Friday, 19 March 2010

Crafts Beautiful....

My goodness how time flies...

Hope you are in fine fettle and that your Mother's Day was a peaceful and happy one. We had a jolly olde time. I had been on a little soiree with my girlfriends the night before so was feeling a little fragile dare I say.  I hadn't had a proper girly night for about 2 years so think it was well deserved. In my youth ie early 20s, I loved my girly nights out with friends, can you believe it used to be a Wednesday, a Friday, a Saturday and sometimes even a Sunday that we spent having fun and frolics ;0) Boy have times changed, I used to go to bed with a copy of Cosmo and a lovely cold glass of white wine and now it is a copy of Crafts Beautiful and a needle and thread. Boy am I getting old or what ;0)

Talking of Crafts Beautiful, look at the lovely thrifted copies I found. Yes alright they are many years old but I do love all things vintage and they have some wonderful ideas and crafts for me to have a go at, all with their original templates and patterns too.

I get to have a lovely read about Christina Strutt

And even had a peek at Kaffe Fassett's colourful home.

There are of course, a couple of  50 projects I am keen to get on with, one of which is this adorable Ted....

Crafts to make for Easter....

A project I could maybe do with the children....

Ohooo I may even make me a nice pair of slippers, I even have the same delicious fabric....

I have always wanted to have a go at a rag rugging....

Though may get my fingers dirty on a smaller project to get me into it, like this cute raggy brooch....

Ohooo I likey and I can dream that one day I could make this, I believe the pattern is from Vintage Knits by Sarah Dallas

These books I have from the library shall help me a little with my knitting abilities maybe.

I found a lovely article with some wonderfully and inspiring photographs on renowned textile artist and interior designer Caroline Zoob

I loved the words on a card I would like to handmake.

And there are many more arty crafty projects I would like to do, and the magazine's shall keep me inspired for a while. Well worth the 40ish p they were each don't you think. I do think it is good for ones' spirits to try new crafts every now and then too, as I know for me, if I keep doing the same olde same olde, things become a little stale.

Well I am a busy little bee here. I have not 1, not 2, but 3 swaps that are keeping me busy tinkering away in my little crafty area. I have not had much time for Blogging, or much else really. What I have had time for is unwrapping pretty parcels. I have received a beautiful swap from the delightful Jozen who was my colour swap partner. Of course I plumed for pink, and had a wonderful swap from Jozen. Here it is all re wrapped, he he, I forgot to take a photograph of it wrapped as I was too eager to get stuck in, so I re wrapped them for you ;0)

I shall of course, in my next post, let you take a peek at the lovely and thoughtful items I received. Here they are, having been re wrapped by myself. Hope Jozen shall be as happy with her swap from me when she receives it.

I too have been a little busy with some lovely orders from my Facebook page. Here is a little selection of what I have been making.

Pretty and colourful patchwork....

And hand stitched pretty buttons....

Personalised totes for special girls....

With pretty linings....

And an Ohooo so vintagy little draught excluder.

There is a little running joke at home that I don't seem to have the time to sew 1 button on my husband's jacket, yet I have time to sew 45 ish on this pretty number. They are in the shape of a heart, the customer asked for buttons to some how be incorporated as she loves them so I thought a little heart would be perfect. and hand stitched on too, so handmade with love.

Right I better get back in that crafty area, and get handmaking some pretties. I have swaps to get on with and also some more orders. I am especially looking forward to making some bunting for a couple of special chaps. Their lovely mummy, said the boys loved their cushions I made for them, yes they are very advanced for their age ;0) and they now want some personalised bunting too.

P.S. I don't know if any of you saw Mary and I again on the television. We, or rather my infamous Candelabras made their anniversary programme :0) Now what do you think, was our expert right in saying they were cheesy. I hope Mary thinks the same, that we love our Dresden Candelabras, a wonderful keepsake of our special time on BH, and pretty too, and for what I paid for them back from the lovely guy who paid a fiver for the two, were in my eyes, cheap as chips ;0)

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Crafting



  1. oh we have just posted at the same time - mine's about all my lovely giveaway goodies.

    those magazines would be good reading!!! I love that bed in the Caroline Zoob article....

    I did see the BH anniversary episode :-D
    enjoy the weekend

  2. I love the mags, it is really lovely to get some eye candy and inexpensive inspiration.

    I am hoping this vertigo will go aay as I can not manage any sewing at the moment

  3. Hi hunni!

    Great mags!

    I love the slippers, I must make some, as I don't actually have any to wear at the mo!
    AND...I've some of that fabric left....WOOT!

    Happy weekend!xxx

  4. Aren't those old (or shall I say vintage) mags great?? They still have some wonderful ideas!!!

  5. lots of lovely magazine eye candy in those Mary! my CS dont tend to have magazines in, so lucky you finding so many!!
    Love your new hearts, and pretty draught excluder too. And ooooh I am cooing over those adorable babies!! xxx

  6. I love Crafts Beautiful, I had some of my stuff published in ths months issue, first time ever, wahey !
    Twiggy x

  7. yay well done on the header ;-)
    the NT thing is this week ive just checked
    link here
    you just need to download the bonus voucher x

  8. ooh loving all those crafty mags and I am not very jealous!

  9. That pile of mags will keep you busy for months :)

    Hadn't realised you'd been on BH - is cult viewing in this house. Big son can do a wonderful impression of Tim!

  10. All those magazines - what a find!

    Love those candlesticks too! Cheesy - how rude!!!!! ;0)

    Jille x

  11. Me encantan esas zapatillas del libro, a ver si te animas a hacerlas y nos las enseñas...

    Por cierto, los corazones son una monada! me encantan!!


    I`m charmed with these slippers of the book, to seeing if you encourage to do them and show them to us...

    Certainly, the hearts are a funnyface! I`m charmed with them!!


  12. ooh that was a fabaroonie post to read..I am liking the look of those crafty mags :) And your makes are , as always, gorgeous xx In love with the draught excluder :)
    I am busy busy in my new job.....and trying to fit in my meagre 2 swaps I signed up for...ooh nope there was 3 but one was just shopping no one is organised by me I better not be late!!!

  13. Crafts never go out of fashion & can be made with updated fabrics & so on but the basic principle is the same, so old mags are just as useful & interesting as new ones (says the magazine addict!)..
    The little boys are divine! I'm going to have to watch your TV appearance now!


  14. My soooo much Mary :)

    Those mags loook just fab there must be loads to do in them!
    I think it would take me a week to plough through those!
    Have fun!

  15. There sounds like some wonderful crafts to be getting on with there Mary, I look forward to seeing how you get on with these projects.

    I have Knitty Gritty and find it a really helpful book.

    Victoria xx

  16. your post was so full of pretties today....i loved all the goodies there were to look at!
    thanks for sharing!

    ciao bella

  17. Love the red accents on the soft furnishings, gorgeous!! Happy swapping, love Posie

  18. Lovely magazines. I love Kaffe Fassett, I met him about 10 years ago but I was a bit star struck!!!
    I'm off to look at the BH link....didn't know you were famous!! :)

  19. what a beautiful blog you have
    sandra x

  20. Haha Mary in the flesh!

    How come you still have the candelabra??


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