Monday, 8 February 2010

Give Me a G....G, Give Me An I....I, Give Me A V....V, Give Me An E....E,....

Hello friends, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

We went to a little party, a friend's 40th surprise birthday. We had a lovely time and it has got me thinking. Mr. P shall be 40 in June and I really should be thinking about organising something, I love parties and I don't think I shall procrastinate too long on this one ;) So where to begin, well I guess it is the where, when, what, how many, budgets, etc I need to be thinking about. I would secretly quite like a surprise black tie ball if I am honest, I can't resist a chance for a good dress up, but know that shall probably never happen. Have any of you organised a loved ones birthday, did it all go to plan. Any tips.

Talking of tips, thank you so much for your wonderful tips, advice, and special comments on my procrastination. I hopefully have got round to all to say thanks and your advice has been so helpful and thought provoking. I can't change who I am really, and I guess if I look deep into my soul, tis not procrastination, well alright, a little, but there is a little cheeky amount of laziness going on too. There I have said it, I AM A LITTLE LAZY, again, shouting at me, not you. Actually are procrastination and laziness the same thing, Mmmmm.

Righteo, anyone around here like Giveaway's. Mmmmm anyone, hands up if you do. Now I hope you are all sticking your hand up right in the air, nice and straight too, because if you are cheating and not putting your hand up, you can't enter ;) As you are a lovely bunch, and to thank you for reading, laughing, listening sometimes crying at my ickle rambles on here I would like to offer you the chance of winning some pretties.


Not everything in the giveaway is pure vintage, but to me, there definately has that feel about it. So you could win....

A beautiful little Sadler teapot, possibly 1920-1940s, I think would look so sweet with flowers in and displayed on a pretty shelf.


The floral design is very quaint indeed....                                                     

A little new and not so new fabric, vintage bias binding, cotton reels and thimble....

Some beautiful floral stickers, meant for fridge but would look lovely anywhere around your home, cute polka dot napkins and Sarah Smith dusters....

A little CK writing paper and some CK stickers.... 

One of my handmade oversized floral corsages....

And a little beauty here, some wonderful and very vintage esque string of pretty pearls. I have done the pearl test and think they are faux, but if you find out they are real, you shall remember me won't you ;0) They really are quite stunning, I have popped them in one of my favorite vintage Bond Street Of London jewellery boxes for you to keep too. They have a pretty clasp, safety chain too and measure approximately 19 inches.

I do hope if you are the winner you shall wear them with pride and be reminded of Blogland a little. 

Also if you are the winner, I would like to make an ickle handmade pretty especially for you. Hopefully something that you would like.

So if anything there tickles your fancy and you would like to go in the pretty hat you are very, very welcome. I am a simple girl, so simple rules on my Blog. You do not have to follow me to enter, doesn't sit easy with me that term followers, almost like the specialness and feel of a blog is determined by how many followers one has, I read blogs that have followers ranging from 10s to 1000s of followers and for me, sometimes the ones with the 10s often do it for me, though I love to be followed, I really do, and I love to follow back, but I think maybe a new word is needed, like readers, or friends, of blog. Maybe I am on my own here. I don't know, but I wouldn't want to almost make people follow me because I am doing a giveaway, but because you like my blog and what to share my journey anyway, does that make sense, now I am waffling so back to the rules.

So you don't have to follow me or link to me, though if you would like to link and use one of my photographs for your sidebar then I am more than happy for you do so. One comment, on this post, although do please say if you would rather not go in the hat, equals your name going in the hat and international readers are more than welcome to go in the hat too. Being a Valentine's giveaway, Miss. Poppins shall draw a winner from the hat on Valentine's Day.

Good luck if you decide to enter.

Well, I have had a lovely lady come say hello, we had good fun doing what ladies do best, eating cakes ;0)

It really is nice to have met a lovely person through blogging, and then meet them in RL as it were, hopefully we seem to have clicked and do enjoy one another's company. I tend to be very quiet about my little Blog in RL, she is my baby and I can be very protective over her. So don't really shout out about my secret Mary Poppins world to RL friends, plus you all probably know more about me than them by now, well almost ;) To meet a brand new RL friend through blogging is kinda nice.

And of course when those lovely friends bring presents, belated Christmas presents, it is extra nice. As well as a lovely gift for Miss. and Master P, I got treats too. A lovely and very pretty handwriting set.


Some gorgeous red polka dot picnic wear.


And look at the yummylicious fabric Lesley gave to me for my kitchen project, wow, how beautiful. Thank you so much Lesley.

