Tuesday, 2 March 2010

CK Pretties....

Hello :0)

Glad you liked the pink tool kit, it was £4.99 and from the always popular with me for cheap home pretties, store.

Ohooo lovelies, today is not turning out the way I had planned, I think the little man or lady is back and I am right about ready to pack my bags and leave tonight. I know when I signed up to live in the country, mice sometimes come along with that package, but he, she, or even they seem to like my little home, and I think would like to put up roots. So anyway there has been a little family chat, mostly me screeching and nagging, then of course other issues become an issue, it's my fault we have a mouse because I let the children walk round with food, true, more telling off about my cyber life, ie I probably should get a real one, hopefully meant in an almost jokey way, but has got me thinking, so the day is turning out to be a little of a cr** one actually. 

I thought to cheer me up a little I would share some prettiness, and show you what my little CK purchases were, that I bought when I went on a little shopping spree a week or so ago. They have a cute little child's bed display, I don't know about the children but I could happily climb in that of a night.

Before I went on my little CK spree, I popped into a store I sometimes have seen lovely, and very reduced CK pretties. Normally prints they don't do anymore and the like. Well, when I saw a duvet cover, half price, and in one of my favorite prints, in the basket it went. I couldn't find any matching pillowcases but that didn't bother me too much as I think CK bedding works so well with the mix and match look.

In the CK store, here is what I bought. A cute little purse for Miss. Poppins for her healthy tuck shop money, pretty napkins and tissues, and a sweet keyring for me, all in the ever popular Provence Rose.

A cool cowboy flannel for Master Poppins.

As I was chatting to an assistant, she explained to me that little Stanley was retiring and was going to be putting his cute and muddy paws up for a well earned rest. Being a girly girl, Stanley isn't really up there in my top favourite prints of CK, but as he is soon to be no more, in print of course, I wanted a little of him to come home with me.

Ohooo so cute hair grips for moi.

And some lovely badges for prettying up my bags, a cute pink plastic bobble, adorable mirror, pretty tissues and some funky pencils.

So, a nice little CK shop, nothing too fancy or individually expensive but some pretties to play with and bring a little smile to my face.



  1. Oh dear - we had mice once, in our first house!! I hated sharing my home with them - I ended up sleeping on the sofa as I found evidence of them in the drawers under my bed!! Yuk!!!
    On a brighter note, you bought some fab CK bargains!!! I love everything!!!

  2. What lovely shopping, all three of those shops are not available near me - but I am going to brighton soon and will get a chance to visit CK. Dear little mouse, but you wouldn't like him eating your food I guess. Our cat keeps the population down and they hide under my garden tubs to make getaways when she is around, but in the house - eek I wouldn't like that either.

  3. I really love that little CK cowboy wash cloth! So cute for a little boy! (My little boy is all grown up and away at University now.)
    You need a grown cat (or two) to take care of the wee mousie problem. :-)

  4. EWWWWWW! I hate mice with a passion. I don't know what it is, but I am completely terrified of them. I hope they decide to pack up and leave so you don't have to. I love all of your little pretties, that mirror is darling. I am so completely jealous of CK fabrics, they are always so gorgeous. I just can't find nice floral prints over here, what great finds.

  5. I know its not popular but we always use traps if any mouse squatters try & move in - top tip bait with choklit - they love it (so die happy!!)

    Love CK bargains - that Stanley fabric is lovely - I had a small amount of it.

  6. Oh no, mice are a nusance.
    Can you get a little cat to keep them away??
    Love your pretties.
    I saw a half pric ck duvet & pillow cases in a shop today, but they wern't in the pretty fabric yours are so I resisted. I had already spent some pennies in a couple of cs's so didn't feel too bad about leaving them.
    Hope your day gets better.
    If you can't get a cat you can get humain traps and peanut butter is a good bait for them.
    Good luck, Luv Sophie xxx

  7. Hi Mary...snap we have matching bows...I got the blue ones!

    Love the bedding!
    Must get back to Homesense soon!
    when Olly lets me have my bank card back!
    Its on "ice" like the film.....:>))

    CK always brings a smile to my face....when I was in CK last week...I met the lady who met Posy(Jane)- she said she had read our blogs!

    Have a good week....my day off tomorrow....what to do with myself....

  8. keep your eyes peeled for another very little CK pretty coming your way xx

  9. Country mouse....it's kinda' cute....lol

    love your shopping items...so very pretty....

  10. Lovely things, hope your day turns good for you. xxx

  11. Oh yes my mum and dad have had problems in the past with mice. And when i lived at home too. Its not very nice at all. I agree with pretty much what everyone else has said, traps or cats.

    Very lovely pretties. The bed is just gorgeous. Loved the little stanly bag too. I have ordered a CK catalogue but still have not received it. I sure it will turn up, then I will be having a huge wish list! lol.

    Hope things get better Mary.


  12. What lovely purchases you have there! I have that duvet cover and I think it is my favourite one... I love the rose print against the white, it is so pretty!

  13. Oh I try so hard not to like the CK stuff so much, but it's so not working!! I need to get myself to one of those shops and stock up on napkins for decoupage. I love the ones you bought. And oh no to poor ickle Stanley - must buy some fabric. DD loves him!

    Well done on all the fab purchases :OD

  14. Those are sweet goodies and the bed display is so cute!

    Don't you go changing Mary, you're perfect as you are. We don't live in the country but in our old house we had mice scurrying around overhead in the loft for a while and my other half used to put a trap up there and take the bodies away... yuck.

    Hugs, Mel xxx

  15. Hi Mary,

    I love the headboard on that bed. Don't worry, you take you time. :-) It'll be like an extra birthday present!

    Sian x

  16. ohmygoodness! i am so lucky to have you as a swap partner!

    love your blog!

  17. do you have an email i can reach you at?

    mine is jozpascual(at)hotmail(dot)com

  18. eeek at the mouse...I think I would have phoned the estate agent so you are one brave lady in my book :D
    lovely CK pretties...my eldest bought R the washcloth for christmas..he is not allowed to use it hehehe!!
    I have the stanley bag too..not terribly sad its being discontinued, its sweet but it ain't cowboy hey???!!!!!


  19. Town houses get mice too... my mum and dad's house probably has mice again as their last cat passed away last year... Our cat has cought a couple...mind you she may have brought them in... you just have to make sure your food is stored in mouse proof containers and that you don't leave crumbs and food debrise on hte floor and worktops... which I can sometimes be a bit of a beggar for doing... :(
    So long as the big old rats we had in the garden last year stay away I can deal with the mice! lol

    Lovely CK bits and bobs... I am not a huge fan of the CK frenzy I do like some of her prints and floral motifs I am not a really big follower of fads though... must be my upbringing! lol :D

    take care

  20. CK stuff is rather irresistible. You came away with some really lovely pieces.

  21. I would recommend peanut butter or mouse traps - have never failed with it.

  22. such pretty bed on the first picture... I'm no child, but would love to sleep in a bed like that.... ;)

    happy day


  23. Just wanted to let you know I have tagged you in a meme on my blog!

  24. Ahh! Mice! While I wouldn't want to hurt them I wouldn't want to share my house with them! good luck with getting them to pack their bags!!!
    What a stroke of luck with the duvet cover! I agree they mix and match beautifully, or look great with plain seperates!

  25. So pretty!
    I love Homesense. I was in there when we first moved in getting lots of lovely things to pretty up the new place.


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