Thursday, 11 February 2010

I Have Been Pretty Crafty....

Hello lovelies. So lovely to see so many of you entering my little giveaway I am an old fashioned girl at heart so like to write you all down on little pieces of paper, I have kept many of you from my last giveaway in the special little tin, and Miss. Poppins looks forward to writing some more names down and choosing a winner on Valentine's Day, good luck :0)

Well I have been a busy little crafting bee, yes wonders never cease do they. Though these crafting mojo's I keep finding, always appear in the depths of night, I seem to work best and chunder away on my little chine, way into the night. Always have been a night owl. So, what have I been making, well....

For a little while now, on my daughters bed is this pretty little cushion, it was bought from a very well known department store, pre my love of crafting days. There was something extra special about this cushion ;0) and I had to buy it. 

So I was looking at it yesterday and you know how it is crafters, we are always ones for having a go, thinking we could do that etc etc. So I looked at it longingly, and thought I would like to gain some inspiration from it and make a cushion for Miss. Poppins, for a little Valentine's Day gift, after all she is most definately a very special love in my life. Of course, what would make it special is that I would hand make it with love, bucketfuls, give it my own pretty twist, and maybe, maybe find a use for the pretty daisy button that I had been saving up for a special crafting project.

So here is my take on the cushion, I hope you like it. The felt flowers are pretty in the original cushion but I wanted to do something a little different, so used a little baby pink felt for the bottom half along with some CK at the top sewn onto a pretty pink polka dot background. Right down my pretty street. 

Backed with pretty candy stripe and of course a little pink Vintage Daisy label.

So go on lovely friends, which one do you prefer, I can take it, I really can. I am not at all a sensitive olde thing who takes criticism really well, hmmmmm if only ;0)

I have also being prettying up a little vest for a special lady who had seen the one I prettied up here and I gladly offered to do one for her too as a little treat. Once I received her vest I got to play with some pretty fabrics and buttons for the fabric necklace as I call it, I hope my special friend likes the ones I choose for her vest, I find it quite difficult making for someone else who has given you free rein on what fabrics colours to use, not everyone loves pink do they ;0)

Anyway a sneaky glimpse as item has not yet been received, I like it, I only hope my friend does too.   

Talking of prettying up clothes, My gorgeous and special nieces are due to visit the U.K. soon. My lovely Sister lives with her family in Cyprus and I wanted to make a little something to give her cute little girls when they get here. So  take three reasonably pretty baby pink tee shirts.

And now we have one for Big Sister....

One for Little Sister....

And one for Baby Sister....

A little prettier now don't you think. I have also made a very special cowboy cushion as a gift for a lovely old school friend to welcome her new baby boy into the world.

More pretty Raggy Hearts.

I think these little hearts look lovely hanging sweetly on the corner of something pretty.

I came up with an idea that Raggy Initials may work too, I hope Miss. Poppins' friend likes it.

And whilst I was feeling motivated, thought I would crack on and do something with Master Poppins' beautiful baby blanket. It is adorable and is a Anne Claire Petit blanket, and was a wonderful and special gift from my ever so lovely Sister in Law when Master Popps was born. Her own third son happened to have been born on exactly the same day, think Master Poppins is older by a couple of hours or so and she full term and I a mere 29 weeks. To have twin cousins in the family is lovely.

It is lambswool and Master P loves it, though of course, as he has grown, unfortunately it has not. It has been washed many times, and before it's shape went I wanted to bring some new life into it. I am a hoarder, yes, I am a sentimental fool, yes, but on this one, I really felt I didn't want to have it sitting in the drawer. It is too nice for that, and I wanted it to be made into something new. Hope you and my lovely Sister in Law aren't cross with me, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, though I can't say that first cut was easy. Hope you like what I have done.

I really wanted to have a heart incorporated as Master P has a very special one and I thought if I could sprinkle as much love onto it too, then it would be the perfect cushion in my eyes. Do you like it, I really hope so, you were all with me in spirit when I made it. I have a little left over to make a couple more pretties, and the back is in the same soft delicious fabric too.

Now all we have to decide is who gets to keep it, for now it look like it is  Master P ;0)

So there you have it, some of my little makes.

Talking of makes a new reader to my blog did a thought provoking to me, post about selling to friends and the exchange of monies. Most of the sales of my pretties are done to friends through school, word of mouth etc, and I always look to the ground when it comes to asking, or talking about money. I have to say there is always a special feeling when I make pretties that are to be given as gifts, don't get me wrong, it is there too when something is being made to sell, but maybe the pressure is there also, I don't know, maybe to make it spot on, I am a little of a perfectionist. Do you sell to friends, how do you find it, is it ever a little awkward dare I say it. I am also feeling a little lack lustre in the olde inspiration department, I seem to be failing at finding new ideas and crafts to make, where do you gain your inspiration. I have to say I was a little inspired by the Shabby Chic for children's bedrooms feature with Danielle Proud on This Morning, and really want to have a go at covering the polysterene letters.

