Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Giveaway Winner And Some Ickle Pretties....

Hello lovelies

How quickly the last week has gone, I say it every year, but each year I seem to mean it more than the last. Time is flying by. Sometimes, two weeks has gone before I even feel I have blinked. I do think that time is  very precious, and on a deeper note, all this time whizzing by has made me think about how
I spend my time and how I can be a little of a time waster, do you waste time. Am I wasting my time here now writing this, I happen to think not, as blogging is a passion of mine, a joy, an outlet, sometimes a little secret world, a fun place to be, a sometimes very thought provoking place to be, so no I don't think writing here right now, is a waste of my time. Especially when I have a giveaway winner to announce.

The lucky winner is Claudia over at Backcombing & Bows well done Claudia your pretties shall be on their way to you. Thank you all for taking the time to comment and go in the hat, I dearly wish you all could have won.

Ohooo the ladies evening went well, made a little wonga as we call it in our house and even though it was late when I got back, Miss. Poppins and I sat and counted all the pennies I made :0) More orders too to keep me busy and am booked in for two more tables coming up at various events. Have I told you I love the face to face selling,  I am in my ickle element behind that stall ;0)  Didn't get a chance to take many photographs, but here are one or two of some pretties I had on offer.

Large lined shoppers were very popular....


I have to say the cowboy one was a real favourite of mine....

With its pretty red gingham lining....

I think I must have given off don't buy me vibes on the cowboy one as everytime someone went near it, I pounced on them as if to say it is mine ;0)  Hence it came home with me and am now wondering what to do, is it a keeper or seller, hmmm.

A cushion I made about hour before I was due at the ladies evening, yes I know, I must like to work under pressure, sold within 10 minutes. I used a lovely linen and the CK Provence rose and each letter had on it a hand sewn vintage mother of pearl button.

I also sold a lovely cushion in one of my favourite fabrics and here the lovely young lady, whose mum kindly treated her to it, walking away with it. I love this photograph, for me it kind of captures why I like making pretties for people. I don't do it for fame, though of course we all know I can like a little fame occasionally ;0) or the money, I just love handmaking something pretty and it makes me smile knowing someone likes it enough to want to maybe buy it and take it into their home or indeed give to someone else as a little gift *sigh* I am a softie aren't I.

So a lovely evening had by all.

It has been a lovely day, the sun for once was really hot on my skin. Couldn't resist this little shot of Master P.


I do love his hair, and I know some you know I struggle with the old cutting of it, I do fear his nickname when he is at school shall be Rapunzel ;0)

Right, off to sit down with a magazine and some ice-cream. Now that is time wisely spent don't you think....


  1. Hello MP, your stall looks fab and those bags & cushions are gorgous.
    I like master P's hair it looks cute.
    Have a lovely week.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  2. oh everything is 'sew' lovely!

    what pretty fabrics..the colours the patterns....wow!

    and of course that delicious HOME pillow sold straight away...i would have bought it myself had I been there and seen it!!!!! yum!

    you have inspired me to create my own version of this someday!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Don't cut MasterP's hair - he looks gorgeous. Yes I know I'm biased as I have a blonde boy with sometimes very long hair ;)

    Trust me teachers will love him :)

  4. I think little boys look SO adorably scrumptious with long, wavy locks! Dont chop it!

  5. what an inviting stall, wish we had sales like this near me ... it would be impossible to go home empty handed from a lovely collection of goodies like that.

  6. Me encantan tus bolsitas, la tela de color azul turquesa y lunares blancas la tengo yo en unas cortinas y unas sillas de la cocina.


  7. Just wanted to stop by and say... 'Hi, you are totally fab, totally beautiful and are so not going to make the Shop dream happen before me!'

  8. Leave his goldilocks alone is what I say! lol Loved everything on your stall especially the stanley bag, I'm making a stanley dog out of the smaller fabric. Please may I ask where you buy the linen fabric from as I'd love to make a hanging heart for the new bedroon theme? Lucey xx

  9. Your stall looked lovely - and I'm not surprised the 'Home' cushion sold - it's beautiful. x

  10. Your stall looks great, I have 2 next month so I must get cracking. Where did you buy your name labels inside the bags, I ordered some but they are not as nice as yours !

  11. Lovely makes and I have to say I hate selling my things and tend to give them away rather than sell them... drives my family mad though, all that time and effort and I give it away! lol

    congrats to the winner and it was an age before I plucked up the courage to cut Daniels hair... its soooo pretty long!

    x Alex

  12. Your stall looked great all those lovely pretties, I would have been in my element buying up your stall. I love selling face to face too, although I've only done a couple of craft fairs I'm itching to do another one. I think Master P's hair is adorable. xxx

  13. Your stall looks divine!! So pretty!
    I would be so tempted to by one item of each! And be sure that cowboy bag would be in my shopping list. If I were you I would keep it before is too late. ;)

  14. This is just one big post of awsome :D lovely! x

  15. Love this pillows too, really fit for my couch.

    Deirdre G
    Philippines property


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