Friday, 29 January 2010

A Load Of Olde Pipes....

Hello lovely friends.

Well my photograph may look like a load of olde pipes to you, though to me, has been a long time coming. The sink is in!

Not only is it in, we have running water too. I hope you are all jumping up with glee and excitement along with me, yes I know tis only a sink but really is a great achievement in this house to finally get it in. ( and working )

And here she is in all her glory.

Now of course I have a dilemma in that I do not A, have a dishwasher, or B, a draining board, so was wondering what to do, you can get these thingies to pop over one of the sinks to drain ones pots and pans on, but don't know whether that would look pretty. We all know I like pretty. Of course I could wash, dry and keep all at once, but somehow don't think that shall be happening ;)

Though I do like the little chopping board rack, now that is kinda cute.

And here is the special little place where some of you shall be residing, all ready and a waiting for your little curtain. As you have been so generous with you offerings, I think I shall have plenty to make a little patchwork pelmet for the kitchen window too, which would be lovely actually, as would bring the patchwork look all together. I have begun cutting some squares and have decided on 8 inch ones for the washing machine curtain and 6 inch ones for the pelmet. I have really enjoyed playing with the squares and seeing what squares look nice together.

Thank you for some more lovely squares that have been fluttering through onto my doormat.

Thank you so much to Mel Mel for her adorable Green gate, so yummylicious. And the handmade coaster and bookmark are Ohooo so cute.

How thrilled I was to receive The Balancing Kiwi's very special fabric, a beautiful patchwork effect with hints of music and hearts, delightful.

I would indeed wear a dress made up in the gorgeous CK print that Tiny White Daisies sent me, so cute. And look at the beautiful brooch she made too, utterly pretty, and my favorite colours.

Of course I knew I would always love what my lovely friend Little Gem would send, and Tanya Whelan is a favorite of mine.

So thank you, I have been overwhelmed. It's times like this when I would value a P.A. to help me ;o) Like I have said, the fabric is so special, though too, are your lovely letters, cards, and words of encouragement. I have found them all a perfect little home displayed in my cream wire heart, and your cards, notes etc shall be a coming into my new and improved family kitchen. I have saved a space for them.

I love the fact they are displayed in a heart too, so very special.

Isn't it lovely when you get little treats, here is a little treat that came my way from my dear mum. Mmmmmm I think she sneakily reads my Blog, as her little treats are always, right down my pretty street.

If you are saying your prayers tonight, would really love an extra one for my lovely Mother In Law who is yet to come out of hospital after her fall. I know my lovely husband, his family and myself all wish her a speedy recovery.

I shall leave you with a little saying I like....

Nor need we power or splendor, wide hall or lordly dome;
The good, the true, the tender -- these form the wealth of home.



  1. I love the sink, it looks so nice and shiny. You are getting such pretty fabrics, I can't wait to see it all put together.

  2. Have a super weekend!
    Glad you like the fabric n gifts!xxx

  3. yay running water !! oh the joy !!
    bet you are so pleased :-)
    more lovely fabric as well! shall I post mine or earn a cup of tea by dropping it off ;-) x

  4. So glad the fabric has arrived and that you like it :-)

    Can't wait to see your pretty curtains with all the gorgeous fabrics you have received.

    Fabulous sink - seems a shame to have to use it! ;-D

  5. I'm loving that sink, it is gorgeous, now I wouldn't mind doing the washing up in something so beautiful! Are you going to have some CK rubber gloves to do the dishes with :O) Can't wait to see the curtain. xx

  6. Great to see you are making progress with the kitchen, it will be fab!!!
    I posted some fabric to you on Tuesday, hope you've received it ok.
    Have a lovely weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  7. Oh your sink is looking lovely Mary. Some lovely fabric too.
    Love to your mother in law and we hope here that she will quickly be on the mend.
    Love Rachael XX

  8. The sink is gorgeous!!!! We had a butler's sink (but only a single) in our old house and I really miss it, they are so easy to clean up to a shine :)

    The fabrics are looking lovely, your kitchen is going to be stunning!

    Mel xxx

  9. Can I come and live in your sink? It looks so shiny and clean and huge and amazing. Congratulations! Now, thanks for your message re the magazine swap! I am happy with any kind of magazine, not fussed what season, I'll love whatever you send. What about you? Do you have any preferences? I will email you my address & then you can send me yours. Is that ok? Hope you are having a happy weekend xo

  10. Hello again, I couldn't find your email so here is mine:
    Off to bed now, sleep tight! xo

  11. Hi Mary....sinks looking good!
    I have to apologize that I haven't sent out your fabric....I've not been well this week so am a bit behind...sorry I too late?
    Let me know....
    Hugs Karen x x x

  12. Love your new sink!!! Can't wait to see the finished kitchen in all it's glory!!!

  13. The fabric is on its way I do hope you like it! Love the sink and by the way we have church chairs here too!

  14. What a special sink! Lovely. I can totally understand your excitement at this new addition. I took 3 years renovating my house and everything feels like a victory!
    The friendship curtain looks like a great Idea! I have been out of the loop for a little while and missed your origional post! I would love to send you some bits (is it too late?)

  15. Hiya hunni
    Just to let you know that you are one of two winners in my blog giveaway.
    I do have your address and I'm hoping to get your prize and your square of fabric posted out on tuesday morning.

  16. Hi Mary, thought I'd pop by and say 'Hi'. I have a double butlers sink and the only way I could manage was to buy a square white drainer to put in the right hand sink. It 'kind' of blends in, not that pretty I'm afraid but practical.
    I mostly use the dishwasher but when I do (on rare occasions) wash up by hand the drainer is needed.
    Take care,
    Jane. x

  17. Hi Mary,
    I like the sound of a yo-yo maker, do you have one? Are they any good?
    Might have a look on ebay for one :)

  18. Hiya hunni
    Just popped over to say Watch out for the postie


  19. The sink is lovely. I think you'll need something to stop the dishes from scratching it. We have a similar one. I got a deep white coated basket. Not too obvious.


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