Monday, 22 February 2010

Valentine Gifts....

Hello lovelies, I hope you are all rested after the holidays, if you had one. I enjoyed our little holiday in Wales and had fun. It was lovely seeing the family. Mr. Poppins' mum is doing much better after her fall, and is having a little extra help at home to aid her recovery. When she came out of hospital there was a new friend waiting for her by the stairs, a stair lift. Well I think it has gone down a treat, we all had a little ride and as well as Mr. Poppins' mum, all give it the thumbs up.

So would you like to see some pretties, I have to say was thoroughly spoilt on Valentine's day and here is what I unwrapped on the special day. For the first and have to say very special gift I have to thank a lovely lady for pointing me in the right direction. The Daisy Button necklace Gem bought was gorgeous and I had to have one in a similar fashion. Those of you who know me, would know I have a thing for Daisies. So I emailed the lovely Folksy seller, Made By Kate D . Kate sent me a photograph of one she had not long made, slightly different to Gem's, and on a silver chain, though with one of those Ohooo so cute vintage Daisy buttons on and I fell in love. Mr. Poppins kindly purchased it for me. I hope you like it, it really does look beautiful on, and everyone comments on how pretty it is.

The children laid out a beautiful heart shape using scented rose petals, for me when I woke up, so pretty. Then they even gave me a couple of pretty gifts too, yes I have to admit we do go to town in this house on every occasion I am afraid.

Cute huh, then one more to unwrap. A beautiful hanging heart decoration in my favourite colours, I have to say my children are very wise ones indeedy if they chose these pretty gifts for me all on their own ;0)

Of course it was only right that they had a couple too.

They both really love Charlie and Lola.

Ohooo my goodness one more for me to unwrap. Hmmmm I likey Mr. P.

I also wanted to get something for my lovely Family that truly meant something, so for my husband of course it had to be a very special heart, I love you sweet Mr. P.

For Master P, well we all know he is a special baby to me, yes alright, I know he is 3, but aren't our children forever our special babies.

And for my precious Miss. Poppins, maybe you could take a guess at what her favorite sweetie is, and words I whisper in her ear, every hour of every day.

I plumed for the prettiest gift I could find for Mr. Poppins. He does like the occasional drink of real ale, or beer, however it is called. Some of the guest beers they have at our local village inn have all manner of names, some I deem to be quite rood ;0) So when I saw this pretty beer glass, I thought would be a nice treat for him, and no longer shall his beer go warm in his glass.  

For a beer glass it is quite sweet don't you think. And useful too I believe.

So some lovely pretties don't you think, I hope you enjoyed browsing our little family Valentine treats and shall leave you with a photograph of the Valentine's card Mummy and Daddy gave to our precious Miss. Poppins, with, yes you guessed it, a sweet perfect Daisy on it. Ohooo yes, we all get a card here too.

So I am back and shall enjoy blog hopping and seeing how you all are. I have been on a little jaunt to Selfridges today, and nearly came away with some cereal for breakfast, that is before I saw the price, £7.50, eeeek. I took a photograph too, so shall let you all see. I also did a little CK shopping, the bill came to I think £40.00, but I came out with not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5 but 12 pretty items. Happy days. Can you guess why I am known as the shopaholic around here ;0)



  1. What lovely gifts you and your family exchanged - all so thoughtful

    Victoria xx

  2. You & yours have exchanged some lovely pressies :) I particularly love your necklace.

  3. Lovely gifts Mrs Poppins, I had a wii fit. Do you think my lovely man is trying to tell me something? 'hehe'.
    In all fairness i've wanted one for some time so there was a romantic gesture there and my gorgeous daughter bought me a pink cover for the board.

    Beki xxx

  4. How many CK mugs?!?!! :-)

    Very cute gifts.

  5. Please tell me you know how obsessed I am with Mary Poppins....we are soul sistas! :)

  6. Love the new header and I also love the valentines and what is more the sentiment and love that is behind them. You are lucky to have such a wonderful family and I know how much you cherrish them. I hvae a great mothers day gift idea coming up over the next week or so, also a great site that you could use for mr poppins on fathers day

  7. What a lovely valentines day your whole family had!

  8. Very pretty! I adore that Union Jack ribbon purse, very sweet! Glad you had such a fun holiday.

  9. Amazing amount of gifts....loving the sewing box hunni...totally cute!xxxx

  10. ooo i want valentines day in your house!!!

  11. Hi Mary,

    Thank you very much for the bits for my sale on Friday and thank you for making me a brooch, i shall look forward to recieving it xxxxxxx

  12. Some lovely pressies, what a lucky girl. I love that daisy necklace, I admired little Gem's when she had hers they are so pretty and girly. Your comment on my blog made me laugh, I've seen your lovely makes and you've no need to worry, I know you'll make something bootyfull. xxx Pixie xxx

  13. Lovely goodies you are Mary queen of shop(ing):D where is the UJ purse from ? Glad you got the header sorted I didn't get chance to find the size sorry but got caught up in mass ironing session :D

  14. Gorgeous valentines goodies Mary, lovely to see you all exchange pretty presents. The necklaces are lovely aren't they? I have had so many compliments on it, Kate could be a millionnaire!! xx

  15. Glad you had a good Valentines, Mary. How is all the Kaffe fabric? The new blog header looks fab.
    Hen x

  16. Hi there, looks like you have found some very special keepsakes for valentines. Lovely pictures too. Pleased to be your partner for the flowers swap, will email you. yaps xxx

  17. lovely goodies as always, love the new header as well :-) That necklace is sooooo you MM xxxxxx ((((hugs))))))) xxxxxxx MWAH xxxxxxx

  18. What gorgeous presents! All very thoughtful and full of love!

  19. Goodness!

    Lots of lovelies... Lucky you, and you also sound brighter - hope you are!

    Loved the necklace...

    Take care

    Love Lydia x

  20. Gorgeous gifts for everyone - perfect for Valentine's Day!!!!

  21. What pretty things, especially your necklace!


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