Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Would You Like To Be Part Of My New Kitchen....

Thank you for letting me know about your secret stashes, seems we are all a little similar in that department after all. Phew :)

I have been thinking, yes I know, miracles do happen! Well I have been thinking that I would very much like some of you, if you want to that is, to be part of my new kitchen. Blogging has been something I have held very close to my heart since I started and I truly mean it when I say you are all very special to me.

Now comes the hard part, Gulp...

I am going to ask for something from you, in my bestest, politest, heart felt voice and ........well.........ummm.........ahhhh...... see I told you I am not very good at it, I was always brought up being told it was rude to ask.

Here's a little clue, a photograph taken from Emma Hardy's Quilting In No time book, one of my favorites :)

Can you see where this may be going, wish there was someone else here to do this for me.

Right I am going to do it.

I am wanting to make a pretty little kitchen washing machine curtain to hide the washing machine and wondered if any of you would like to send me, as a little act of love and kindness, how could you refuse now I have put it like that ;) One litttleish fabric square for me to hopefully make it up. Yes I do have fabric, plenty, but I want something to look at everyday in my kitchen that reminds me of you, of Blogland and how you have helped me share some of my deepest thoughts and for being wonderful listeners.

So that's it really, would you like to be a part of the soul of my kitchen? The tutorial in the book uses 12, 30 cms fabric squares. Though of course any size would be welcome. My goodness may 12 of you really want to send me something for free, for nothing in return, apart from my love and knowledge that it shall be made into something that shall help bring a smile to my face. I may have to keep this post on longer than I thought ;o)

Anyway I won't waffle on, if you think you would like be part of my new kitchen, some clues that may help. The kitchen units are white, the worktops are wooden, I had a meeting with my Interior Designer and it was decided that we are going for CK Antique Rose in white on the walls, which 3 rolls of, I have had in storage for far too long.

I love all things floral, I love pink, I love polka dots and I love stripes. I know these things can at times be another thing to add to ones ever long list of things to do, so please don't feel you have to, and also please don't feel you have to send me a square if others do. You can happily read, think there's a cheeky mare and click onto the next blog.

So, If you would like to send one square from you to me, you can email me.

Well that's something I thought I could never do. Ohooo dear now I really am feeling cheeky for asking....

EDIT TO SAY: Seems you like a cheeky mare ;0) I am so grateful for the kind offers that have come in, so very kind of you to go out of your way to send me something. I have visions of my new kitchen looking like a Blogland filled patchwork paradise :0)

Your generosity is overwhelming me :0) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been suggested that as more of you would like to join in with my little plea, that I make the size of the square smaller so I can happily fit you all on :o) I can't wait to get making, I think you have all helped bring back my crafting mojo
and for that, I salute you.



  1. I've always believed, you don't get if you don't ask.
    I have no need to email as I have your addy, consider it done my dear.

    Love and ((hugs))
    Beki xxx

  2. What a fun project, and a great idea to have everyone help along. I've e-mailed you.

    So different what a great post and idea!
    i have mailed you too cheeky!
    Love Kristina XxX

  4. You have more mail ;)

    What a brilliantly cheeky idea :)

    Vicki xx

  5. Its not rude Mary...if people don't want to they don't have to...simples!!!
    Like Beki...I'll get a square in the post later.... xxxx
    (then you can think of me everytime you do your washing :D)

    (my word verication was it just me?????? :D :D :D :D)

  6. Hiya!

    I could have made one while you guys chatted!

