Friday, 15 January 2010

Please Tell Me Spring Shall Soon Be Here....

Thank you so much for all your wonderful and heartfelt comments on my previous post, so kind of you to take the time to drop me a line. You have indeed inspired me to share my RL stuff with you more often.

I don't know about you, but I find these first two months of the year rather difficult, the exciting lead up to Christmas has passed, the dark nights, the cold, the what feels like the long uphill struggle to Spring.... I kind of loose my enthusiasm for anything really. I am even walking past the CSs without going in, not a bad thing really when you think of the money I shall have saved. Though when I saw a little something in one particular window, I had to pop in a buy it and at 50p was hardly going to leave me broke.

A cute little Spring Pea wall plaque. I thought the perfect little thing to put on the wall to help me think about upcoming spring.

Well then a few days later in another CS, I saw something that took my eye, and my pretty wall plaque soon had a lovely mate.

Well of course, I think you can guess where this little story is heading. Two soon became four, again all bought from CS's, all on different occasions, could I be getting myself a little collection here I thought. I especially liked the little key holder one.

Three more visits to the CS's and here is where my little collection is at. All previously purchased from M&S as they have their original sticker on the back, and rather sweet don't you think. I am looking forward to putting them somewhere nice, to help remind me spring shall nearly be here....

Of course the best thing for me about these cold months is yummy hot chocolate. I like Green And Black's with a couple or 7 of M&S's Swiss delicate biccies.

And then a nice comfortable read, curled up with a ( of course ) crochet blankie. Mr. Poppins kindly treated me to one of THE crochet magazines, as I, like many others couldn't find it anywhere. I had almost given up ever being able to find one. I am so glad he found a secret stash of them, he also got a couple more, seems people may not be as into crochet as much as I thought near where I live. I can now happily send one on as a gift to a lovely lady.

I am no good at it really, crochet that is, but at 99p the magazine was a must for me and may help me improve who knows. Some more lovely reading material was kindly provided by the library, goes a treat with the hot chocolate and biscuits. Actually the SEW DARN CUTE book was as purchase, I like to buy the books I know I shall get many reading hours out of, and this one is Ohooo so cute :)

Due to this lack of enthusiasm of mine my crafty side has not been as fruitful as I had hoped, so I am doing my best to crack on with some little projects. One of which is for a new little baby boy, my favourite, I love crafting for littlies :) I have also put my name provisionally down to do a couple more craft fairs, so if I definately go ahead, I shall have to crack on, and find that mojo under my bed. What I am enjoying is knitting. I am having fun with that, and think my fingers maybe more ept at it than the crochet. I have enjoyed learning the stitches, and made myself a cute little scarf with blocks of colour, did find the change over of different colours a little tricky. Maybe if I am feeling brave enough I shall show you one day ;)

Good news, we finally have the Ikea Norden dining table up in the kitchen. After months of it being in its original packaging, was so nice to see it up and being used. It is surprisingly robust, and can extend to over 200 cms, so for me a real all in family table. Of course, it always gets covered with a sweet table cloth too, so is pretty to look at as well.

I am also loving our newly purchased 6 Chapel Chairs You may remember I couldn't decide whether to go with the light or the dark set. Even though I prefer predominately light interior furniture, I thought the dark elm wood would be a lovely contrast against my what shall soon be, light bright background. Being of a fickle nature, I do sometimes wonder if I have made the right choice choosing the dark ones. Apologies on the unsanded and unpainted floorboards in the photograph, on our to do list

Though when I saw a little word carved out on the top of one of the chairs, well I knew I had made the right choice, how sweet. I wonder who carved it out it all those years ago, and like to think there was a romantic reason for it.

We have a meeting coming up with the builders, so hopefully, fingers crossed this new year, we shall be cracking the whip on this home of ours and get on with shabby chicing it up!

Before I go, something for you Ikea Rosali fan's. Whilst I was in Mr. Tesco, I saw these and thought of you, the 12 bowl cover little tops are very much like the Rosali check pattern in my opinion. Well, I couldn't resist could I. Whatever next!

And not forgetting you UJ lovers, I thought of you too when I picked this up this in the January sales, a pretty little UJ clutch bag that also comes with a nice long strap for £4.00. Looks lovely with jeans and Uggs.



  1. I completely understand wanting spring to come. We have had two gorgeous days, but I know that it will go back to freezing cold very soon. It often snows in April here so we're in for the long haul. Your pretty spring plaques should help speed the time up. I really like your chapel chairs, they are gorgeous.

  2. stop with the Hot Chocolate Missy you know I will need to do one for me now ;-) still haven't been to M&S for the biscuits either as we dont have one near us really so dont tell Mia :-D
    love the spring flowers plaques :-) and the books look good I need to come and browse for inspiration!

