Wednesday, 5 May 2010

No Place Like Home....

This weeks prompt for The Gallery was to paint a picture of the world we live in. The hidden bits, the bits one feels are special and people should know about. The bits people wouldn't necessarily see. It could be a picture of where one lives. Somewhere one loves to visit or somewhere one has been on holiday, somewhere one wants to return to.

Well for me there is no place like home, the home where I grew up, went to school....

 I only live around an hour away from my *home* and go back often to see friends and family. I really do love the village I live in, it is very quaint, lots of pretty cottages and country walks to be had, my daughter goes to a lovely, friendly, happy village school, my son is due to start there too. My little Joshua is buried in the village church, I have many friends and have a happy home. Yet it is not really home, home. I have been here in this area for maybe 14 years, having only moved twice from town to village in those years. My darling husband has been in his work position for 16 years, so is very settled, yet like Dorothy I am always longing to go home.

Here is my photograph for the gallery. The beach, not even a 2 minute walk from my childhood home. I have sat crying on this beach. At 15 when I thought I was in love and it was all over, at 24 when the family dog which I loved to take on the beach sadly died, at 32 not knowing if the baby inside me was going to be alright. I have also had many, many, happy times on this beach. Running races with my children, kisses and a little cuddling with my husband,  new lovely family dogs being taken for sprightly walks. And sometimes I go there to think, think about my life. There shall always be some of me there on that beach. It therefore makes my heart sing with happiness to see my own special family walk along that very beach, waving to me, with happy faces. My daughter now has her own memories of it and that makes me smile....



  1. Oh i have teared up!
    Beautiful melancholy post,with family and dogs and the sea,just perfect,i love your beach it is wonderful!
    You may have just inspired my next post Mary Poppins.
    Love to you and your beautiful family,
    Kisses Kristina Xxx

  2. lovely post you can't beat the feeling of the sea it draws you to it and sees you through good and bad times a beautiful force of nature .
    I could never live away from it .

  3. One day I will have my house by the sea.... mind you with global warming I may not have to move! ;D

    beautiul post as always... wonderful picture...

    x Alex

  4. How I would love to live by the sea - my happiest memories of childhood are of me and my granny at the sea. It seems your whole life is entwined with that beach and the picture it presents. Very beautiful.

  5. Beautiful post MP, I just love the sea as well.

  6. The sea is very settlig for us humans. We are drawn to it, don't you think?
    I left my hometown 12 years ago and now live in Witney Oxfordshire I am 73 miles away fom my hometown. I go back to visit as all my family are there but I don't think I could move back.
    Rachel x

  7. Oh lucky you that grew up at the sea, I love going to my parents holiday home at the seaside, the sea air is so healthy and refreshing. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.

    All things nice...

  8. What a sweet and touching post. I know how you feel about "home". I was born on the shores of Lake Michigan. I played on the beach there as a child as a teen and went to college on it's shores. Now I live miles and miles away in Idaho. Although I love our beautiful state with it's majestic mountains, glacier lakes and white water rivers, I still miss my "home" on the shores of Lake Michigan, just as you miss yours at the sea shore.

    Susan and Bentley

  9. What a beautiful beach!! I can see why you love it!!

  10. A beautiful post. I live near the sea and go there to think. I've been going to the same beach since I was about 5. My life is wrapped up with the same stretch of water. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't go there when I needed to and blow the cobwebs off.x

  11. A beautiful beach and beautifully written post.

  12. You write such beautiful poignant posts, this one made me feel both a little teary and all smiley too.
    And thats a beautiful beach wonder you love it so much.
    Em xx

  13. I love the sea, it is my internal compas and brings me such joy. Isnt it great this week how all the places are about the connections we make with them

  14. It looks a wonderful place too be. best wishes Julie.C


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