Friday, 12 March 2010

Wishing You A Lovely Weekend....

Quick hello to wish you all a lovely weekend, and to say have a lovely Mother's Day, hope you are pampered ;0) I am also thinking of those without their Mums this Mother's Day for whatever reason. Also those of you who want to be Mummies, I know there may be many of you out there who desperately wish for a child so hope your dream comes true. I too shall be thinking of Mummies like myself who have lost a much wanted and precious baby, always in my heart sweetest Joshua and I shall think of you as always on Mother's day :0)

I wanted to show you again the beautiful heart the very talented and lovely Clare handmade for me in memory for Joshua. I adore it and it has very special place in my home. Thank you Clare.

I have made my own special mum, a sweet cushion, remember the HMV poster....

I smiled when I saw this, as I had all ready my plans of what cushion I was going to make for her, and here it is.

It is actually quite big and I would rather like to keep it for myself, I think it looks nice, simple and classy :0) My mum has quite a grown up taste and her home although a lovely treasure trove, the shabby chic way it is not. I do think shabby chic for me, to be a rather fun, childlike, pretty, colourful look, and not quite in keeping with my mum's home. Though to be fair to my mum, who has been a wonderful support of my little makes, now has a little of my handmade bunting up in the hallway and some of my lavender hearts leading up the staircase, so she is doing her best to shabby it up ;0)

I think the Tanya Whelan fabric is perfect for projects like this, it really pretty things up. I too love the linen mix fabric I have used, I have made many cushions using it and I think the slubby and creased look are quite appealing. Of course I couldn't have the back completely plain, Ohooo no, a little pink from one of  my labels gives it that girly touch I love so much.

I have also finished off a couple of cushions for a personalised order for two very special little baby boys. It always makes me wonder when I have finished handmaking an order, and yet to show a photograph to the customer, what they shall think, you never quite know if what they had in their mind and what I have in my mind match. I am happy to report, the customer, who is also a friend, was over the moon :0)

I love the simplicity of the letters.

And not forgetting lovely Charlie.

Although the cushions are the same size, I obviously had to make Charlie's letters smaller, at one point I though they wouldn't all get on, but they did and I think the letters look so sweet all nestled together.  

I have to say I think these are going to two very classy boys and I can see them fitting in their, calm, tranquil nursery perfectly. I hope you like the look of them.

If you would like to see some more of my pretties, I have now set up a little store on Facebook, where I have to say I have some wonderful, loyal customers, who are also friends too which is extra nice. Please do feel free to hook up with me if you would like :0) Can you tell the husband and I had words, he says I don't promote my wares enough, so I need to, or else go out and get a proper job ;0) Eeeek so apologies for the little self promotion shpeel, I normally don't, but think tis about time I got on with it and got myself about a little. And the proof is always in the pudding, so we shall see. 

 Enjoy this special weekend





  1. I love your cushions.... they look so well made and I adore the choice of fabric! I hope that you have a lovely mothers day :) xxxx

  2. I think you mum cushion is divine. I love the linen and would like some to back some cushions, where is it from????

    Have a great day. I am going to send you a copy of my post for Sunday, so you can have a read. I dont want it to be too upsetting. I hope you dont mind

  3. ((hug))

    I'll be spending the day with my Mum, think this day will be very hard.....
    I'm feeling very down today.....
    because I'm sensing her pain....
    Mummies miss not having all their brood round another ((hug)) for you, thank you for thinking of all the ppl who will be sad, we think of you too...and I hope that you will find joy in the day as well as remembering your little angel.....xxxxxx

  4. I love the little heart for dear Joshua!!! The cushion for your mum is gorgeous!!! The others are fab too!!!
    Happy mothers day to you too!!

  5. you promote away young lady - surely thats the point?! the cushions look fab and it may be of no surprise to you but of course i love the little boys cushions - the colours are right up my street :-) lucky mum getting that cushion though as well!
    your a busy bee arent you - wishing you a lovely mothers day - enjoy your two gorgeous little treasures whilst having a little time to think of baby J xxxxx

  6. Hope you have a Happy Mother's Day! Such beautiful things you have made, and what a pretty heart for Joshua!

  7. As always your makes are gorgeous!
    Will be thinnking of you on mothers day :)


  8. Shout it from the roof tops, girl, your cushions deserve it, they are so nice, understated shabby chic elegance.

  9. What super cushions - you are definitely a very talented lady

  10. The cushions are lovely, I adore the colours. Do you mind me asking where you got the fabric from? My big boy would be quite accepting of a cushion in that colour!!

    You & little J will be in my thoughts on Mothers day.


  11. i love the cushions you've made.. they are gorgeous and i agree very classy..
    you is talented miss!

  12. Mary, your cushions are just so beautifully made and finished, and better still so appealing too! Love the heart for you sweet Joshua! I have not got my Mum anymore, and miss her still, also my children are not your conventional family! ( they have all found there natural mothers now!) So Mother's day falls a little flat here! I just try not to dwell on it. But! That doesn't stop me enjoying all of your wonderful Mothers day! I hope you enjoy yours! suzie xxx Ps. Nothing wrong with a spot of good old fashioned self promotion now and then! xxx

  13. happy mother's day to you mary!! ours is not until may here in canada.

    i sent out your parcel today!! hope you get it safely.

    ps. have you thought of opening up an etsy shop? i think you would do really wel.

  14. Love the cushions, have a great weekend :) x

  15. Wow those cushions are simple but so effective , I love them ! Happy Mothers Day .

  16. Your cushions are beautiful - shout from the rooftops about them! I lost my darling Mum unexpectedly just 3 weeks before the birth of my first child. I miss her every day, and although I try very hard for my little ones I simply hate mother's day. I suppose we should try to be grateful for what we do have and try not to mourn those we have lost? A very sad time for so many of us, for so many reasons.xx

  17. Glad you still like your little heart!

    Love your cushions, they look very professional.

    Have a great mothers day.

    Clare xx

  18. Thank you Mary for mentioning those of us who's Mums are not with us. Your cushions are lovely and the colours used, I am sure your Mum will love it very much. best wishes Julie.C

  19. What gorgeous cushions Mary! The Mum one is adorable, and Happy Mothers day to you! x

  20. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the bunting comment! I hope you had a lovely mothers day. lovely cushions and nice to use a different colour for a change too sometimes. i usually have to handsew my labels in after i forget! i got your email btw and have just checked my R&G email and have the same one. i just said yes to it, it might help! xxx

  21. Thanks for your lovely comments Mary. Your cushions look amazing.
    Love Rachael XX


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