Sunday, 21 March 2010

Pretty and Pink Pretties....

Hello lovelies :0)

Well isn't it nice to see the beautiful blue skies peeking at us now. I have to say sunny days always lift my spirits and being a dress/skirt kinda gal, I can't wait to get my pretty summer clothes out from their hibernation. The children are busy cleaning the windows as I type, so maybe I shall be able to see those blue skies a little clearer now.

I thought you would like to see what pretties came my lovely way from Canada and from the delightful Jozen  Being a colour swap one had to let their partner know what was their favourite colour, and it was then to be incorporated into the swap sent. Of course I chose *PINK* :0) Jozen is ultra organised getting these out to me well before they are meant to, and hopefully my swap to her shall be with her very soon too. Jozen loves pink too, so have had fun gathering pretty and pink pretties for her :0)

Here they are again all re wrapped by me, as I always like to see pretty wrapping, don't you.

I so enjoyed my unwrapping experience. Here is what the lovely Jozen sent to me.

Sweet hot chocolate that turns a pretty shade of pink and a sweet card....

For Master Poppins who now goes to pre school, a lovely reading book....  

Beautiful pretties for my daughter. A sweet crocheted pink heart hair slide, pretty little notepad for her notes and the cutest litle handmade wrist cuff. Adorable....

Lovely and creative stitchwork on the wrist cuff, think I shall be borrowing this, infact I am wearing it now. Shhhh don't tell the daughter ;0)....

The prettiest pink topped knitting needles, I adore them....

Ohooo so beautiful and vintage pink pearl necklace with matching earrings. I love them, and they shall look so pretty when I wear them. Thank you so much Jozen....

Gorgeous and ohooo so pretty apron Jozen handmade for me, what beautiful detailing. I can definately see me wearing this pretty number in the kitchen....

The delightful big bow at the back of the apron....

I think you shall agree a beautiful, thoughtful, pretty, and special swap was sent my way. Thank you so much Jozen for being a super swap partner. I hope you swap from me gets to you soon. I also hope you like your pink pretties too :0) You can see the lovely photographs of  all the other swaps in the colour swap here  on flickr.

Talking of pretties, I thought I would share with you a couple, that not I, who normally is so good at rooting out these things in shops, but were spied by my fair and handsome husband ;0)

Would you like to take a little peek at this Primark bag again....


Well look what pretties my husband spied in this store

Hmmmm, see any likenesses ;0) Well I think they are lovely and thank you Mr. P, you are very good at this I spy a pretty malarkey :0) It is a little norty really, letting you all see, as one is soon going to be on its pretty way to one of you. I hope you like it as much as I do, though wanted to give you the heads up as I reckon there may one or two of you who may like to go out and get one too.

I am concentrating next week on crafting some pretties for my home, including some more work on my kitchen projects that you have so kindly helped me with.
Tis lovely, really lovely to make for gifts, orders etc. But sometimes, sometimes it is ever so special too, to make something for keeps :0)

Have fun y'all



  1. Wow thanks for all the eye candy, what a fab swap you got too!

  2. Such pretty things - that apron! I'm amused, because my boys spent yesterday cleaning our windows too.. well-trained kiddies on both sides of la Manche, obviously! Mine were doing it for extra pocket-money, to be honest...

  3. Lovely goodies. I spotted the make up bags in Matalan yesterday.

    Victoria xx

  4. Madre mía, tú quieres darme envidia con esos neceseres eh!!ajajaja.

    Son preciosos,¡qué pena que por aquí no tengamos esas tiendas que tenéis vosotros...!

    Por cierto, el otro día estuve en Primark (Asturias) y encontré una bolsita plastificada, pero la rosa de lunares siguen sin tenerla.

    Bueno chica, como siempre... me encantan tus entradas.

    Muchos besos desde España!!

    Ohhh!!, you want to give me envy with these toilet-cases eh!! Ajajaja.

    They`re beautiful, what sorrow(sentence) that hereabouts we don`t have these shops that you have ...!

    Certainly, another day I was in Primark (Asturias) and found a plastic bag, but the pink of spots they continue without having it.

    Good girl, since(as,like) always ... I`m charmed with your income.

    Many kisses from Spain!!

  5. Such prettiness!! Gorgeous swap pressies!!!

  6. what a lovely swap,
    i dont have a primark near me-and i think i really need to have that big floraly goodness bag?!
    have they just come out,im seriously going to have to track one down.

  7. What fun pretty, and pink things. Very pretty indeed!

  8. children cleaning the windows... rewind, children cleaning the windows ...yes, that's what it said - called husband to take a look - what are we missing??? where did we go wrong??? I'm off to get some dusters and cleaner as soon as the shops open and the kids get in from school... lovely things Mary, love the apron. I have posted your flower swap over the weekend. xxx yaps.

  9. That is quite the eye Hubby has ;)

    How terribly lucky, a perfect match!

    Lisa xo

  10. Just love those knitting needles, have lots of wooden ones but none with pretty tops like that! xx

  11. Lovely goodies, I like the knitting needles.....I've seen red spotty ones!!!

  12. what lovely pink treats - beautiful xxx
    I found that bag in primarni on friday..there were a lot of cath a likes in there..makes you wonder how they get away with it...but then a flower is a flower is a flower I 'spose???

  13. Love those knitting needles! Hey! could you send the children round to my house, my windows need a good clean! :) suie. xxx

  14. What a fab swap!!!
    Loving the Matalan cosmetics bags! Aren't they just a perfect match to your bag!

  15. Wow, I'm off to Matalan now, lol. xxx

  16. mary,
    i am SO glad that you liked everything!! i had so much fun doing this swap and I'm so glad that I "met" you and your lovely blog.

  17. Thanks for that hun!! I definitely will have a look in Matalan tomorrow on my day off!!

    Sharon xx

  18. Gosh, I wish my children would clean my windows..lucky you!
    What lovely gifts you were sent and my what a clever Hubby you have for getting you those great finds, mine does not shop "tut".
    Em x

  19. what a fab interesting swap parcel!!!

    i was looking for that matalan bag...couldn't find it when i went on Friday :(

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