Monday, 31 May 2010

Handmade Pretties, A Dream, Free Vase And A Pretty Garden....

Hello, time is flying.... 

I always think it is nice to have a little record on here of what I have been making, so thought I would share one or two pretties with you. I am also doing my best to work out in what direction I want my handmade little business to go. I am really pleased with sales on my Facebook page, and have to say I seem to be making something for an order every day and am very grateful. I am also now stocking pretties in two shops near me, one of which has a sister shop and one or two of my pretties may find their way there too, so nice for them to go to a different area in the U.K.  Like many Folksy sellers I am hoping to list an item a day throughout June, which is good really, as I have a little fair coming up so it is nice to get motivated and have pretties made.

I think my real dream is to open up my own little shop, near me, selling pretties and cake *sigh* I love selling online I really do, and know it is the way forward, but as a people person who loves, almost needs to interact with people face to face, it doesn't really fulfil that face to face interaction. I have a supportive husband and family so maybe, maybe one day....

So what have I been making, well of course we all know there is some football game coming up, and there seems to be something UJ going on too. Although I have some traditional UJ pretties around my home, for bunting I like it to be a little different, a little pretty dare I say it. This is my version of  UJ bunting.

I enjoyed making this one, used my favourite ribbon, along with some Patch ribbon, and for a little touch hand sewed a pretty pink button on each flag. I have only made 1 so far, and have had two requests to buy it, so shall have to make more methinks.

And for some summery bunting, I delved into my ever expanding stash.

I am enjoying making bunting, especially with summer coming up, I think it looks lovely in the garden too.  

My personalised bunting has always been my baby, she has been with me right from the start of my love of crafting, I have lost count now of how many orders I have had for some. I really love to make these. It makes me smile thinking of it in children's' special rooms. Here is a special order I made more for a lovely little girl.

I have also finished off two very special personalised tees, I love the simple look of the cowboy against the white and made one like this for my own Master P.

Talking of cowboys, I enjoyed making this cowboy cushion too, for someone very special.

I have been asked to make personalised PE bags ready for new starters in reception, and am having fun  designing some. Here is a little taster of a little work in progress for a special boy who has a love of choo choo's.

*sniff* *sniff* My own master P starts in September too, he really is my baby, and is only 3, 4 in August, so shall be a very young one. He cant do buttons, put his own socks on, brush his hair, wipe his mouth, how shall he cope ;0)

Whilst in Ikea the other week, I remembered there was a free Blomster Ikea vase worth £9.99 with the June edition, page 162, of Ideal Home magazine. So if you have the magazine and are near an Ikea, I would bob and see if they have any, maybe check first online, they are huuuge, and a super freebie bargain I thought. Ideal home is a favourite home magazine so I buy it anyway. Think you have till the 7th of June to claim your free vase. 

I am not normally a fan of faux flowers, I need the small of real ones, but these ones I saw whilst in Ikea, really took my fancy, and look quite sweet in the huuge vase. I like to pop some real greenery in, to even it up a little.  

We went to a little street fair today, kind of  local tradition for us, held every year in the nearest town. I have a favourite little stall there, and I was hoping the same lovely ladies would be there again. Ohoo yippee they were. I couldn't leave these behind, all wonderfully knitted by a very lovely lady.

Last year I bought come cute knitted Babushka dolls.


It was lovely to see one or two more for sale today, they came home with us and have names and the children love playing with them, they are so soft and I think they are cute.

I shall leave you with a couple of photographs I took of a friend of mine's beautiful garden, I could spend all day day dreaming in it, hope you like it too. My friend was more than happy to let me share with you her beautiful space, I am hoping she may too, one day, let me share with you her beautiful country home, it is
certainly drool worthy and has a very special, warm, country charm feel to it. If you all ask nicely she may let me :0)

Nice huh....
Right I am feeling the need for one of these....

Yum Yum



  1. ooh you have been busy busy mary, lovely stuff, I really like the ribbon bunting. Glad your till is going kerching!

  2. A very busy lady :)

    I made loads of bunting this week - once you're in the zone I can churn the stuff out very quickly.

    BTW I thought of you this afternoon - we watched your namesake on TV ;)

  3. Beautiful stuff as always! My sister and I long for a little shop too, there is even one for rent near us near the river but alas we can't afford the rent.

