Thursday, 4 March 2010

Thanks And A Little Ramble....

Hi Di Hi ;0)

Well thank you very much for your lovely comments on the mice thing. I tell you friends I have thrown/given away maybe half my house in the last couple of days. I think I have come to the realisation that I am rather partial to hoarding and I am fed up of it now, so with spring a coming, my home is in for a thorough spring clean. And actually I am finding it all rather therapeutic. I even threw away a romantic and beautiful Christmas card Mr. P gave me years ago, yes I keep everything, and you know what, I didn't bat an eyelid.

 Hey, with our little mice thing, Mr. Poppins wanted to do the man thing and go a searching for any holes that Mr. or Mrs. Mousey may be using, and what did I find him using, only my pink tools. Now he has about 20 tool boxes so why he was using my little pink screw driver I shall never know ;0)  Anyway he seems to have done the trick, as so far so good and the mice may have upped sticks :0)

I have some lovely thanks to two lovely ladies. The first being the ever so talented Luluiz who kindly sent me some VERY special paper. There has been a project in mind I have been wanting to do for what feels like donkey's years, but you know how it is, these things always get put on the back burner, blah, blah. Anyway with seeing the fantastic and wonderful project here that Liz was doing, I had to email her for a little advice. I kind of knew the basics but it is so nice and helpful isn't it when someone out of friendship and support helps you out when you have a question. I am very, very grateful Liz :0) So look what act of kindness Liz has sent me out of the goodness of her heart, may look like a little paper to you, but to me means so so much more. Please do say hello, Lululiz is offering a wonderful Giveaway to celebrate her 100th follower.

I can now crack on with my project. I think you may have guessed what I am doing, but if not here is a little clue ;0) Since I have had my adorable children, so for 8 years now, I have always wanted one of  these, sigh. Every Christmas and Birthday I look out for a bag shape ;0) I know the exact style I want and have my photograph ready. So now with the special gift from Liz lets see if I can produce my very own version for now.

I also want to thank my wonderful and special pal, Mary my Bargain Hunt buddy. Apt actually that I mention out stint on BH, as although has been lovely and sunny, is a little chilly as the day draws in, so guess what I am wearing right now as I type, yes the fabulous and ever so fetching BH Fleece. I am so glad Mary and I insisted on being The Red Team, we wouldn't do it if they gave us blue, honestly, we wouldn't. The red suits our completions so much better. Is funny, when I go on my own little bargain hunt I always wear my lucky BH fleece, and it ALWAYS gets me a couple more pounds off a pretty than I think it would if
I was not wearing it. Hmmmm I wonder how often Mary wears hers ;0)   

Well look what pretties came for me. Mary knew I was after a couple of knitting needles, as I have decided I don't like crochet, it doesn't like me and I am no longer going to pretend I am any good at it, so I had a go at knitting. And you know my hands seem to likey. I won a lovely Yarn giveaway at Karen's and am now looking to make a knitted bag. Look at the Ohooo so cute knitting needles Mary sent me to help me along, aren't they adorable. Beautiful colours in their own special case, two cool chunky ones too, and also pretty CK tissues and a sweet card. thank you so much Mary, my forever friend.

I have also been enjoying making some of my doorstops and pretty hearts for a little order that came my way. I adore this fabric, one of my favourites. Even though it is now running out, I don't mind it going to a good home too. Hopefully I am not too precious over my fabric, I think there may be a couple of you that have had a little of this special one. And I know I have certainly had more than my fair share from you all for my kitchen project. Spread the fabric love, that is what I say :0)

I have also made a couple of sweet hearts for a lovely  lady.

And then of course there are the other 352 projects I have on the go to be getting on with ;0)

I have been tagged by the lovely At Home With Mrs M. to talk about shoes, my shoes. Well I love shoes and I shall look forward to chatting about one of my favourite subjects with you. For now, I shall leave you with a sneak of my newest pair, of course there is a flower or two and sky scraper heels to boot. And the price, was a bargain. 

So hope you are all gearing yourselves up for the weekend. We have had a little exciting news regarding Miss. and Master. Poppins' work  getting paid to have fun. I have to take a little jaunt to London for the day next week, on my own with two young children, eeek. I am a little nervous I have to say, I can't remember the last time I went down there on my own. Though shall be fun and a little adventure for us, I bet I shall have a tale or two to tell upon my return. It is a casting for an advert, and hope you can have your fingers crossed for us all, tis all fun and games in this Poppins' house I tell you ;0)


  1. I love the door stops and hearts, they are gorgeous!!! Hope the mice move on soon!!!

  2. I still have a little parcel here to send to you, I PROMISE to pop it in the post tomorrow.

    B xxx

  3. Loving the shoes...I was tagged too...eekk, better get on to that!

    Hope the London trip goes well!xxx

  4. Am sorry but those shoes should be mine - they are gorgeous :)

  5. Ooooh it all sounds very exciting hunni. I can't wait to hear all about it.

    I do love seeing all the pretty things that you make they're always so yummy.

    I shall look forward to seeing how you get on with the photo project.


  6. Oh Mary, they are gorgeous. I'm running slightly behind on my end of the deal as all four of my kiddos are awfully sick. I shall be in touch soon.

  7. eek mice. .id be having palpatations every time i heard a noise.. but sounds like they've moved on phew for you hey!!
    wow a fun day out in the big smoke..hope it goes alright and you have a good day..
    love the hearts and the doorstops.. you is very clever

  8. I'm spring cleaning much the same as you. I'm thinking out with the old and all that!
    Love your pretties, the hearts are just lovely!
    I'd say I want those shoes, but my last job was sorting my collection and I have far too many!!!

  9. I hope that your little trip to London goes well Mary and the sun will shine for you.
    Love all your little crafty things.
    Carol x

  10. love the hearts and that fantastic fabric :)

  11. I love the fabrics you have used for the hearts, they are so romantic!

    Tehehe, was just imagining your man working with your pink tools..... you should have taken a pic and shown us, lol.

    As cute as mice are from a distance, they are not welcome in my house either. I hope they are gone for good.

    Bless, thank you so much for mentioning the giveaway and your kind words, but honestly, it was just a couple of sheets of paper, lolol! I am all excited now that I have seen what you are going to make. What a great project.

  12. Lovely hearts Mary! I look forward to seeing all your (gorgeous, I am sure) shoes! Suzie xxx

  13. Glad your mousey is leaving your housey! They are pests.

    Love the door stops and pretty hearts. Lovely fabric too.

    Good luck with your two lovely children in London for an advert. It all sounds very exciting! I shall look forward to hearing about your adventures there.

    And those do look very pretty indeed!

    Have a great weekend Mary.


  14. just come across your blog...I'm loving it..thanks for the visual treats

  15. Oh I love those shoes! Look forward to hearing all about your shoes!

  16. Wow... what a productive week or so... I am sure as the weather warms the mice will shift to their summer homes out in the garden... and I love the makes... very scrummy!

    and good luck to the mini Poppins and their auditions I will cros everything and think positive thoughts...

    x Alex


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