Friday, 7 May 2010

Pretty Shopping....

Ohoooo what a night!

High time I posted some pretties don't you think :0)

So, shall we have one or two thrifted pretties first. We all know I have a thing for Daisy's, and this gorgeous  pottery Daisy plate caught my eye. It was in the *cabinet* fellow thrifters shall know what that means, though I thought I would at least ask how much it was. £1.99 :0) Bargain, don't think I have ever seen anything in the *cabinet* for only £1.99. After being encouraged by a couple of my shopping pals to get it, I duly bought it. It really is lovely and shall look stunning on the wall.

Seeing as it is this special  week wanted to get something from here. I searched and found Mr. Paddington Bear, he is adorable and would have cost much much more than the couple of pounds I paid.

Hmmmm was only a pound and I kind of liked the little pink hippo money box, thought was a little kitsch

More one pound beauties. I adored this beautiful necklace.

And sweet East Of India Heart at £1.20

And now for some pretty reading books. Inspirational home ones.

Hmmmm I wish....

Pretty Crafty books to browse, I especially like the title of the pretty turquoise and pink one, SEW EASY :0)

Ohooo who doesn't like pretty cupcakes....

Lovely little projects in this sweet little book.

Pretty fabric from a lovely lady for my Kitchen Project

I was also lucky enough to win said ladies lovely giveaway. Look what lovely kitchen pretties I got :0) Thank you so much Kelly a beautiful and very generous giveaway.

Ohooo and look, at the gorgeous fabric I got for the same project from a very lovely lady.

Thank you so much my lovely blogger friends for all your generous fabric offerings, as you all know I have been overwhelmed. I have had many lovely comments from friends who love the little washing machine curtain and what it means to me to have your special fabric there in my kitchen.

Some inspiration for my new kitchen from the House To Home website.

And look at all the beautiful squares of your fabric I have all piled up ready for me to turn into something wonderful.

I have lots of teeny tiny pretty scraps of your lovely fabric left over, and I can't bear to throw them away. I hope you don't mind that I use some of those scraps to pretty up one or two of my Polka Dots And Posies pretties too, mostly for some of the lovely letters on my personalised children's bunting and cushions. Your fabric really does make for the prettiest of names.

I am loving my blogging chums new business venture, Patch and here are more pretties to help with making my pretties look, well, pretty ;0)

If you love your crafts, please do have a little looky at Claire's lovely website

More pink pretties from TK Maxx, I had a project like this in mind to do but sometimes when you see something there ready made up and cheap in a shop, well you have to buy it don't you.

I have some very similar to these from Ikea, but I love the price of these ones much more :0)

Pretty CK esque wrapping paper from Next.

More Daisy love.

Pretty stationary from Tesco to help me keep my litle crafting venture in order.

Pretty floraly nightdresses for Miss. Poppins.

Sweet baby vests for more crafting projects.

Lovely magazines with feebies, out now in newsagents. Thanks for the heads up Chez Sophie

Sweet slippers.

Well I had to get this, didn't I ;0)

Ohooo more pretty parcels have come through the letterbox, off to see ;0) >>>>>

Happy Shopping!



  1. Oh sooo much stuff! I would be a very happy bunny with all that lot.!

  2. Gosh, you have been busy! What a lot of lovely pretties you have! I have the cake book and the craft book and have those two home books on order!Am I jealous of all your pretties? Am I ever! Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  3. Wow - fabulous finds and buys. Please will you share the name of the craft book (I would LOVE to knit the strawberry tea-cosy). Thanks xx

  4. Wow you have been busy Mrs! I am hoping the library gets some more craft books in soon!

  5. So many fabulous things you lucky lady!!! I have the Tesco stationary waiting at home for me to sort through all my paperwork this evening!!

    Victoria xx

  6. Oh how I would love to come shopping with you! what good thrift finds you have.

  7. what a great post full of lovleyness!!
    And can I say aaaaahhh! I LOVE the ribbon you shaped like a flower...May I linky it to Patch blog????

  8. Hello :)
    Creeping back in to ooh and aaah at your goodies. Lovely bits and bobs.
    Are the books new or are they thrifted?

  9. Gosh you have been a busy bee! What lovely thrifty finds you have brought home! Love the daisy plate and the home decor books. Rarely find anything that lovely in our ones!

    Love all your brought buys too. A very pretty eye candy post.

    Will e-mail you too with my address.

    Have a great weekend.

    MBB x

  10. lots of pretty finds, I love those kind of books, enjoy your weekend
    Cate x

  11. My goodness! What a lovely lot of goodies you have to share with us today. Some excellent finds. Nothing like a bit of shopping to make one chirpy! ;-)

  12. You have been busy, crafting, shopping and all! I adore that kitchen it's perfect just what I would like in a kitchen. Looking forward to seeing what you make from all your fabric squares, I might get around to practicing my sewing this weekend, Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

    All things nice...

  13. My goodness, do you have stretched arms after carrying that lot back home? I bet you had a lovely day though, I'm coming shopping with you next time! x

  14. Oh, so many lovely things. Love the books by Clifton-Mogg and the free CK gift bag (sigh).
    Have a nice Sunday1

  15. Oh my :) What lovely 'stuff' you have ! And all in a week too! Such pretties :)
    You have a lovely blog!
    Kind regards,

  16. Hi did I miss this post?????????????

    Mind you I didn't listen to a very important message left on my fone the other day.....I'm so scatty at the moment!

    I love all the goodies!
    The Daisy plate is lovely, boy we found some good stuff that day!xxx

  17. Oooh what a great haul of pretties!!
    Shopping for lovlies like this is so much more fun than trawling round asda!
    Em xx

  18. Blimey I am all worn out with all that eye candy! I want it all :-) Love the curtain and it each piece of fabric must have lovely memories attached to them if people sent them to you - how lovely.

  19. So glad that you like them!
    I love the Tesco stationery, really pretty.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x


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