Thursday, 25 March 2010

Rosali Makes Me smile....

Since the lovely Claire who so very kindly shared with us yesterday the wonderful news that Rosali was back, I have been on my little tippi toes with excitement. I have to be honest, and say I have, maybe do, struggle with the Rosali thing. Not the design, ohoooo no I love the design, especially to craft with. A lovely friend of mine who lives abroad was so kind a little while ago to get me some Rosali fabric from her local Ikea in exchange for a parcel of pretties for her.

Thanks S for getting me the fabric, you know who you are :0)

What I do struggle with, a little, is I bought some Roasli 5-7 years ago I think it was, when it was easily accessible at Ikea, and I guess when it wasn't as popular. Then, when one couldn't get hold of any of it, it all went crazy, then the high prices on ebay, to me, made it very much inaccessible. Though I do know we all need to put dinner on the table every night so kind of understand people that sell it. Given it's poularity, sometimes this can make things a little less appealing, though I shall always love and want it. When I see any Rosali in CS's I am there in a flash paying for it at the till. Like these lovely Rosali check lampshades that I found in a CS.

I was browsing Ebay yesterday and I stumbled on an an identical one that is now at a very high price. Here is the price I paid.

And I loved the CS bought photograph frame.

I love reading about what Rosali  bargains you lovely bloggers find in the CSs too, and I loved reading about this very cheery Roasali number. And I loved seeing a newly bought Rosali duvet cover on this special little girl's bed.

I know it can be quite materialistic to go all giddy over things that really do not matter. What matters are feelings, friendships, love, passion. Going soft over *Rosali* seems very unimportant compared with what really matters in life. Though, hey ho, anything that brings a smile to my face can only be a good thing can't it.

And when the man you love turns up from work with the Rosali variety of flower, I think he deserves a big squishy hug, and maybe a little kiss or two don't you....

P.S. Heads up information for you Rosali Lovers :0)

I have spoken to some very helpful people at Ikea regarding Rosali and seems the new *N* letter as it is now known as ROSALI N stands for new, as in a new line. If you wish to get some of this Rosali, I believe for now it has only come back in the duvet covers in white and blue, though may do different colours in your local store, and are in single, double and king. My husband got what appeared to be the last white KS duvet cover at my local store but hopefully it shall be re stocked. There were no doubles in any of the colours. I would also recommend telephoning your local store and asking to see as to whether the Rosali is actually on the shop floor, get them to ring through whilst you hold, as sometimes these computers are not 100% accurate and sometimes it may appear that an item is there on the shop floor, but actually when I have asked for them to do a physical check, it is in fact not there.

Also, although we all have known it is a very lovely and popular range, it may have taken Ikea a little while longer to realise this. I was told that perhaps as it sold very well abroad, it may be a reason it has now come back to the U.K. Or maybe they have been reading our lovely blogs and realised there is many a giddy woman who would pop to Ikea and get their pretty little mitts on some ;0)   Hopefully we can all spread the word like lovely Claire and we can all get our hands on some.

Good luck if you want to get some and please post pretty photographs :0)



  1. I don't really like the rosali. I used to love it, but I've really gone off it. I think I've seen too much of it now (there are a couple of bloggers who seem to have it in every room!). about time they brought it back though given the popularity.

  2. Yippee for Rosali!! I totally agree about it on Ebay, I would never pay those prices so had to succumb that I'd missed the boat the first time around, I now have a first time love for it so bring it all on lol! Ikea might be extremly busy over the next few days! Well done to your hubby! Claire x

  3. im exhausted now - up and down the motorway at this time of night LOL its so pretty though i think i will be changing Mia's bed on a daily basis ;-)
    a little bit of it or a lot of it - whatever your happy with :-) and that applies to everything !
    Lesley x

  4. Ohh, thanks for shareing.
    I have always wanted some but they never had any when I made my annual visit.Hopefully they will have some next time I go.
    Pop over I'm having a giveaway.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  5. yes, i agree...any man who brings you rosali fabric deserves a great big squishy hug!!! hopefully it's your hubby! right!

    ciao bella

  6. I'm going to look for some right now , thanks love it !

  7. My duvet and pillows are Rosali and since my Dad bought me two sets when my son was born, I used the second to make a headboard. I'm excited because if it is back, then I can get the set for my soon to be KING sized bed!!! YAY!

  8. It is very pretty, I particularly like the blue, though the white is beautiful too. The nearest Ikea is 6 hours away, so I haven't been yet. I heard rumour though that we are supposed to get one 2 hours away next year, which would be great!

  9. What good news. I didn't know what Rosali was until I began blogging! even though I am often lurking in Ikea. I rang them a few weeks ago and they told me rosali is discontinued but some duvet covers were available... that was Purley ... so good news that that they are bringing out 'N'...I would happily chop a duvet up to make things!

  10. I do like the Rosali, it looks gorgeous in all the photos, but I don't want it!! My bedding is all plain white or cream!!!!

  11. Oh Mary, I love it too! suzie xxx

  12. The eBay prices are madness, I mean I like it but not that much and if you're going to pay the prices people are just go into CK stores and buy something from there!!

    I'll be paying a trip to my local IKEA and seeing if they have anything in stock!

    Victoria xx

  13. That is so gorgeous! I need some Rosali in my home!!! LOL

  14. The ebay prices are insane!
    I have enough for the moment - all charity shop finds because Rosali was available when I didn't have a house to fill full of flowers.
    Not surprising Ikea brought it back when they saw the price it was changing hands for on Ebay, I'm sure they were desperate for some of that action.

  15. I have a design in my portfolio for something very similar with a ribbon... perhaps I should get it printed and rake in the money! lol

    I can see the value in a design and I love all types of styles and fabrics but I would rather work out what the new big thing is going to be and get in there before it arrives! ;D

    X Alex

  16. Wow, your man did that for you? He deserves everything you mentioned, and more.

  17. I have too admit I have not seen this before till I saw your post. I do like it, all the colours that is. Lovely. Julie.C

  18. I have the blue duvet set but would love the white. I don't live anywhere near a Ikea & it's not on the web site :(

  19. thanks so much for your message-im well(i think!lol,i always say that for fear im tempting fate!)
    i will be 29 weeks tomorrow,time is going very very fast and i am not prepared at all,were having windows and doors fitted,walls and ceilings plastered and we havent even got it started yet..but you know the traumas of "home improvement"its very unsettling-worth it all when its done im sure.
    lovely post,i finally succumbed to getting a sewing machine yippeee! i was tempted by the fabric section in john lewis but resisted,im practising on old fabric before i get to try the new stuff ;)
    hope you have a lovely weekend

  20. I imagine those Ebay sellers will be gutted !!

  21. Yesterday we drove from North Devon to Cardiff to get the Rosali in King size !!! Obviously my husband thinks I am completly mad but a weekend with me sulking was too much for him to bear, so he kindly took me, none in Bristol as yet im afraid.


  22. All very pretty!!!! I want to get some!

  23. after reading blogs I discovered to my delight rosali was now being sold again and I was planning my route to my nearest Ikea turns out 78 miles away thats £18 in petrol and stress so I have bought a brand new one from an ebay seller for £31+P+P which seemed reasonable cant wait for it to arrive .
    I did ring the Leeds shop and they said there was 200+ in stock that was on monday
    I have never seen anything rosali in a charity shop but my sister in law bought the pink paisley duvet cover and cut it up to make dining chair covers

  24. everything is just so pretty!!!

  25. It's not designed by Cath Kidston, this is a myth.


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