    Can I do anything alse to help...?xxx

  7. like Beki says "if you don't ask you don't get" :-) I hope you get lots of lovely squares for the lovely curtain! had to laugh at the "interior designer" comment hee hee
    I think you should embroider little initials of the person who sent it on the back of the their square as well :-)
    thank you for giving me a safe haven this morning and having such lovely biscuits :-)

  8. I would be delighted to send you something Mary. Can you email me your details please? I think you have my email address, or at least my PM addy via SC :-)

  9. Doh, just seen your email address! ;-)

  10. Hi me again!
    I've just had a chat with Lesley....:>))
    So sorry to have missed out today....:>(
    I've a lovely piece of Greengate fabric....would you like some of that, you can see it on my blog post FABric...its the blue with the floral...xxxx

  11. Oh you are funny, lolol. Are you cringeing in a corner somewhere? I'll email you in a bit, so you can count me in.

  12. Hi Mary, I THINK you still need another piece or two, and if that's right, count me in! What a fun idea... I'll email you now.

  13. If you need more let me know?! I have just emailed you any how!! Andrea x

  14. Heehee, if you don't ask Mary.....What a great idea. I'll send some along too. Sounds like things are moving on. Looking forward to see the progress. I bet you are over the moon.
    Rachael XX

  15. If you don't ask - you don't get! I've emailed you ...


  16. Beki is making a lovely quilt for her daughter using a similar idea. i think it is a lovely idea to think of the friends you have made in blogland. Also you will receive some fabric that you perhaps have never seen before. how exciting. It will certainly make putting the washing on a more pleasurable event.
    Rachael XX

  17. how spooky!! I'm working on a project from the very same book you can see my creation over on my blog, I'd be happy to send you a square of fabric - what a fab idea!!!

  18. Love the appeal! And up for it if you still need a square!

  19. Now Mary Poppins I think it may be necessary to perhaps make smaller patches to fit all of us in! I've emailed you with my offer to help a girl in need.

  20. Count me in if you still need some more... will you have a table in your kitchen?... perhaps a matching table runner?...
    x Steph

  21. 11pm - just got back from a marathon day at work! - Any room left for me? Pink LA fabric?

    Think its a delightful idea


  22. I would love a curtain like that in my kitchen and made with love from blogland donations but I don't know how my landlord would feel about me removing doors for such pretty.

    Sorry I have no fabric to offer you Mary but I see so many people have stepped up to the challenge.

    I can't wait to see the completed kitchen

    Victoria xx

  23. Hi Mary and thanks so much for popping by to visit. Your site is just beautiful - I am so pleased to have found you. Are you still in need of fabric, as I would love to oblige?xx

  24. I'm just going to the post office now so you should recieve it tomorrow (hope you like it)
    Love Lucey xx

  25. Posting some of my fav vintage bits to you today xx

  26. Hello funny lady - have just choked on my cornflakes. Marathon? Me? Two words that will never go together.... Will be smiling all day!

    Will email you

    Love Lydia xx

  27. How funny - I have the same book and over Christmas made the same curtain - I did tweak it a little. Take a look on my blog as I posted a photo of it. It certainly has changed the laundry room and looks so pretty.

  28. Hello again, Mary! I've just done a post with final questions for the Magazine Swappers. Could you pop over and let me know what you think, please?

  29. Hi hunny...I have an award for you to collect...pop over when you have five mins
    Hugs Karen x x x

  30. What a lovely idea and what a lot of offers of fabric! I'd be very happy to send you some too - I have several bits that I'm sure you would love - so shall email you now. This could be a wonderful idea to spread around blogland...
    Rachel xx

  31. Hi Mary,
    Love the idea, and I bet it would look lovely covering up your washing machine. Not sure I have anything real vintage to send you but will look for something pretty and pink as a thank you for the fabric you sent for my classes. I know we still have our swap to do but could we maybe do that for next month - if you'd still like to do that? x Gem x

  32. Well, I thought I was a follower, but checked and found I wasn't. But I am now! Seems I was only getting the RSS feeds each time you posted!

    I know you have enough already, but I'd like to make a contribution as well, so I'll email you!

    You know, if you get too many squares, of whatever size, you can always use the extras for such things as a valance, or curtains if you get lots & lots! Or maybe placemats or napkins or a table runner even! All kinds of things you can use them for in your kitchen! Even mount them & frame them, or decoupage them on the cover of a homemaking notebook! Enjoy! Leslie Anne


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