Thank you too to the lovely Elaine on the SC Cafe for the prettiest fabric for my kitchen project. Thank you for the lovely and special card too.

I really hope you like what I do with your pretty fabric, and please, if you have sent a little for my kitchen project and haven't heard from me please do let me know. I hopefully have emailed all of you personally who have been so kind to send me something, I could never have dreamed of so many of you wanting to be a part of my new and hopefully improved kitchen, and would really not like to think I had forgotten to thank any of you. So please do shout if you have not heard from me.    

So for some more thank you's.

Thank you to the ever so charming Mad Mummy for her wonderful and very special Rosali fabric, a real favourite of hers, and so was very honored that Mad Mummy sent me some. And look at the delightful Home Sweet Home Stitchery Steph made for me, isn't is gorgeous. So pretty and the beautiful felt flower, so cute. Well I think you deserve a little linky Ms. Mad Mummy, I know you haven't asked, and I hope you don't mind but I think your lovely website should be mentioned Thank you so much for your lovely fabric and gift.  

And from a lovely blogger friend from abroad, Mayberry I want to thank Auntie Bee for her wonderful and pretty floral fabric, so sweet. And what cute hand soap and handcream all the way from New Zealand I received.


Aunty Bee also wanted to send some fabric for me to make something for Miss and Master Poppins, Ohooo can I really cut into this cute Michael Miller one, isn't it adorable.

Thank you so much Aunty Bee, I shall really enjoy playing with your special fabric.

I had a really pretty treat from the lovely Victoria Plum who sent me the loveliest and very generous pink and white floral fabric, so me and so so cute, the pretty CK writing paper was a pleasing read on the eye too. Hope all is well with you Victoria Plum, VP has had some special news, and all you lovely ladies playing home to wonderful, precious and special little people in your special tums, I always say my prayers for you. 


Thank you to a  lovely lady, Blossom And Roses who sent me the cutest fabric for my project. I love Blossom And Roses' pretty blog, though she must stop posting pretty photographs of fabric, for my ( husband's ) wallet's sake of course, seeing all that lovely Tanya Whelan on her post, and knowing how much I love it, well I had to buy some more didn't I :) Thank you B&R .


And I want to say a heartfelt thank you to a wonderfully talented and lovely lady, Au coeur d'artycho for the  *sweetest* fabric, sweets, how I love sweets and look at the pretty and I have to say very generous fabric that came my way from the lovely au coeur d'artycho. If you click on the photograph to enlarge, you shall see the sweetest little sweet shops, so lovely. I adore the pretty pink candy stripe bag the fabric came in too. Thank you  Au coeur d'artycho.   

So now comes the time when I am actually going to get cracking at do something with all your generous fabric, I have had a couple more ideas and hope you are happy to share in the journey with me.


Hope you have enjoyed looking at the wonderful fabric and I really look forward to cracking on with my project/s. Good luck again, if you want to go in the hat.



  1. as i am the first to comment does it mean its mine.......

    ok i suppose not....

    lots of lovely fabric for a lovely lady who i am honoured to have met in RL

    M xx

  2. Wow - what a fabulous give-away. i would be very honoured to be included, thank you. I totally agree with the 'following' thing. Whilst it is nice to see the numbers increase, it is far more satisfying to receive a genuine heart-felt comment. Thanks again Mary, xx

  3. Well, Mary, yes please! And good luck in my giveaway too...

    I've met two bloggers in RL now and it is rather special, isn't it?

    Thanks for your pretty pictures and all your news, Mary.

  4. Wow! So many lovely things- please let me enter! That corsage is really pretty. :)

  5. leave me out of the hat Mrs P as I have had more than enough lovely gifts from yourself over the past year or so and its okay for someone else to get your pretties this time ;-)
    I did enjoy being grown ups drinking coffee and eating cake we must do it more often!

  6. What a lovely giveaway. I would love to enter please. I agree about the term 'followers'. Makes me think of stalkers! Obviously that's not what we are! :) xx

  7. Meeting bloggy pals in the flesh is lovely isn't it ? The fabric you've received is rather super and what a fab giveaway. I've noticed that all the best folk are 40 this year, ahem :)
    Twiggy x

  8. I could wander through your pages for hours, drifting around gazing at fabric, thank you

  9. oooh, ooodles more lovely fabric there - cant wait to see what you make!
    Fab giveaway too - so generous of you. I'd love to be entered please if thats ok.
    BH x

  10. Wow, Mary, what an amazing giveaway!! I'd love to be included, thank you. And some more gorgeous fabrics - your kitchen will look so, so pretty! I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting any blog-friends in RL, but I hope that will change this year. If you're ever down London way...
    Rachel xx

  11. Oh sounds like you had a great time meeting a blogger friend in real life. You sound a bit like me, my RL friends don't do blogs at all. I don't think some of them even know that blogs exist, however some of them have looked me up :) I would be delighted to enter your giveaway everything is so pretty :) Thank you so much. I love visiting your blog :) As for the party planning I can't say I'm any good at it, although themed parties are fun :) and I do love a tea party :) Maybe it would be like an evening tea (with food) kind of party.

