Friday, 5 March 2010


Hello, thought I would share some of my favorite pretties with you, some left safe and happy in the shop, some that came a home with me :0)

I was very taken with the lovely display of Bombay Duck padded letters, one of my want to do projects.

I was also taken with the Pedlars telephones, I know which one I would have and I think I know which one a blogger friend would have, cough cough Lesley  ;0)

What do you think, do I really NEED any more mugs, hmmmm. Ever so tempting though, norty Pedlar's again.

Ohooo, reckon I could convince Mr. P, I really NEED a baby, it really is so pretty and very shabby chic. for the record, it was left in the shop ;0) 

A little UJ love, gorgeous Hope And Greenwood sweeties. Left behind.

A little fan from Accessorize, to calm me at Master. Poppins appeal, which I now know have friends of mine appealing too for a place in the same class.

I really like my Matalan UJ doormat, but when I saw the lovely muted and natural colours of this £2.99 one, it did come home with me.

I adore the Laura Ashley sale pretties My mum kindly purchased as a little treat, I do so love Laura Ashley at sale time. 

And of course our dining table looks very pretty with a lovely bottle of water, hmmmm alright quite expensive water ;0)

I found some lovely bargain books. A sweet one including some lovely projects for babies and children, my favourite kind of makes. The book was only £2.00.

I always love to look at pretty quilts, and have two of my own on the go, one of which is using the lovely fabric sent from you. 

And again on my to do list.  

I AM going to get on and do my letters, I am.

I also got the lovely Sew and Save book for a fabulous £1.80, was £2.00 but they kindly gave me 10% off as the book looked  a little worn, it didn't if anything looked lovely and vintage :0) 

And a lovely book, that was fabulously reduced to £3.99 from £20.00.

Some wonderful ideas and projects.

With Easter coming up, one does need somewhere pretty to put their little chocolate eggs don't they :0)

And I always like a pretty cupcake.

Ohoooo I adored the sweet, girly, floral, cute, shabby chic quilt and pillowshams.

The quilt was lovely but pricey, though the pillowshams only £7.50 for one, so got two ;0)

In the post I was given a very sweet and special gift from a lovely friend, Elaine. Some adorable vintage handkerchiefs, I especially like the initialed ones, and think I would like to make a lavender heart for a special little someone. Thank you so much Elaine.

And a couple of pretties I have made.

For two very special little girls who live abroad, and whose mummy has been very, very kind to me.

I am being kept busy on the crafting front which is nice, some lovely bunting orders and a couple of personalised cushions. I am looking forward to making the personalised cushions for two special twin baby boys, who, like my very own Master Poppins were born very prematurely and now doing remarkably well, and are very handsome too.

I have been asked by their lovely mummy to make in the fabrics, colours that shall go with their bedroom, sounds very classy, and I look forward to working with some different fabrics colours. Here is a little taste of one of the fabrics I am using. It is a beautiful light grey and feels lovely too.


Talking of Master P, there has been a celebration here, some of you may know I was having difficulty letting him out into the big world, what with his prematurity and the loss of our special baby boy Joshua the year before he was born, I was so fretful something would happen to him. Anyway I did it, I let him go to pre school, at 3 years and 7 months he is now out there socialising with children his own age, and yes, you guessed it, he loves it. He shall go for three mornings, 9-1 and maybe I can get on with a couple of those projects I have on my to do list.  I hope you are proud of me, it was hard for me really hard.

Have a lovely weekend



  1. Hello, your piccies are lovely. So many wonderful treasures, A great blog
    Jenny x

  2. Lovely pretties. Your boy is gorgeous and I'm so pleased he's settling at pre school. I know how you feel, our consultant marked my notes as PP (a precious pregnancy :)for different reasons so I felt exactly the same, it's hard but great to see our little PPs blossom.

    Twiggy x

  3. What a cutie you have for a little boy. He's gorgeous, and those curls.... I bet it was very difficult letting him go, but it sounds like he's loving it, and you'll now have a little extra time. Love the water bottle, it may be expensive water, but I bet it was an inexpensive vase :) You really do such gorgeous work, what wonderful things you have made.

  4. as always a gorgeous post full of gorgeous piccies..including the one of your beautiful boy.. he is gorgeous..
    its so hard when they go to the big wide world of pre school and school.. but think of it as him learning huge social skills and for you having a morning to yourself!!.. it took me a while to be convinced but ive never looked back!!!!..

  5. your son is adorable!!! he looks like he can be a baby gap model.

    when you get a sec, please email me your address!


  6. Just wanted to say well done for 'letting go' I too found it terribly hard, we had an emergency with my oldest when he was 9 months. Hospital said they would 'do their best' - thank goodness they did, I still worry and he is 15 now and gets very cross with me!

  7. wow so many pretty things in one post :)

  8. Your young man is so very handsome, the photograph of him is wonderful. And I am VERY proud of you letting him out into the big world, thats the hardest thing to do. My baby is 20+, and I still worry about him when he is out there working with his dangerous tools ( chainsaws, tree surgeon ) and driving. Especially driving.

  9. Oh Mrs P, your little boy is goregous and apple of your eye.
    Well done you on letting him off to preschool. The first steps are always the hardest ones and i think they don't really get any easier but you learn to deal with them better.
    It will do you both the world of good and you're enjoy your time together even more now. I know with my 2 little cupcakes i cherish ever special day off now. And my oldest when she's not with the boyfriend, girlie trips to the shops are even nicer now.
    Loving everything you've shared with us in this post so many pretties.
    Take care lovely lady.
    With love,
    Catherine x

  10. What a handsome little man - you know I'm a sucker for little boys with long hair :) Bet he'll have great fun at pre-school.

    You've done well on the shopping front - lots of pretties & bargains.

  11. What a lovely Blog read and gorgeous pictures. Love the mat, £2.99 a bargain! Your little boy looks an angel. My daughter is nearly 15 but luckily still a girl, I'm so glad as I think children can get so old before their time. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful thought and images.

  12. The pillow shams are gorgeous! I love the door mat aswell, may have to take a trip to Matalan. :) xxx

  13. Lots of nice fabrics and colours, and just like all your mugs. Well done young man, he is handsome. best wishes Julie.C

  14. How gorgeous is your little man? Love all the pretty things too! x

  15. Some lovely piccies in this post, but the nicest one by far is of your son, he is certainly a stunner! x

  16. So many gorgeous photos!! It's really hard to let your little ones go eh!! My youngest was also premature, which made it even harder, always a worry!!

  17. Oh you are so very brave Mary. I can understand you wanting to hold onto him, just look at that face!

    My goodness I think you should call yourself the Queen of Prettiness. Love the dear shoes, the blanket in the book, oh and quite a few more things too.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  18. Very proud indeed :) lovely goodies and I did spot that doormat last time and forgot to ask where from ? You are naughty teasing me with the phone ;) x

  19. Looks like you had a really wonderful day looking around at all the pretties!
    Your little boby is going to love his preschool! :-) I know it is much harder for you than it is for him.

  20. Thanks for comment:) I was proud of myself as well ;) I really need to figure out how to stop pics enlargement ;)

  21. I'm so glad Master P is loving preschool! Must have been hard to let him go, my youngest wasn't preemie but she is still my baby and we've got her first taster session on Tues... I am all nervous and yet I know she'll adore it!!

    Loved your pics honey xxx

  22. So pleased Master P is enjoying pre school, proud of you for letting him go there! He is the cutest little boy ever!

  23. Lots of lovely eye candy there. Your son is absolutely adorable.


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