Thursday, 21 January 2010

Thank You ♥....

Thank you so much for all your lovely emails and offers of a fabric square to help me make my special curtain, I have been so overwhelmed and can't wait to get playing, and sew all your lovely squares together, each one with a little something of you in there. How lovely too that some special little squares are coming all the way from overseas.

I saw a lovely curtain made using the same tutorial from Emma Hardy's Quilting In No Time book, made by Sarah please do take a look if you would like to have an idea of what I am aiming for.

As originally, I could only dream that 12 people may want to send a square, as that is how many squares are in Emma Hardy's tutorial, I can now happily add more of you to the curtain so smaller squares can be used too.

I am doing my best to think of a special touch I can add to each square to remind me of you, I love Lesley's idea of a little embroidered name or initial on the back. I want to think of the real person behind it. It has been mentioned that this is a really nice idea in Blogland and I want to say, if any of you have any projects in the pipeline, mention it, and give a shout, I know I for one would love to send on a little something from me to you. Lets spread our fabric love around a little :o)

So, to these lovely friends from the bottom of my heart, I look forward to you being part of my new kitchen! Please do if you get a couple of minutes, have a pop over to some of these lovely people and say hello :o) Also feel free to email me if at all you want to hop on in and be a part of my new kitchen.

Now can you see why I have been so happily overwhelmed by all you lovely people and how you are helping to bring a little of this special, treasured world into my home. It has also been suggested that as I have had a lovely response, I could make a little table runner or cover a little ironing board, I want to use up every last scrap if I can, and get as much of you in there, in my little kitchen diner as possible.

There were a couple of emails that I have replied to but can't find links to blogs, so if you are not on this list, than I thank you too, and if you have a Blog please do let me know so I can say thank you :)



  1. Tis a pleasure to help...I'm going to pop it in the post tomorrow.....xxxxx

  2. Put in the mail this morning. wow, at this rate you could do up a coordinating ironing board cover as well :)

  3. My little envelope is siting on the desk right next to me, ready to be posted tomorrow. xx

  4. I haven't looked in my stash yet, but when I do I will get it sent off asap :) can't wait to see your blogland curtain! X

  5. Oh, dear, typical, I've missed something haven't I. Always the last thru the door. Do you want a square? Is that it? I'd love to send you a square. I'm such a hopeless blogger, I really am.
    Love from the hopeless blogger. xxx

  6. Hi Mary,
    Yes it is pretty much the same as the crazy patchwork only you end up with diamond shapes when you join them. Its fun once you've got lots of strips cut out, and I wasn't too neat with mine, just kept the stitching straight.
    As for easing into the crafting gently, shall I send you some things from my class with my instruction sheet? :D easy peasy!

  7. Well, you are very kind, but I often gaze on in jaw dropped awe at how all these other blogging mummies not only have spotless and beautiful homes, but also find time to keep up with what's happening in the lovely blogging world. I wish I could juggle more effectively. But I'd love to send something for your special project. I treasure my button quilt, and how so many people chipped in with a button.
    Thank you for your lovely comments on my little makes. I've had fun with them this week. Especially the buttons. I just love buttons. Have I mentioned that already? ;-) xxx

  8. Such a lovely idea! I'm only too pleased to help you. I'll just give the fabric a quick iron and pop it in the mail for you (hopefully really soon) so you can get on with your crafts.

  9. Hi there..I'll send you a square...just seen your 'appeal'!!
    E mail me your address! xxx ;-)

  10. i would have got involved but being a non sewer i dont have any =(


  11. Wow what a list :)

    Think you might have enough fabric left for a few other little projects - ironing board cover and even bunting? (Am a tad bunting obsessed ;) )

    Vicki xx

  12. I just sent you an email. Hope I am not too late. ;)

  13. Thats a great response Mary. x
    A popped in post for you this morning xxxxx

  14. Isnt blogland just wonderful, it makes my heart sing at times like this.

  15. I haven't made anything from Sew Darn Cute yet, I really like the vest with the fabric customised around the neckline. Might try that out. What project do you fancy? x

  16. Hi Mary,
    I agree about Primark, but then could say the same for many bargain shops, Matalan,£land etc....hmm best not get into it!
    Yes I love the bears, but think I'd have to give them as a gift - I may be a little old!
    Would love to see the vest when its done. I think I need to buy more bondaweb to do it, am runing low!
    Maybe do buttons instead of beads? Easier I think xx

  17. The kindness in crafty blogland is so inspiring

  18. What a fab idea and lovely bloggers! I can't wait to see it! Kate xxx

  19. What a great idea, look forward to seeing the finished curtain :)

  20. Just had a thought - is it ok to use you pic as a button to put in my sidebar so I can link back to this post? Thought it might increase traffic to all the bloggers who've taken part?

    Let me know

    Vicki xxx

  21. My little envelope is siting on the desk right next to me

    Work from home


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