    All things nice...

  12. Oh my goodness! Just a wee small post then ;-)

    Jumping up and down and clapping my hands...oh yes please enter me for your fabulous giveaway - I just adore teapots and that one is gorgeous.

    I've met one blogger friend in real life - Lala, and am going to meet Jus and Sarah in NZ soon. I can't wait!

  13. Can't wait to see what you will make out of all your great fabrics! it was my pleasure to contribute, exciting!

  14. OMG..... this is a stunning post!!!! I'm from overseas, and I do love to enter your precious give away. I became a follower of your blog a while ago, because your posts are always really eye candy! Thanks for sharing!
    Elly from the Netherlands

  15. I have seen a few blogging pals in real life!! Hope to see a few more this year!!
    The fabric you have received is gorgeous!! Your makes will be so precious to you!! Hope the kitchen is coming along well!!
    Have a lovely week : )
    Sharon xx

    P.S. ..... Could I be included in the giveaway please? It's sooooo lovely!!!

  16. What a feast of colour - please include me in the random number thingie ;)

    Am quite lucky that a good RL is a fellow blogger though neither had mentioned it till I stubbled upon her blog one day.

    There's a few Suffolk bloggers so perhaps we'll meet up sometime.

  17. I adore all the fabric you have been receving - I am sure this kitchen is going to be a marster peice!!

    And your giveaway well words faily me.

  18. Helloooo

    I think you must have the BEST fabric stash in blogland right now Mary! Lucky thing :)

    Pretty please can I enter your giveaway, you have so many of my favourite things there. I spy Bibi in that corsage and you know how I feel about rose china. Yummy!

    I keep my blog quiet in RL too, I've said too much about too many!!!

    Mel xxx

  19. Hi I have been reading your posts for a while now and really enjoy your blog. I would love to be entered in your giveaway - what lovely things - I would actually use the teapot to make my tea! but it could be quite heavy and costly to post to the UK so if I was lucky enough to win would be happy enough with the other lovely items. Please enter me in your hat! Mrs Yappy Dog.

  20. p.s. I just noticed that lovely teapot lives in the UK, so all I have to do is be the winner and it's all mine! - if I was - guess what! I would put it's picture on my blog to replace my current teapot!!!

  21. Goodness, the list of giveaway goodies just got longer and longer. Please can I enter, pretty please!
    Can I let you in on a secret? Come close and I'll whisper, when I say I procrastinate, I mean I'm lazy too. Sh! Don't tell anyone! Even though everyone is listening. Secret, remember!
    Ali XX

  22. Ooh lady that is one fabulous stash! xx

  23. Yoohoo, over here! I have my hand up. I know I am difficult to spot, because I am slightly short. You have put together such a lovely selection of goodies, who wouldn't like to win those.

  24. Yoohoo, over here! I have my hand up. I know I am difficult to spot, because I am slightly short. You have put together such a lovely selection of goodies, who wouldn't like to win those.

  25. Hi Mary!
    That is so generous of you. I am totally I'm for the hive a
    way and Im itching to see your kitchen creations with the fab fabrics you are receiving.

  26. Beautiful, beautiful, your post, your blog and you too! L>ove the Michael miller! Lovely giveaway, someone (hope me!) will be very lucky! Suzie xxx

  27. What a fantastic giveaway and lovely blog. I've just discovered you!! I would love to enter please. x

  28. what a lovely long post that i thoroughly enjoyed.

    A great giveaway Mary, very generous.
    Please enter me xx

  29. loving the give-away can i please please go in the hat...... think the corsage is very cute xxxx

  30. Oh gosh I love it all Mary! Especially your corsage and those pearls! Such generosity.

    I really do like to read your posts as they are always so entertaining and interesting :o)

    So yes please put me in the hat! xx

  31. what a lovely giveaway.. lots of variety and lots of vintagey goodness!!!
    i didnt set out to get some huge amount of followers my blog, its just my diary of my housey loves and likes and the fact that the hubby doesnt care about vintage cake stands and baskets.. so i need somewere to talk about it!!.. so to have people following my blog is such a bonus!!!

