Friday, 30 April 2010

You Lift Me Up....

I am a daft egg aren't I....

Thank you so much for lifting me up from the crumpled heap that was I on the floor. Boy when I deep think, I surely do it in style. I think this lovely lady hit the nail on the head. I was/am going through a mini mid life crisis, albeit maybe not a very long standing one, but one all the same. I have been feeling a little like a caterpillar, waiting and yearning to evolve into a beautiful butterfly. Like this book, a favourite bedtime read in the Poppins household, I love getting to the last page to see the beautiful butterfly in all it's magnificent glory. I have been feeling a little dowdy lately, uncolourful, insignificant, bland, and yet inside I know there is a beautiful, blossoming butterfly chomping at the bit to get out. I shall keep searching for her, I know she is there, waiting.

Hopefully this pretty hanging patchwork butterfly I made shall inspire me to find her.

I have no roses or wine to thank you for leaving me such uplifting comments or for being my lovely bloggy readers, friends, supporters, and hand holders. Though hope you shall accept a pretty photograph of what I made today, being inspired by your lovely words as my way of saying thank you.

Thank you X

Occasionally, my darling husband comes home with flowers, he does however come home with chocolate, regularly, he now knows Mary without her chocolate, is like a dog without a bone, and he likes a peaceful life ;0) Tonight though, he has bought home something for me that I have had my eye on. It may not be the most exquisite of things, but one I have fancied having for a while. I am not the most domestic of wifes, but now I have one of these, I shall be doing the hoovering way more often....

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, we are off to the funfair :0)

Hugs all round methinks



  1. Awww, glad to read you sounding a bit more upbeat - how could you not be anything but chirpy with your wonderful new Hetty?? Keep up the blogging loveliness, and go crazy on the waltzers at the funfair xox

    PS Love your union jack cushion!

  2. Glad you a feeling a bit better , loving the cushion and the oh so cute new hoover!

  3. Oh how cute is hetty!! She would cheer anyone up with her pinkness and little smile, hoovering will be such fun in your household.


  4. oh I love your patchwork butterfly..and I hope you indulge in what makes you happy and inspires you creatively speaking!

    thinking of you!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  5. I have Hetty's brother! ;-)

    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit brighter, and some lovely lovelies you have made today.

  6. glad to see your feeling brighter today mary and hetty is very gorgeous makes my old green henry look rather dowdy although he doesn't mind hoovering up spiders webs and leaves which i sure hetty might have something to say about!!!have a lovely time at the funfair

  7. Me encanta el cojín rojo de topitos,es precioso!!!


  8. Keep thinking about those butterflies dear! One day at a time.

  9. Enjoy Hetty

    Hugs RosieP x

  10. Bless you, am honoured that you mentioned me. I did wonder whether my remark was too flippant, and did worry whether to hit the publish button or not - it's very difficult to really, truly gauge someone's mood from a distance, and it could have gone horribly wrong. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    P.S. I am still completely and utterly in awe of your needlecraft skills.

  11. The funfair sounds just the ticket! Its good to know sometimes we are'nt going mad, we're not daft and others feel or have felt the same. Let the butterfly out, no time limits, let her slowly evolve. Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Have been following your musings and thinkings out loud for a few weeks now, and have not been brave enough to comment before, because others have said it all really. Just to say that a grief like yours weaves itself throughout a life, and I expect every now and then it's perfectly acceptable to have a cris, midlife or otherwise. I just admire so much the way you write about it. Glad that you are feeling better.

  13. It is such a gloomy, dreary day here. I decided to take a little "vacation" and search the web. Your wonderful blog helped chase away the blahs.

  14. We all have crazy moments, I'm slightly......bonkers today....

    I love the butterfly Mary.....P.R.E.T.T.Y!!!!!

    We very nearly went to the fair today, but I was too lazt....not out of bed till 11......ooohhheeerrr!


  15. Glad the sunshine has returned to your life and that you are able to see things a little clearer...

    big hugs and I hope you enjoyed your trip to the funfair!

    x Alex

  16. Love Hetty! I have a Henry but he misbehaves by letting his nose drop off at regular intervals!


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