Monday, 8 March 2010

Norty Bloggers And Pretty Bunting....

Ohooo you are norty aren't you bloggers. I was being so good, refraining from getting the *have to have* bags that were so me, so cheap, pretty, and useful. And then I came across a lovely Bloggers post and I don't know, I had a lightbulb moment and I had to have them.

It was a lovely day, we all thought like going on a little jolly so I, cough cough, suggested we go into the City, Manchester City to be precise. Of course it was purely to get out and about, nothing more, I mean said Mr. Poppins you can't NEED anymore pretties. As we have trams that commute into the city from a town not far from our village, and Master Poppins had yet to experience a tram ride. We thought we would drive to the town and leave car, and get the tram in. So off the four of us toddled.

Ohooo Master Poppins enjoyed his little journey.

 We had fun talking about the Hilton and what a magnificent building it is. I quickly grabbed my camera to take a shot.

And then of course right by Piccadilly Gardens is....

I have in the past questioned the Primark thing, especially after watching the documentary. But I get many things from bargain stores so I have to think too, that those items from the bargain stores may be being made for pence and people being paid pennies. Anyway I really would be a hypocrite if I didn't at least see if there was anything in there that may catch my eye ;0)

Hmmm Ohooo yes, A couple of pretties came home with me. No surprises on which bags, though I think I was lucky to get the cream floral one as there were only four left.

I cannot even shop in a city without having crafty thoughts. Look at the wonderful frontage of a lovely store

A beautiful and vintage singer....

1 soon became 25....

25 soon became 45....

And 45 became way, way more than 100 ;0)

Mmmmm I liked this store's poster in the window, one of my favourite prints. Though I do think they have been peeking at my cushion I am making for my lovely Mum for Mother's day ;0)

So would you like to see what I bought. Well the bags are lovely I have to say, don't know how long they shall last, but in my eyes certainly ones to look after.

I also saw a pretty floral vest that I thought would look nice with *jeggins* see I am up there with the new fashion, cough cough, I wish ;0)

And some pretty necklaces.

I can never resist a pretty butterfly.

I also spied a lovely little something to pop in with my parcel to my lovely and talented  Colour Swap Partner.

Then I quickly mooched to lovely H&M and saw a really pretty dress in my favourite colour of the moment in fashion terms, the nude look. I love it and have bought many pretties in this colour, sunglasses, shoes, floaty tops, handbags.... The dress is quite pretty.

It has a lovely Audrey Hepburn feel to it, above the knee and quite full.

 And a bargain price too, £14.99. Now all I needed was a little jacket or something, to keep my shoulders warm. How perfect my little CS, £3.99 sequined designer one looked that had been hanging in the wardrobe unworn for yonks.

It looks love with the pretty corsage necklace.


So, now all I need is the nights to warm up a little, almost tick, and a lovely husband to accompany me on a lovely evening out, tick :0)

I have also made some pretty bunting. I think I may soon be known as the bunting lady around here, many a Mummy friend knock at my door and ask me to make some bunting as a present or for a birthday gift. It does make me happy that I have mums of children I have made bunting for as an order, come back to me for more as gifts and presents, must be a thumbs up for my bunting. I have also been on a little jaunt selling my wares, and it looks like a lovely little shop happily want me to make all the bunting for the shop and offer a personalised service, which is nice. 

Here are a little peek of the two I have made for Vintage Daisy customers.

Right, better get an early night. If you see a lady with two young children in the middle of Leicester Square tomorrow, looking a little lost and she asks you for directions, you shall help her out won't you. Wish us luck :0)



  1. Gosh, I didn't realise they sold bags like that in Primark! I'm gonna have to have a gander. :)

  2. What a pretty post of all your lovely buys !

  3. We all give in in the end, tee hee! I am absolutely loving that dress, neutrals have always been my main wardrobe theme and this year I am in fashion!

    You will look so pretty in that outfit, a bit of sparkle and classic is always a good mix in my books :o) xx

  4. i saw those bags a few weeks ago - are they "must have" ones ?! maybe i should go back hmmmmm oh i suppose if i didnt want them then i dont want them i...
    the bunting looks fab - yes we should change your name to bunting lady :-D
    good luck tomorrow -hope you get some shopping time as well !
    love that dress by the way - gorgeous :-)

  5. I love the dress you bought, and with that lovely little jacket and the corsage, it really does look a million dollars. Fab outfit.

  6. I love the dress you bought, and with that lovely little jacket and the corsage, it really does look a million dollars. Fab outfit.

  7. Ohh lucky you, I went to Primark last week to get the pink spotty bag and there were none left.
    Love your new outfit, its gorgeous and such bargains.
    Glad you had a nice shopping trip.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  8. i love your dress..infact i have severe dress envy!!!!!!!

  9. What lovely things!!

    I love that flowery primark bag too....hope they still have it by the time i manage to get there!!!

    Just added the last of the red heart goodies for sale on my blog...please go take a look xx

  10. Delightful dress, I would wear it over jeans too with pink flip flops! I saw the primark bags too but wasn't sure how long they would last - but I think I will take a second look.

  11. Very pretty dress and accompanying pretties. Really cute bags, love the cream floral one.

  12. You certainly found some great things!! I love it all!!

  13. OOOHHHH!! so in love with your fab dress!!!

  14. Oh I need one or two of those bags as well! Aren't they gorgeous?!

    And you will look smashing in that dress and extras. You just need an important event to attend. Hey maybe you could go to the wedding I'm going to later in the year in my place! You'll certainly look better than me.

  15. That dress is just simply beautiful, and looks wonderful with the accessories! Suzie xxx

  16. Love the dress and jacket, they are sooo pretty. :) xxx

  17. Glad you enjoyed your primark trip - I told ya so!
    I haven't bought any of the bags, I am really trying not to, I know the only reason I'll be buying them is because I have seen them on blogs. I've twice seen them in there and ignored them, so I must really not need them ;)
    Must at least try to resist eh?!

  18. What a pretty dress! All your bits look fab!
    Guess what? you won my giveaway!!!!

  19. Hola, he encontrado tu blog por casualidad y me ha encantado!!Te voy a poner entre mis favoritos.

    He visto que has comprado un par de bolsas en Primark, son preciosas!!!! A ver si con un poco de suerte las traen a Primark en España.


  20. Hola de nuevo, he estado buscando tu dirección de correo electrónico pero no la he encontrado. Era para decirte que he puesto las fotos de las bolsas de Primark en mi blog para ver si alguien las ha visto en España y me pueden ayudar... por supuesto tienen link hacia tu blog, también te he puesto en favoritos para que mis amigas te visiten.En ningún momento he dicho que sean mías ni nada por el estilo, ¡faltaría más!

    Espero que no te haya importado, si por el contrario no estás conforme con lo que he puesto en mi blog, házmelo saber y quito las fotos.


  21. Thanks for your coment!!!!!



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