  32. what a lovely giveaway.. lots of variety and lots of vintagey goodness!!!
    i didnt set out to get some huge amount of followers my blog, its just my diary of my housey loves and likes and the fact that the hubby doesnt care about vintage cake stands and baskets.. so i need somewere to talk about it!!.. so to have people following my blog is such a bonus!!!

  33. Wow, what a lovely giveaway, such beautiful pretties! Please enter me into the hat. Thank you :-)
    I cant wait to see how all your lovely new fabric is going to look in your new kitchen. I'm very envious.....of the fabric and the new kitchen. x K

  34. I've just blogged about your lovely blog too!

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Commented and forgot to say...

    Yes please, such a generous giveaway, and such a gorgeous blog, I want to have afternoon tea now and set my table with pretties :0) and eat cake with my friends :0)

  37. Hi Mary

    Although I am not a blogger myself I love reading blogs and yours is saved in my ffavourites. I would love to be included in the draw if possible.


  38. I'm not sure if you have my fabric yet Mary? I sent you an email yesterday about it. It's a spotty fabric with little strawberries on it. Sound familiar?

    Oh well anyway, I think I might like to enter your very lovely giveaway. Yes I'm quite sure I would actually! But please, if I win, I will not allow you to send that pretty tea pot all the way to NZ. Aside from the cost of it all, it just might break.

  39. Oh Mary, what a fabulous giveaway. I absolutely adore your brooch, it's fantastic. I cannot wait to see your new kitchen, it is going to be fabulous.

  40. Hi Mary....oh please count me in for your lovely givaway. I've just recently bought a sugar bowl and ginger jar with the exact design. I think it is so sweet and gorgeous!
    You have some fab fabrics there hunny...have fun playing with them!
    hugs Karen x
    P.S Ditto ditto ditto about the followers comment....I'm with you all the way on that one. We should be called friends etc...much nicer!

  41. Oooh, lovely things there. Count me in I'm a sucker for pearls. I think they look so elegant. :-)

  42. Morning Mary! Ooooh what a fantabulous giveaway. It would be so silly not to want to enter to have the chance to receive such a gorgeous bunch of goodies! Your fabric stash is looking gorgeous! I'm sure something amazing will come from it all! Have a great day! xxxxx

  43. What an adorable giveaway, and I did indeed enjoy looking at all of the fun fabrics!

  44. I'd love to be entered into your giveaway. Thank you!

  45. Hello - just found your blog through the dorset website - lovely things everywhere! I have a huge stash of scraps of fabric and no ideas of what to do with them - will definately be back to borrow inspiration!

    I would love to be included in your give away - the corsage is fab but I notice that lots of others have their eye on it but I also have a bead fettish so those pearls would be well cared for here xo

  46. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! You sure are spoiling us, i'd love to enter pretty please!

    The photos of the fabric are stunning, you are one lucky lady! Can't wait to see your creation!

    Laura x

  47. What a lovely post Mary, glad you liked your parcel!!
    I would love to enter your giveaway, what a lot of gorgeous-ness!!
    xxx steph

  48. Wow, what a feast for the eyes!!!! such gorgeousness - yes, please would love to be included in the giveaway.

  49. Its my hubbies 40th in May and I'm at a loss what to do, don't think he would like a party so Im thinking of a golf weekend away but question is do i arrange it for just him and his golf buddy or them and me and golf buddies wife....hmmmm!!!
    What a lovely giveaway and you had some lovley pressis!
    Enjoy your tea with L, I'm sure you will have al ovely time....wish i could join you!
    Claire x

  50. what a lovely giveaway! please do throw me into your pretty hat!


  51. I definitely fancy the coffee and cakes!! I'd love to be entered in your give away please!!

  52. I should very much like to enter your incredibly generous giveaway.
    What ovely fabrics you were sent - I am v. jealous of that sweetshop one!

  53. Hello, I came over from Serena to visit your blog and found this lovely give away!
    I see we have been in the same Swap of Floss too.
    You received lovely fabrics. Love the colors and motifes very much.
    I would love to be included in your give away!

  54. Such a lovely post and a very pretty giveaway. Please put my name in the hat :)

  55. Hi Mary,

    Lovely post lots prettiness to drool over there! lol.

    Cant wait to see how all the fabric squares turn out. I am sure its going to be really beautiful.

    Love to enter your giveaway, very generous prizes. Although Having recently won a few I would imagine my luck quota would be right down about now! lol. But i will give it a go anyway.

