Tuesday, 23 February 2010

It Is A Fabric Thing....

As mentioned I visited a lovely fabric shop, the Copperfield Centre on the Isle of Anglesey whilst on my little holiday, I took some little snapshots and thought you may like to see. I have to say is a proper, as I call it, fabric shop, with proper prices ;0) I do think once in a while is nice to splash out on pretty fabric don't you think.

There is also a pretty shop owned by the same Family a couple of doors away, and is really beautiful inside.

Lovely displays....

Pretty quilts....

Ohooo I had fun mooching in there, and then it was off to the fabric shop :0)

Ohooo what pretty colours, lets have another look shall we.

The fabric was up, down, and all around.

Pretty ribbon and gifts too.

Mucho fabrico....

Ohooo now there was a little here I had to play with....

Can you guess which one I came home with....

I really did have fun there, apologies but can't seem to find any links to the lovely fabric store, so if any of you know of any do let me know.

I suppose you would maybe like to see what I came home with. Well apologies, am probably going to disappoint with my ickle stash I bought, but the good news is I am going back for the sales in a couple of weeks and also hoping to mooch with a new and very lovely blogger friend, won't that be fun. Not fun for my little wallet I bet ;0)

Well I bought some bondaweb, but that isn't very interesting to look at is it so haven't photographed that, but I have photographed my little fabric stash. Two really pretty FQs of floral fabric, and one FQ of my favourite Kaffe Fassett fabric.


A very CK Provence Rose esque moda fabric, I bought half a metre. What do you think, does it have that Provence Rose esqe look to you.

Pretty ribbon, and two gorgeous Daisy buttons I am saving up for a special project.

And some Ohooo so cute and pretty buttons.

So a lovely little purchase I thought to keep my crafty fingers busy as a little bee. One thing I have been busy with is getting on with making my Kitchen Diner projects with the lovely and special fabric you sent me, I am doing 3 special projects and here is a sneaky peak as I was having a play.Thank you so much again lovelies.

I hope it makes you as warm in your heart as it does in mine, seeing your lovely fabric being made into something very, very special to me. I truly have been very blessed to find as lovely a folk as you :0)



  1. Am loving the patchwork :)

    That fabric definately hints of the CK one.

    Gorgeous buttons too - mind if I pinch the bright pink ones?

  2. Lovely shop and lovely purchases Mary. Your patchwork is looking lovely...can't wait to see it all finished xx

  3. Oh Mary, doesnt the patchwork look great, I bet your heart sings everytime you think of it. I love the ribbon, espeically east of india stuff.

    Oh and I love all fabric!!

  4. What gorgeous shops!! You bought some fantastic things too!! I love the quilt!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!!

  5. Such lovely shops and gorgeous fabrics, ribbons and buttons. I really like those daisy buttons!

  6. Oh my!! What a fabric yumminess around here!!
    The patchwork is looking lovely and I can see a little bit of "the cosy corner" there! LOL

  7. The patchwork is gorgeous!! I would love to go to a fabric shop like that. So much eye candy!

  8. love the CK ish Moda fabric, do you knoe what its called as i may have to copy you :-)

    all thew patchwork fabrics look lovely together

    M xx

  9. What fun going round those shops, and great pieces that you brought back with you. Your patchwork is looking scrumptious. I am so excited to see the final thing.

  10. What a fantastic shop Mary...I'm going to Anglesy in April...my Birthday .wedding anniversary....so we always dash off somewhere!
    Only to my Mums humble caravan...but its so lovely there, when you have all that nice scenary, a bed is just a bed, ok back to the shop...def going there!
    Have you been to Beuamaris??
    Shope there called little eden and a antiques fair on sundays I think?