I walked past a beautiful shop near me, very shabby chic, and something caught my eye, a pretty Raggy Heart. Well I never, not whose been eating my porridge but whose been reading my blog ;0) He He, I know Raggy hearts have been around forever, but one of these days, I really, really want to make something that has never, ever been seen or heard of before....

Happy Crafting



  1. LOVE the cushion that you made for your daughter, you can definately see that it was made with lots of love!!
    x Steph

  2. Thanks for this post full of crafty inspiration!!! Love the Daisy pillow, and the cowboy one. But the rest of your craftworks are cute too.
    I've lots of fabrics, cushions....hmmm... I've a job to do!

  3. Oh my goodness Mary, you have been busy! I love the cushion you made with your son's blanket, and I love your version of the daisy cushion too!
    R x

  4. The daisy and love cushion you have made are so so pretty and special too for those you love. You really are an expert crafter :) Keep up the good work.. I get inspiration from magazines and the internet and from older people, I always find they have great ideas. I aint the best of crafters so in terms of my own innovative projects I'm not very good at coming up with new ideas.

    All things nice...

  5. You have been so busy - can't pick a favourite all lovely.

    My w would love that cowboy cushion.

    I love our S&B group - feel really lucky we have one in town. I guess blogging is like an online one.

  6. Lovely ... I like your cushion the best, lots of love in it. Yes, inspiration is difficult, I sell online too - but find it comes to me at the oddest moments - particularly when I'm not thinking about sewing. Like the dormouse teacosy that arrived after I read about Alice in Wonderland in my NT magazine. But your things seem full of inspiration to me!

  7. I love what you have made - all of it. I have a lovley baby blanket in wool that was mini's - you have inspired me to make a cushion. I am very, very impressed. In fact I asked mum to pick up some cheap plain t's in USA for me to pretty for the boys!

  8. the two daisy cushions look great together! And that stripey love cushion is awesome!

  9. my oh my you had been busy hadn't you! the two cushions are my fav - the one with Master P's blanket is yummy :-)i saw some t shirts with initials in a mag recently and they were silly money so you should get some like that in your blog shop!

  10. I love all your projects, the blanket cushion is a great idea!

  11. I love the cushion you made for your daughter much better than the bought one!!! Love the raggy heart too!! You are so clever!!!

  12. Hiya hunni
    I do very much love all of your makes they are very pretty. I definatly prefer the cushion that you made for as apposed to the shop bought one. I just think that it has more love and meaning it it.
    I nearly always look on the www for inspiration and of course my pile of crafty book's although I really do get what you mean about wanting to make something totally new.
    A quick question for you hunni and I hope you don't mind me asking but where do you buy your fabrics from they are always so very pretty.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend

  13. Gosh you have been busy., As always i love everything :-)

  14. Hi Mary,

    You have been a busy bee! I love your makes. The brought cushion is certainly pretty and eye catching so can see why you brought in the first place. But your one is just if not more than pretty. Gorgeous. Just love Master Poppins cushion. Something he can treasure forever.
    and all the T. Shirts are just gorgeous.

    I have in the past sold more to family than friends. It can be difficult when asking for the money, you are never sure whether they are in the first place pleased with what you have made, but feel bound to hand over the dosh. It is difficult.

    I at the mo have lots of ideas but no compunction to make them. I have come to a cross roads with my making. I love making for the house or my girls, or even pressies. I love making to even sell (as long as its something I am comfortable to make.) but that is just it. I want to start making my hobby into a little job earn a few extra pennies, but i am scaring myself off. and dont really know where to start! Have been telling myself off but I am a stuborn so and so! lol.

    Thanks for all the lovely crafty eyecandy. Hope you have a great weekend.


  15. I love it all! Wowza you have been mightily busy!

    I like both cushions to be honest, but really like the main cover of the bought one, you said to be honest :o)

    I have been trying all day to find those 99p polystyrene letters, all I have come with is ones that are £4.50 each! Wish they would put the details up on the website.

    You make lovely things and should be so proud. xx

  16. You have been really busy and it is ALL gorgeous! Love those t shirts. Such a great idea. Might have to make some of those for my nieces. I find looking at other peoples blogs pretty inspiring. Not that I want to copy peoples ideas but it just gives you different takes on things and different fabrics and colour combinations. I tend to make the sames things again and again. I'm a bit of a magazine addict too!! Like I said on my blog I really hate talking money with friends and obsess over things I sell to people I know - actually I also worry about things I sell online too. At craft fairs at least people have seen what they are buying so you know they like it and are happy with the quality. I just worry generally!!

  17. I so love your cushion with CK on. The little blanket is just brilliant - looks v professional! For inspiration I have a file which is home to pics of lovely things that I see that inspire me - either things I want to recreate (idea stealer.... who me?) but also gorgeous photos of the beach, or pretty flowers or vintage furniture. I also flick through the CK catalogue! Well done again on your makes x

  18. Mary you have been busy, so really lovely things as well. I love your daisy cushion you made for your daughter and the one you made for your son is just perfect.
    I'm just finding it so hard to get motivated lately. I tried free motion embroidery on TWO machines this evening and couldn't get it to work on either. Hmmmm, just got a tangled mess.