    Hope you have a lovely week.


  56. Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!
    Dear Mrs Poppins.
    Please make my dreams come true, so I can drink tea from the finest bone china teapot(well not straight from the teapot), make some yummy things with the scrummy fabrics, starting with a baby teapot cozy for my new teapot :-)Whilst wearing my wonderful pearls, which you can never have too many of, and of course must be worn all at once.
    As you can see Mrs Poppins I do not have any notelets to send you a thank-you note on, but hopefully.....and my those stickers!!
    You see I forgot to tell you I have the perfect red jacket to pin my corsase on to. OK so its still sitting in the Laura Ashley Window, but it will be mine one day......

  57. Hello Mary,
    I agree with you on the followers. A nice comment is much nicer than a lot of followers.
    Your give away is very nice. I love the teapot, but it wouldn't survive a trip to the Netherlands I think. The CK writing paper and stickers are very cute.
    Take care,

  58. Oooh please enter me in your very generous giveaway,I'd love to win any of those treats. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all meet up and sit and chat whilst drinking tea and eating cakes. Ah bliss...Lucey xx

  59. I just popped over to say 'hello' and thank you so much for your lovely message yesterday, but as your having a give away then......hello, h.e.l.l.o, hellllooooo!

    take care and have a fabulous evening,

    Nina x

    ps. no worries with the grumps, you can hold my hand if you like! N xXx

  60. wow!!! You have such sweet lovely items in your giveaway...whoever is the winner will be a lucky girl for sure. I hope it's me, but have a very sweet blog that is a pleasure to read. This is my first visit here, but I hope not my last. All the best to you and your family from a another shabby chic girl in Texas.

  61. Hello ...this is my first stop to your blog..and I think I'll follow you, even though it's not necessary in order to be entered to win the giveaway!

    please put me down....I love all the goodies..

    come for a visit sometime...

  62. Hello! I have recently discovered your blog and would love to be included in the giveaway draw.... thanks for providing a perfect place for vintage-y escapism!

  63. As always lots of pretty eye candy to drool over! I'd love to be included in your giveaway if thats ok. Have a great weekend xxx Pixie xxx

  64. OMGosh! Please enter me for a chance to win your give-away :)
    I'm off to hunt down that Michael Miller fabric you pictured...
    Smiles, DianeM

  65. Oh please may I join in?
    I love the cotton reels!

  66. Oops I just realised I forgot to enter :D
    If I am lucky enough to win though I'd like to see the teapot go to another deserved winner as I don't have my own home :( so no teapot cupboard for me :( xx

  67. Wow, Mary you are really spoiling us offering up this lovely lot, they are all stunning! I love all of your creations, you really are very talented! Glad to see you are being very spoiled with all of the lovely fabric for your kitchen! xx

  68. A lovely giveaway thank you. I would love to be entered please. best wishes Julie.C

  69. wow wow what an amazing give away. hope your well happy valentines and chinease new year

  70. Hi, I love your blog and would love to win your giveaway.

  71. I would love to be entered and I will post a link on my blog..I just found your blog and it is so refreshing..I can't wait to share it.

    I was looking for button crafts to share on my blog "Gathering Goodies"..just happened upon your blog..what a a breath of spring.

    I will have to pass this on to my daughter...I know she will love it.
    as much as I do..although I am a grandma of 15...I guess you could say..I am young at heart.

    Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway...I am off now to explore the rest of your blog.

    I will post this with my button tutorial links...a little treat in between the buttons crafts..Thanks again..

    Sue Mc

  72. Oh wow, what a wonderful giveaway. I would be very happy to be included in your giveaway, if at all possible?

    I too am having a little giveaway, although nowhere near as lovely as yours if you'd like to pop over. Mine ends on Monday 15th.

    Best wishes x

  73. Pop me in the hat Ms Poppins please! I agree with you about the followers. I love your Blog and all your pretties.
    Blessings, Star

  74. Hi Mary
    I can't believe I nearly forgot to enter your gorgeous giveaway.
    Take care

  75. ooh am i too late??
    i would love to be included in your gorgeous bloggy giveaway.

    very envious of your pretty get together...its hard to make tea and cakes pretty when your entertaining the boys in your life!they dont much enjoy dainty tea cups and devour pretty cakes in a second


  76. What an absolutely lovely teapot, the funny thing is I don't drink tea but I do love teapots and have quite a few dotted about the house.

    I love the pictures on your Blog.

    Sue xx

  77. Oh that fabric is gorgeous!! I love it. Thank you for sharing with us. ; )


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