    The patchwork is sssssoooo pretty...the curtain is going to be beautiful!
    Better than the picture that you showed us of that website/magazine....xxxx

  11. Oooh how I love all that fabric!!! it's like being in a sweet shop all over again!
    fab fabrics there hun!
    My one wish is to own a craft / haberdashery shop....how fab would that be????
    Happy sewing....
    Karen x x x

  12. Oooh golly, I love the white FQ with the pink roses and dots on in particular and the Moda fabric is very Cath K indeed. I imagine the design is from a vintage fabric which Cath has "borrowed" (Moda too!) The patchwork is looking good...
    Hen x

  13. Love the patchwork!
    What a fab shop! xxx

  14. wow how beautiful is your patchwork..
    i love the look of that shop.. we are hoping to go to anglesey a bit more this year so it looks like ive got somwere to visit when im there!!

  15. Love the patchwork, it looks fantastic! :)

  16. Oh Mary I love everything in this post! Your quilt squares are looking gorgeous!

    That shop is to die for! An empty shop as come up just near me and really want to be brave and go for it as a sewing haven! So much more fun than an office. xx

  17. Everything is lovely, I didn't know KF did fabrics like this, have only seen the heavy tapestry stuff. This is the new CK for me!

  18. Stop the fabric flaunting! Its all too lovely!

    That shop looked lovly & the fabric was a good price too...

    The only thing I brought back from Holland was 4 FQ - of Moda fabric - In a peachy pink colour - 2 with the same print as yours!

    The patchwork looks good - looking forward to seeing it all done.

    Love Lydia xx

  19. I have fabric envy and button envy!! It all looks so pretty. I need to get me some more fabric. x

  20. The patchwork is looking brilliant and I am green with envy about the shop and your fabrics!!! Those daisy buttons are adorable.

    Mel xxx

  21. the fabrics look lovely together dont they , i am looking forward to seeing it all finished!
    that fabric shop is yummy I think i would still be in there :-D
    Lesley x

  22. What a fabulous shop - I would have gone fabric crazy. Those FQ's are beautiful and so cheap. Thanks for the info on your lovely letters. Thought I was being clever today and bought a bag of wooden letters to use as templates. It was only once home that I discovered that they were 2 different sizes!xx

  23. What a pretty blog, Love all the fabric and those buttons. Want to empty my cupboard and ogle mine now.
    Happy sewing

  24. What a fab shop! Bet you were in that fabric heaven for ages!!!
    Waht a lot of fabric you have received! I just love that all your bloggy friend will be part of your home!

  25. I love the patchwork Mary. What a lovely shop. I have a friend who has a holiday cottage in Anglesey, it is a place I keep saying I must go oneday.
    Love all your eye candy.xx

  26. Wow that shop looks gorgeous. I get a bit giddy when faced with that much fabric. So much to buy only so much to spend....... mmm it gets to be a difficult choice! lol.

    The patchwork is amazing. There are a lot of squares. So looking forward to see what you make with them all.


  27. Wow ... I've just sat here scrolling down and down going 'oooh' 'ahhh' 'ohhhh' 'wow' ..... what a lovely post, what a lovely shop and what lovely material. I'm going back to read the post now and find out where it is :o) Thank you so much for your lovely comment about Bridie too xx

  28. can't wait to see the finished products xxx

  29. What gorgeous pics, lots of eye candy to look at. All those fabrics!!!! my idea of heaven. xxx Pixie xxx

  30. As the song goes- Heaven I'm in heaven and my heart beats so etc etc!

    Golly I am booking a ticket to Anglesey toot sweet!
    What treasures.

  31. What a lovely shop and all your goodies. Your patchwork is great. I love all your colours etc. Can I ask you a question please. I've been cardmaking for years but have recently bought a little sewing machine and Paul's Auntie is going to teach me how to sew. My question is all your lovely hearts and cushions you make how much fabric would I need to buy to get started as I don't want to go too mad at first. Thanks for any advice. I just love reading your blog. I'm new to the blogging world and your blog was one of the first I found so thank for your inspiration. Jenny x

  32. Madre mía, me gusta todo todo y todo!!! los botones, las cintas, las telas... precioso!!!



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