  19. you have been busy mary!!!

    that cushion is soo gorgeous...better than the bought one i say!!!

    Love those vests....i bought that book so darn cute off of amazon from the post you did a while ago, not quite sure when i'll get round to making bits yet...hopefully when i've completely organised and decorated my work room, which i was hoping would have been finished by now....alas it has not even begun!!!

    Have a good weekend hun xx

  20. Yours is definitely way prettier than the bought one, no question about it. I thought the bought one had a handle but then i realised it was the heart on the pillow! Love the stripy cushion too and those darling little t-shirts are cute as. And you say you are lacking in inspiration???

  21. You have definitely been busy, and with such success. I absolutely love your daisy cushion better, the fabrics are just perfect. The new pillow with your son's blanket is gorgeous, very well done, and I love your pink raggy heart, very sweet. Boy, if this is what you can pull off when you are lacking inspiration, yikes, I can't imagine what you can do when you are running full steam ahead. Everything is so lovely, great job.

  22. The daisy cushions are lovely but I definitely thinks yours is nicer. I'm a sucker for a bit of CK! The raggy initial is really pretty too. xx

  23. I like yours best, but they are both very pretty, what a co-incidence about the daisy button! :) I love your initialed goodies, the t-shirts are so sweet and love the raggy hearts. You are just full of crafty pretty ideas so don't ever think your ideas are not wonderful and original.
    P.S you don't have any LittleGem-sized pink t-shirts do ya? x

  24. p.s what department store? ive never seen anything as pretty as that cushion in M&S!!!

  25. Hello Mary

    Well I think the daisy pillow you made is better than the shop brought one....

    What a lot of lovely makes, so lovely to see what you made from Mr Poppin's blanket - scarily I just washed little ladys blanket today & was thinking it was just too nice to go in the loft..... May have to face the fear....

    So what if rag hearts have been around a while? its the love & care the you put into yours that make them special. Stop being hard on yourself, your creating is lovely and unique to you...Carry on with the lovely makes.

    I have had similar troubles giving costs when making cakes from friends. It just feels embarrassing....

    Love Lydia xx

  26. I prefer your Daisy cushion to the shop one, its very pretty. You have been a busy girl crafting lots of lovelies to look at. I'm loving the raggy hearts too. xxx Pixie xxx

  27. Blimey you've been busy - you put me to shame - so I assume you found the 37 hour days? - please can I have one too!
    Just my luck if I was given a 37 hour day they'd say I coyuld only use it for cleaning the oven and other housework horrors!!!!

  28. You certainly do have your Mojo! I saw the two cushions on facebook, and I couldn't tell which was shop bought, but I love yours the best. Yes I do! suzie xxx

  29. Beautiful work. What a treat for your daughter she will love it. You are very creative. best wishes julie.c

  30. Your sons cushion for master P is a winner in book, mind you love them all!! Kx

  31. hi Mary....beautiful makes! well done you. Loving all your ideas!
    I often make something only to find that someone has a similar idea on a blog somewhere and I always think that they will think I've copied them...I do worry so!
    can I ask where you got your lovely pink labels from? I'm looking for something like that for Tilly Rose.
    I'm so like you when it comes to charging for things....I'm rubbish! That's quite a hard lesson to pick up isn't it?!
    Karen x x x

  32. Oh - and you say that you don't get enough done?! Beautiful makes, just lovely. May I ask how you cut your letters? Is it by hand or do you have a crafty machine? I am torn between having people say that my things are lovely and I should sell, but then find it soo awkward....Ho hum!xx

  33. see-this is why i want a sewing machine!!
    i dont hope to have half the crafty talent that you have but just to say that i have made something! ! would be well -something!!
    i love your creations there just lovely ....i honestly think i feel an actual sigh coming on ...


  34. You are very clever, these are all beautiful, how lucky your children are.

    Hugs RosieP x

  35. mary mary mary!!
    i dont think that i can actually contain myself!!
    i had my little eye on sewing machines at john lewis and then you go and recommend them to the novice that i am!!
    oh the candy colours!!you have sold them to me you lovely lady!!
    and another excuse to make a trip to john lewis =) =)

    x x x

  36. Soemone's been a busy bee, I love it all, I do prefer your cushion, the other is very pretty but I prefer the pink tones on yours!! What a great idea for the blanket, it looks brill, and Im sure your nieces will be so thrilled with thr t-shirts!! Well done you!!
    Claire xx

  37. What great makes you clever thing you :D
    well actually M before I scrolled down and read your question I had muttered to myself..well I like Mary's that is my answer!!!
    love love love Master P's love cushion!! what a lovely idea xxx

  38. What eye candy! Your take on the daisy cushion wins hands down for sure. How on earth have you managed to get so much done? I also love the t-shirts & shabby hearts (actually I love everything!) Your crafting is fabulous!!

    Have a lovely weekend

    Natasha x

  39. Darling, wishing you a lovely weekend and a love filled Valentine’s Day.

    Love & Hugs


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