Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Perfect Tonic....

Hello lovely friends, I thought you might like to see some of the delightful fabric squares that have been fluttering their way through my letterbox. I have been so touched by your offerings, and of course I adore all your pretty fabric that you have been kind enough to send me. Though it is also the cards, the letters, the words of encouragement that you have sent along with your beautiful fabric that have really touched me.

RL stuff is playing on me again, like many, I don't really do these cold winter months and truth be told, have been a little down. Well you blogger friends have been the perfect tonic and I really wanted you to know that. For me, this is much, much more than sending a little fabric for someone to make a little, or big, as it now seems curtain. It runs much deeper than that. Not only have you taken the time to send me some of your precious fabric but you have taken pen to pretty paper or card and sent me the loveliest of messages of support. It really has been so uplifting reading your letters and cards :)

So now for pretty fabric....

Thank you to my lovely and always makes me smile friend Claire One of my favourite CK prints....

Thank you to a very, very talented Bag Maker one can never have enough bags, I say. I love the patchwork effect of the fabric....

My lovely dear blogger friend Stitchery Pokery who was kind enough to send me some of her very famous fabric!....

The delightful Lemonade Kitty sent me some of her finest Liberty....

Made with Love did me a fine piece of machine embroidery on her fabric, perfect for the kitchen I thought and so sweet....

Lovely Lululiz sent the most gorgeous floral fabric in the prettiest of colours....

I love Vintage Vicki's polka dots, perfect....

Tanya Whelan is one of my favourite fabric designers, Contented may have known this when her pretty fabric popped through the letterbox....

Rose&Bird sent the loveliest of lilacs and florals....

My good pal Mitmot sent me some of her bestest vintage....

Lovely Lissy Lou sent me the cutest florals....

And last but not least my sweet friend Elaine, who does not have a blog but wanted me to use a little of her fabric for my kitchen project, sent me some pretty Laura Ashley in a cute check print.

Thank you so much, I aim to show and tell about all the pretty fabric that I receive and am going to be using, and now I have a little plan that I may have enough fabric to make up some smaller squares to makes a little curtain for the window too.

Thank you to Stitchery Pokery for the sweet handmade fabric coasters, they are utterly adorable, and are scented so smell divine too !

I am loving my new book, purchased from Rose&Bird how could I resist such a pretty book.

And especially when the inscription from years ago reveals the book was a gift to a young lady named Mary, Ohooo I am a sentimental olde fool aren't I.

Before I go I wondered if any of you had see Lissy Lou's heartwarming post here. A subject very close to my own heart as my three year old has a heart condition, you wouldn't know it at all, as his cardiologist has worked a treat on him and he seems as fit as a fiddle :) So it was with great care and love that I made this oversized heart corsage, and it shall be wining it's merry way to Lissy and hopefully make a pound or two for a very worthy cause.

Of course I had to incorporate one of my special heart buttons too.

A handmade heart sent from the heart, what could be better :)



  1. Such beautiful fabrics, your washing machine is going to be very lucky indeed to be dressed in such finery. What a beautiful heart corsage as well, you have such a talent for making gorgeous things.

  2. A lovely selection, and how much more will that curtain mean knowing the kindness that is behind it. And kindness will only go to kind people :o) I cannot wait to see it all made up! xx

  3. What a beautiful post with some very beautiful fabric Mary.
    Your heart corsage looks very pretty. I hope you are feeling brighter. There are signs of spring ahead. I sigh a huge sigh of relief each year when I see the pretty snow drops popping up.
    love to you
    Rachael XX

  4. Hiya hunni
    You've recieved some lovely fabrics there. Am I too late to join in? If I'm not then just let me know what size of piece you want. I'm pretty sure I have your address in my book.

  5. What gorgeous fabricss bits! You are going to have so much fun with those! and your heart corsage is so wonderful!!! Love it!

  6. Hi fabric to you, all being well should drop thru your door today!

    Hope you like it!
    Some very pretty fabric there!
    Lovely...ppl are so kind!xxx

  7. MadDad just admitted he hasnt posted it yet, arg...... So I will do it today, sorry for the delay

  8. Hi Mary,
    The fabrics look beautiful and I hope you receive the envelope I sent to you soon.
    You are very talented and I bet our kitchen will look stunning!

  9. can't wait to see the finished drape!!!!!so exciting!!!

    Love the coasters...lucky you!!

    And the heart is so pretty..thank you Mary xxxxx

  10. Gorgeous fabrics honey, the one I've posted today is a floral so should fit right in ;)

    There's going to be a lot of bloggy ladies desperate to see the finished curtain... no pressure then heehee!!!

    Love the heart corsage, that is very pretty :)

    Mel xxx

  11. wow you have had some just gorgeous fabrics havent you.. how lovely .. i cant wait to see your curtain .. it will look gorgeous!!
    love the heart corsage.. you are so clever. and patient to make somthing as fiddly as that!!
    i hate this time of year moods last until about april then it gets lighter and i start to feel better then i get a gob on because of my lack of social life and want to be back in beer gardens on hot summer eves just me and the hubby!!!!

  12. Hi Mary,

    Just love your new look on the blog. And what a lovely way to display all those delish fabrics! Glad the "famous" one got the red carpet treatment. lol.

    Loving the broach you have made that is pretty.

    Before we know Spring will have spring and we will all be bouncing around, much in the manner of tiger! So with Ti double g er......

    off I bounce! (yep having a bit of mad day today)


  13. Wadabout my fabric? Did it get to you already???!
    All the fabrics are lovely, your curtain is going to look ever so pretty :D
    Hmmm M and a D.... I could be persuaded to share them........ if you tell me what you will do with them!! I don't have any Ms or Ds in my family xxx

  14. Oh yeah I forgot to say the heart brooch ooooh its gorgeous :D would so love one of if only we could do a swap ;) xx

  15. Such lovely fabric Mary, can't wait to see the finished curtain.
    I love the heart, well done that should raise lots of money :)

  16. Lovely fabrics!! Can't wait to see them made up!!! LissyLou is going to love that heart!! I know I do!!

  17. Hi Thanks for stopping by my blog, you left a lovely comment for me.I have just been enjoying looking around your crafty corner, you have some nice fabrics. Julie.C


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