way to put it up. Looking forward to putting some outside when my garden is finally finished, too!

  6. Hola, tu blog es precioso.

    Saludos desde Dominicana.

    Que el Señor te sonría :-)

  7. I love bunting! It is not as popular here in the states as it is in the UK. I recently made some for a Independence Day party or as often refered to as the 4th of July. It turned out so cute so... I have made more - for my home and the booth I have in a shop. I'm hoping it will catch on. Cute blog! Have a great weekend. Lisa

  8. What pretty bunting.... perfect for many occasions too! I have a bit of an addiction to bunting, it is so summery even when the weather isn't so nice! x

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