Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Pretty And Crafty Post....

Ohoo my, time flies when you are stuck, almost attached to the chine ;0) So thought I would pop on and share some of the pretties I have been handmaking for some lovely special orders for people. I also like to mention that I always ask my lovely customers first if I can showcase as it were the pretties I make for them, especially the personalised pretties, and everyone is more than happy for me to do so.

Right up first we have the pretty personalised totes. One lovely lady wanted a nice roomy tote for college to fit all her books and files in. She also wanted her lovely initial too, which I think looks really pretty.

I always seem to go for very pretty linings too.

 The lovely lady also wanted one of my pretty and removable floral corsages for a personal touch.

And now for the sweet smaller versions, these were going off to three lovely young ladies.

And for a customer a beautiful tote bag in one of my favourite fabrics to be used at a special event.

And the special corsage can be worn on the special day too.

And I have been making pretty personalised tees, one of my favourite makes and  rather special . 
Here are a couple that have been made for some very special little people.



And initials incorporated on an appliqued heart.

Pretty lavender hearts incorporating a very special pink rosette from Patch Fabrics

And of course there has been pretty bunting.

I enjoy displaying it prettily in the trees on these summery days we have been having. The trees are mostly not mine though, the trees in my back garden are a little too high up for me, so a neighbour kindly lets me use her more user friendly trees for ickle me.  

I love to wrap my pretties nicely too, using handmade gift tags. I think is lovely when items arrive all nicely packaged.

Of course all this making has been making me want to buy an ickle something pretty too, and when I saw this pretty ring, well I thought it was perfect for me and oh so summery.


You can buy them here think they may be selling fast.

The craft I have been organising at the youth group has been popular, the children all loved making their special hearts.

So some little pretties have all made their merry way to new lovely homes, and I have more to make so my chine and I are for now very good pals :0) I am also making some pretties having been inspired by the world cup season, and although I do love the UJ look, I think for me, works best in moderation, though I  bought not 1 not 2 but 3 of these doormats....

so can hardly talk about in moderation. Of course only one is out at any one time, the price was so good at £4.00 that the other 2, one of which I can't find ;0) are spares for when the previous one gets too mucky for my liking. Anyway I do quite like UJ thing, if used sparingly. The UJ pretties I am making are not too traditional with the red and white, but more the pinks and blues, not very manly or footbally, but very pretty none the less. I am also helping with the school play and handmaking some simple costumes, so am going to be a busy little crafting bee.

Happy Crafting. 



  1. Oh, I love the t-shirts!
    Really pretty and special.
    From Ema

  2. All I can say is wow!!!


  3. You have been a busy girl Mary! All beautifully made and very special with the personalized touch.

    Looking forward to seeing your next makes on show :-)

  4. Oh beautiful crafts there, the bags are so so pretty :)

    All things nice...

  5. beautiful bags Mary, such lovely fabrics.

  6. Wow you have been busy, your bags are lovely, I make mine with a removable corsage too! T Shirts are really sweet.
    Kandi x

  7. your makes always look so beeyootiful - the colours all look so lovely...oh and thanks to a little earlier twittering I will soon have one of those lovely rings on me finger ;)

  8. You have been a busy bee! What a beautiful blog post - how do you fit it all in?! Lucy xox

  9. Your bags are so pretty. I haven't attempted to make any yet. I wish that I could do anything in moderation, but seem to struggle with the concept!xx

  10. very sweet little bags, ms. poppins!

  11. Gorgeous as ever! I am particularly in love with that ring ;o) xx

  12. Every day I see the things I bought from you Mary, they never fail to make my heart sing. I know how much love and care you put into everything. When summer comes around in Sydney, I shall remember your totes and those t-shirts. xx

  13. You busy lady - you need cloning so one of you can have a rest occasionally ;)

    Love you makes - very pretty. Have seen a couple of your t-shirts modelled by some cute little ones in blogland :)

  14. Aww thank you very much for showing the ring! :-D You have a beautiful blog! xx

  15. You have been busy - what wonderful creations" x

  16. What prettiness, the totes are gogeous. xx Pixie xx

  17. Lovely things made with love as normal

  18. Well done on all your gorgeous makes Mrs! Now I hope you have a rest and relax this weekend! xx

  19. Everything you made is sooo pretty! I especially love those bags! I am in the states and it is very hard to find the Union Jack dad is English so I had a soft spot in my heart for that! Love it!


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