Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hands That Do Dishes....

Thanks for your sweet comments on ickle olde me, as I thought would be the case, I have got shy again, glad one or two of you caught a little glimse of me ;0)
Wanted to pop on and let you see something I popped into my shopping basket whilst at the supermarket. Remember this advert  It was lovely to see the old bottles back out to celebrate 50 years.

Being a non dishwasher owning household, we do it the old fashioned way here, I am sure we shall get through many bottles ;0)



  1. I have this too!! Now if I could just get over my resistance to actually do my washing up all my problems will be solved!

    Victoria xx

  2. I bought some coz I wanted the bottle - normally use a more eco-brand.

    I used to love the adverts and the little boy waiting for the bottle to be finished. Plus it reminds me of Blue Peter & their wonderful makes.

  3. 'HeHe' I've been buying this too, certainly takes me back.
    I do have a dishwasher but actually prefer to do it the old fashioned way.

    B xxx

  4. Oh yes I remember this look well, we still do the washing the old fashioned way too. I also remember asking my mum too save these bottles when we were young as we too were mad on the blue peter programe, and they had a crafty corner with ideas for making things from household bits and bobs. I think we made a pencil pot holder with sticky back plastic.(i feel old now) Julie.C

  5. awww how lovely and retro! I may have to go shopping to just find a bottle myself :)

    Not sure if you got message yesterday, Thank you ever so much for picking me to win your give away but I dont know how to email you my address :/ x

  6. I remember this style bottle, but had no idea they had brought it back! Oh the nostalgia, lol, I have to go get one.

  7. I love the old bottle, I remember them being like this when I was little!

  8. My hands are the type that do dishes.....!
    I love the old style

  9. Thanks for your kind comment. I may seek out a bottle (but probably get through one a year) as I'm a dishwasher girl through & through!xx

  10. Those bottles were the best for water fights in the summer... we use to rinse them out well and fill them with water and chase each other in and out of the few cars that use to be parked on mum and dads street... trying to squirt each other silly!

    there are loads of cars now, parked and bombing up and down the road.. things were so much more peacful back then.. ;D

    we still wash up the old fashioned way too!

    x Alex

  11. I bought some too - just for the bottles!!
    The old design was so much nicer than the current one
    Should we start a campaign to bring it back????


  12. I shall have to look out for some of that! I like to keep special edition bottles and jars.
    I love the smell of Original Fairy, it takes me back to the days when as a child my Grandma would bath me in it and wash my hair with it!!!

  13. oh childhood memories or what :) is it the green one and the original smell, there are so many colours & scents & anti bac & god knows what I cant keep up, why not just have this one back for good. X

  14. Well you know me, I love anything vintage. Infact I am a tad on the vintage side myself! Join the club, or shall I join yours... we have no dishwasher either! Suzie xxx

  15. I remember the old ad's - they don't make them like they used to! - Natalie x

  16. Hi there I have just found you via Red Riding Hair and a comment you posted re your son who was born sleeping ^i^
    This is something which is a little too close to home for me at the moment so .. .. ..
    I just wanted to drop on in and say a BIG hi and send HUGS to you from New Zealand xxx ^i^

  17. Hands that do dishes can be soft as your face, with mild green Fairy Liquid!!
    See I remember the jingle too!!!

  18. were a non-dishwasher household too how environmentally friendly we are ;)


  19. Just a hello to tell you that my swap apron will be send tomorrow!! Hope you will like it!

  20. Hi Think I will aslo have to get one of these before they run out :)

    My daughter was so pleased to win your give away.

    Cate x


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