    It's nice to dream of these things though isn't it :o) xx

  4. You have been so busy. I LOVE the UJ bunting. I've been thinking of making some but I'm not sure I have enough patience! I too drean of having a shop (I have already suggested to my local haberdashery that he lets me have 1st dibs when he retires), but cannot quite get my head around how much I would have to sell just to pay the rent & rates, never mind taking a salary....

  5. Those are beautiful! You are clever!

  6. Oh goodness, if that garden is anything to go by, then the house will surely be totally delightful, so yes please, ask her very nicely to let you photograph it.

    You have been a busy little bee! You sure have made some very very pretty stuff.

  7. Fabulous bunting, looks so pretty, your crafts are so lovely, wish I was as creative as you. Keep up the good work

    All things nice...

  8. Amazing what you all managed to do! It looks so pretty and lovely!
    I didn't know that you could sell on facebook. What a good idea!
    Hopefully my apron will not take much longer to arrive!
    Have a great crafting week!

  9. Just been catching up after being away, phew you have been busy sewing! Love all your makes and that Union Jack bunting is lovely.

  10. What a lovely post! I enjoyed seeing what pretty's you have been busy making, Applique is a huge favourite of mine.
    You are very talented indeed x

  11. well done for all your pretties and carry on dreaming about the shop and you may just get it.
    my baby (20 now) has 25th august aas his birthday so was always the youngest in class all through school - it did him the world of good, and you will probably find some of the girls who have autumn birthdays will look after him.

  12. sorry, quite tired and didn't read my post through before pressing the button, sorry about mistakes in typing and construction

  13. Oh Mary you really do have the best taste in fabrics. I just love all your new creations esp the buntings. The ruffly cushion must take ages to make surely? It's very pretty for a little girls room.

    But oh to have a garden like that! Mine is sadly in disrepair at the moment but I do dream of neatness like that.

  14. As always your creaions are all have been busy..and so glad to hear that your also busy with loads or orders!
    Hope your dream comes true one day for you hun xx
    Thanks for sharing your pic's Hugs Clare xx

  15. Love all your craftings, great to have such good sales.
    Love your bunting.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  16. Are those cowboy T-shirts for who I think they're for? Now that IS a feather in your cap! (And jolly well deserved too!). I am loving the bunting...might have to give it a go myself; don't know if I have the patience tho'!
    Z xx

  17. Gosh I'm loving the cowboy and the choo choo - You've been so busy, where do you find the time?

  18. I'm exactly the same - I know deep down I will probably never have my shop. I now understand why so many people go down the web based selling route, so few overheads, and ironically this then makes it even harder for shop owners to compete.......

  19. you make me want to get on the sewing machine and sew like a crazy person....if only i had your talent..let me know if you care to share some with the rest of us hehe


  20. ooooh how lovely :D those buntings are just AMAZING! It's so exciting to get handmade stuff into shops and things :D I'm definately going to be following your facebook group now too :D x

  21. The ruffle cushion is yummy, a great post.

  22. Love the bunting and t-shirts, they are lovely! I like to look back on my blog as a record of things I've made too, though I have no idea how you get the time to make as many things as you do!!!

    That garden is stunning.

    Mel xxx

  23. What a fantastic blog you have I love it all, but am going a bit cupcake crazy at the moment so love the litte knitted ones.
    I really need to learn to sew, the inspiration is there just not the skill.

  24. Wow!! So many fabulous pretties!!! I love everything, but the ruffle cushion is definitely my favourite!!

  25. I am loving the Union Jack bunting....please could you let me know if you are going to make any more to sell, and if so how much they would be?! I love it!!

    Thanks xx

  26. Thank you for your comment :) please tell mr poppins that I had coffee and cake served to me so didn't care where I sat ;) you do need an iPhone although why it does that annoying " sent from" thing I need to check as it does it from emails to ! Although love that ive found how to blog straight from mobile :-D easily pleased I am ;) x

  27. Lovely pillows like it. Your garden was awesome and it was so green.

    Deirdre G
    Philippines property

  28. Can I just say wow, wow, wow and WOW! :)

  29. Very pretty. I really thought the cupcakes were cute!

  30. Such beautiful things - you are so clever. I love the summer bunting. My dream is to have a little cake shop of my own :)


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