  3. Just on my way over now for my hot choccie... I've had a hard day....cream and marshmelloews too!

    Have a super wekend.....Spring is about to spring!xxx

  4. Me too, I'd like a hot choccie as well. Just got home from London and physio so sitting here to work up the enthusiasm to cook dinner!

  5. Oohhh what a lucky thing you are to find matching things from the Charity Shops!
    I just love those chairs, my husbands gallery has some in the gallery with a huge long table & they look sooooo good!
    Oohhh I hate January/February time apart from Valentines that is plus at this time of year no biccies or choccie to cheer me up as I'm always on a diet from over doing it over the holidays! Lol!
    Have a lovely weekend

  6. oh I love your chapel chairs!! Don't worry Spring is officially on it's way - hot cross buns are in the shops !!

  7. So glad you found copies of the crochet mag, lots of people have been struggling.

    I like the plaque collection, have seen some like that in my local charity shops but didn't give into them.

    Am like you, only like 10 of the 12 months, you can keep Jan/Feb, they are not nice at all!

    Have a good weekend. x

  8. i am with you when it comes to spring,i cant bear being cold and my homes like an icebox right now.tucking up is a much needed daily occurance.
    i bought that crochet magazine last year and still could not get my head around crochet=S i hope to learn one day as crocheted items are just gorgeous.
    anyway hope your well and good luck with the builders!


  9. I'm with Mel on the cream and marshmallows and I hope she is right about spring being on it's way. I am such a grump at the moment and NEED some sun(light would be nice).
    Excellent news about the builders I bet you are really chuffed. Hope it all works out. I shall have everything crossed for you.
    Thinking of you this weekend
    Rachael XX

  10. Hi Mary!

    I'm with you on wanting the spring!

    Also i've just learnt to crochet and just bought my first ever wool!

    Lets make 2010 the year of the crochet!


  11. Isn't it funny how 1 harmless purchase in a CS leads to them popping up everywhere and a collection forming!

    I received those bowl covers for Christmas!

    Victoria xx

  12. oo i have some of the same wall plaques..they are very pretty and mine were from the cs aswell .. i was going to put mine up out side in the yard but not sure.. were u thinking of putting yours!!

  13. so looking forward to spring!! but until it comes i'm enjoying my hot choc like you!! may i suggest adding a dash of baileys!! ;)

  14. I always find the first couple of months hard. I am a winter girl at heart, but I think its the purposeful month of December with its colour and glee that kind of drains the following couple of months of any sparkle.

    I have been in a bit of crafting desert as far as sewing is concerned. Very thoughtful about my life and future as September of this year and having no little ones at home to distract me in the day looms ever near.

    But I have been learning crochet and it seems a bit of a secret sect is happening behind closed doors where I live. Where all sorts of females are coming to grips with the hook and yarn. And what do you know a light bulb moment the other day and I am now working on a sewing project. That is very spring like.

    I love your CS finds how pretty are they. And lucky you to find so many. Love your table too, and your chairs are just lovely all that history stored in them. How they must buzz with stories untold.

    Take care.Have a lovely weekend.

    MBB x

  15. I'm flat and feeling meh at the minute..I never enjoy January but it feels worse this year than others.
    Love your chapel chairs...are you sure you like them?? really sure?? I could take some of your hands hehehe!!!!

  16. Hello lovely!

    Your chairs are gorgeous and the Spring plaques are lovely. I can't stand this time of year either, no money and no desire to shop even!!! :-O

    Your last post was so moving, you've been through a lot.

    Hugs, Mel xxx

  17. Roll on Spring - am now tired of lots of layers and the short days.

    Well done on your CS finds - one plaque is pretty but to find a collection is special.

    Love the UJ bag too.

  18. It has been far too icy, snow bound and cold for any CS here, but I am hoping next week will change all that. I did manage to sort though some clothes and drop them in on the way to school one afternoon though!!

  19. Mary,
    Thank you for your kind words.

  20. Lucky you finding all those lovely wall plaques and double lucky for finding the crochet mags, I have looked everywhere but not a bit of luck.

  21. Love the wall plaques, what a lucky find. We have bright sunshine here in Exeter so fingers crossed spring is on it's way :)

  22. Hello! Couldn't agree more about wanting Spring to come. Winter is nice to look at from the window, but stepping outside is quite another matter! Thanks for visiting my blog, have a lovely weekend!

  23. Great minds, and all that: I just posted on Tcakes' blog that it kind of felt like Spring was in the air today, AND we have just come back from Tesco (we never go to the big one, not having a car and all that), and my 19-yr old pointed out those very same gingham covers. I've raised her well!!!

  24. Yes please to your question ;-) Perhaps email or pm me thank you.


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