Friday, 26 February 2010

Thrifty Shopping....

Well I found a couple of pretties in the CS's over the holiday....

Some beautiful glazed cotton candy stripe sheeting in excellent condition, perfect for some little crafting projects.

I have some very happy childhood memories of my holidays here So when I saw who manufactured this pretty vase I had to have it.

Hmmm so much for my floral detox that was going on in the Poppins' household ;0)

I found a lovely little antique/collectible centre, selling some wonderful pretties and found these.

Aren't they sweet, a pretty pair of vintage hand embroidered Crinoline Lady cushion covers. I have to say, these kind of pretties have never been on my wish list, but I thought these looked really nice. 

What beautiful work has gone into them.

One of the covers has a darning issue and I thought I would change the backs into something a little jazzy to bring them right back up to date, and keep the vintage cotton for sewing projects. If any of you saw me on bargain hunt, you would probably know I like a good haggle ;0) I got the pair for £3.50, Bargain.

Before I pack for the weekend I thought you may like to see my WIP of the washing machine curtain. I need to find a little rod to attach it properly but I think it is looking lovely. Please excuse the mucky wooden floors, we haven't got round to sanding them yet.

A very big thank you to Sarah who sent me not one but two little packages of fabric for my kitchen projects. The first package seems to have been mislaid in post and she insisted on sending me another one, well it arrived safe and well, thank you Sarah for your beautiful and precious fabric.

I have given myself the challenge of having a shopping, the pretty kind of shopping, free weekend. Do you think I can do it, Hmmmm shall be hard, very hard ;0)



  1. I love your embroidered cushion covers, they are gorgeous. What a nice time you have had. I plan to do a bit of shopping this weekend but will be very surprised if I find goodies as lovely as these. have a great weekend. yaps xxx

  2. I don't darn either.....but I know oddly own 3 darning mushrooms, something about them just appeals to me!
    I love the curtain....very pretty Mary!

    I'm off sick today......
    So blogging hopping and seeing what everyone is up to.....


  3. I have one of the china posies - I bought it just after I got married!! They were really popular then!!! I love the curtain!! I love the fabric you were sent too!!!

  4. The curtain looks beautiful! I love the ladies, I wonder what they are chatting about as they take their stroll? I can not resist vintage embroidery! Suzie. xxx

  5. The curtain looks great, I love all the fabrics in it. xx

  6. The curtain is gorgeous. Also love the striped sheeting - can't wait to see what you make from it.xx

  7. Some very pretty finds there. Especially the striped sheets, I can never seem to find any like that in our charity shops only in the expensive shops! I love the curtain too, looks fab. :)

  8. great finds! those sheets are in such good condition, very lucky!
    The curtain is looking great!

  9. Curtain is looking lovely.

    Am a firm believer in never having enough floral things ;) though my menfolk object :(

  10. What lovely things, I love your washing machine cover. xxxx

  11. I love the candy stripe, reminds me of our bedding when I was little :) The embroidered ladies are gorgeous.
    Twiggy x

  12. Oh I just loved this post! I've been itching to get back into embroidery for quite some time now...and I think I'll do it after seeing the samples you have here...


  13. Wow those curtains are going to be wonderful

  14. The embroidered pillow covers are gorgeous! I like the little curtain that you made too! And I collect sock darners (but I do not darn either), so I really like your mushroomy one.

  15. just found your blog! it's so lovely, it make me smile :)


  16. Some lovely finds there, I have a darning mushroom I've never used!!! :)

  17. I think I could do with some charity shop rummaging... and when the weather cheers up a bit I think I might attend a car boot or 2... Tomorrow is our car boot day and the forcast is horrible.. so I think I will be lighting the fire and crocheting! lol

    I love the embroidery cushion covers...the mix of outline and filled in colour works really well together... and I am on the look out for a darning mushroom too...then all I have to learn is how to darn! ;D

    The patchwork curtain looks lovely and I will drop you an email about the tilda swap... and tell you a little more about myself etc and I hope we'll have a fine old time getting to know each other better..

    x Alex

  18. Hi! I had a curtain hiding my tumble dryer at my old house. (Not as lovely as your curtain though). I kept mine in place with net rods. You can buy the L shaped hooky things that are self adhesive. I got mine in 'Boyes' store(Great for PVC window frames too.)My curtain was quite heavy fabric and it was there for years. The trick is to apply the hooks and leave the 'sticky' to cure for a couple of days before hanging the rod. Sue XX

  19. You found yourself some lovely things there! I adore the washing machine curtain, what a great idea and you have used such lovely fabric too! x

  20. oh wow Mary!! the curtain looks gorgeous! xx

  21. Lovely finds. I love the china posy and the candy stripe sheeting.

  22. Been going back through your posts! Glad to see the curtain made - it looks great!


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