Thursday, 8 April 2010


Hello lovely readers, I really hope you have had a relaxing time this Easter. I have been to ing and fro ing like a little yo yo from various locations this Easter, and am glad to be home, though has been lovely seeing all the family and stuffing my face with all manner of chocolate eggs.

So what has been going on in the Poppins household. Well, we have climbed mountains

We have had little boys who locked themselves in toilets.

Which meant we had these lovely chaps coming out to save him....
I have to say the fireman were lovely, and ever so helpul even fixing the door they had to break to get to Master P.

 I had telephoned the stations number to ask about breaking a latch safely from the outside and they said I really should have dialed 999, and a fire crew was sent out to save Master Poppins, who by now had maybe in the loo for nearly an hour. Of course the rescued chappie had to have a little go.

 They let him *drive* the engine, wear the special helmet, they showed him them their special fire equipment and even let him talk down the radio to station command. Hmmmm anyone think Master P shall be getting himself locked in again ;0)

The fire service do a wonderful job and the friends and family of these two fireman are in my thoughts and prayers.

The night before this we had been to the hospital with him to get a non blanching rash checked out, it wasn't disappearing using the tumbler test, though he was very well. The doctor said we were right to get it checked, gave him the thumbs up and said sometimes there rashes appear for no known reason. Anyway we were all rather tired the next day so could have done without the locked in toilet scenario, but hey ho, sometimes you never know what each day in your life is going to bring. And I guess you have to roll with it.

Talking of Master P, some of you lovely readers have asked about my childrens *careers* and like to know what they get up to, which is lovely. Master P had a lovely little job on location in Didsbury  I have to say when the agency ring and say is on loction at a house near.... I smile. Don't you love looking round people's lovely houses I do, for inspiration of course, not sheer nosiness ;0) Anyway the house in Didsbury was beautiful, so chic and had some wonderful artifacts in it, which I believe were used in some of the shots that were taken of Master P. The owner came back after a couple of hours and it was lovely chatting with her, whilst Master Poppins was having his photographs taken. She was telling me about all the famous people that have been to her house and what her house has been used for. Hmmm would any of you use your home for location film/photographic work I wonder.

Anyway, the publication that the shoot was for, is a lovely magazine called Mumsense and I have to say was a very nice way to while away a couple or 3 hours. I can't get the magazine up here, and I would be very grateful if any of you Southern readers of mine, keep an eye out for me. I believe one can get it in Waitrose and is a free publication. It really is a waiting game to see if any of the shots they took of him go to print, it also, could possibly have been a test shoot. How lovely it would be if one of you clocked him before me. Please keep your eyes peeled for something with hair like this, wearing a shirt like this....and/or maybe a scarf or two ;0)

I was out one day over Easter, and saw some items being sold using the name Vintage Daisy, so am now thinking of having an overhaul of my crafty name. There are so many crafting names I find that are similar, understandable really as similar items are made, but I am struggling to find something individual and unique. I am also doing some organising of my pretties. My crafty area is looking a little cough, cough, disorganised, and the husband, kindly, has said that seeing as we have yet to get on with the pretty pretty aspect of doing up our home, one more wall knocked down won't make much difference. There is already a workshop that is attatched to the side of the kitchen, and could easily be made into a room. So, soon, well, could be anything from a couple of weeks to years going at our rate, I may actually have a proper crafty space, and Master P can move into his bedroom.

 I am really enjoying selling my pretties through Facebook and having some lovely chit chat with my friends on there, which I know are some of you too. I have come back to a busy schedule of crafting, which is lovely and certainly keeps me busy.

My "LOVE" bunting is proving quite popular, seems we can have many things in our life, but love seems to be an important and special gift to have.

I have my first craft club at the youth group, next week, to organise too. The older girls, especially, want to make something, hip, cool, trendy, fun. Eeeek better get my thinking cap on, or indeed you could, and help me out maybe, what do 13 year old crafty girls like?

Right better go and make friends with my chine again :0)

Hugs and love



  1. Bless him, the gorgeous little tinker!!!
    I am off to lock myself in the loo right now too!
    How long does it take for them to come and rescue me?
    Ahem, I mean you?
    Or small children I mean?!
    Teehee. xxx

  2. Sounds like an eventful time.
    Will look out for the magazines for you.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  3. I dont know, anything to get those hunky men! Bless Master P, i imagine he was so excited to go in the fire engine! Ive recently found out that they will come out and fit a fire alarm for you, shame i aready have one fitted!! Claire x

  4. Bless the firemen and glad Master P was freed from loo safely.


  5. What about 'Heartfelt Moments' as a name for your shop? I took a little peek on Facebook. It looks very nice. Glad you got master Poppins out of the toilet ok. What a day you had!.
    Blessings, Star

  6. Hi Mary - thanks for your butterfly comment.I would love to make some bunting using them too. My daughter was admitted to hospital with suspected meningitis at 16 months. I was 26 weeks pregnant with no. 2 at the time and the staff were very tactful and trying not to mention the 'm' word. She was 1/2 an hour away from having a lumbar puncture when a dear doctor spotted puss on her tonsil - thank God she had tonsilitis!I know what you mean about having an original name, we all seem to have very similar taste and ideas it is difficult to stand apart from the crowd. I'm pleased that you have shown your 'love bunting'. I had been thinking of making something similar with matching cushions. I'm very vary now of making anything too obviously like someone elses (which again is tricky) as I don't want to be labelled a 'copycat'. Given the shared love of pretties, Union Jacks, hearts etc. within our blogging community surely this is inevitable? Let me know your thoughts on the

  7. What an eventful time you have had :-) love to you and the family xx

  8. Ha ha! My SILs children got locked in their bathroom once and had to get the fire brigade out! I bet Master Poppins enjoyed the Fire engine though! Glad that the rash was nothing to worry about! Have a lovely Weekend! suzie xxx

  9. Children dont you just love them! xx

  10. Hee hee kids!!!

    Will look out for mag for you x

  11. Oh bless him! Glad he was rescued safely!
    I'll keep an eye out for the magazine, James shops in Waitrose x
    Lovely bunting! So pretty!!!

  12. Seems like in the end was an amazing adventure that Master Poppins will be able to tell his friends. LOL
    But I bet it also was a bit scary being locked in. I am always scared of being locked somewhere.

  13. Goodness I think you have had a more exciting time than me over Easter, bless him he looks quite happy in that fire engine. I am not surprised your love buntings did well, they are so nice. Have a lovely weekend. Julie.C

  14. Sounds like you have been busy - glad Master P was okay after his adventure! I will keep an eye out for the magazine for you

  15. Interesting times eh!!!! He didn't even look upset, I bet you were though!!! Love the bunting!!

  16. Wow I bet you little one loved being rescued!

    hhhmm 13 year old girl projects .... bags, purses, customising their own clothes?

  17. Oh dear, that's quite a story!Glad he is OK and the fireman were so good. Good luck with the craft club...what about those little wrist bands they like to wear?

  18. Off to lock myself accidently in a bathroom - well at least i could get a bit of P&Q whilst waiting to be rescued by a fireman....


  19. aah that little hand under the door! bless. Watch him mind, in case he fancies another go in the fire engine!!! hehe

  20. This really made me smile! I'm so glad you got Master P out of the bathroom! I've enjoyed reading through some of your blog posts and looking at the beautiful things you have made. I'm glad I found you! Sending glitter and smiles, Emma.

  21. i just ADORE your yo yo necklace!!

    and don't worry about sending my package out a little late... i am in no rush at all!


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